I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 80


When Zhou Ye woke up, it was almost dawn.

He still felt confused in his mind.

He staggered into the spiritual field and then planted his root.

He began to sort out the information about his new Cultivation Method.

The big-faced man was very generous, and the Cultivation Method he has given to Zhou Ye has exceeded Zhou Ye’s expectations.

The Heaven-level Cultivation Method, Altering Starlight.

This method could absorb the spiritual energy emitted by the stars in the sky.

It looked slightly dangling.

“Status Panel.”

Zhou Ye called in his heart.

Rows of blue fonts appeared before his eyes.

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (Top-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Treatment (Enhanced).

Cultivation Realm: Mystical Core Early Stage.

Physical Realm: Mid-Grade Spirit Stage 2 (+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation). Altering Starlight (Not started yet, +)

Mystic Skill: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Consummation). Cloud Step(Consummation).

Transform Skill: Turn your body into a sword (Not started yet).

Universal Point: 2405.

Draw Ticket: None (+).

Zhou Ye wanted to try whether his new Cultivation Method was strong enough.


[Universal Points has been consumed 1500.]

Later, Zhou Ye began to check the detailed information of Altering Starlight.

[Name]: Altering Starlight.

[Rank]: Heaven-level Method.

[Type]: Cultivation Method.

[Stage]: Beginner.

[Remarks]: The majestic power is contained in the stars. It releases its power by emitting light. The spiritual energy contained in every starlight cannot be underestimated.

“It’s interesting.” Zhou Ye nodded secretly.

Afterward, the slowly rotated core-crystal in his Dantian suddenly accelerated.

The shining starlight in the sky was gradually attracted by the fluorescent peripheral leaves on his body.

[Universal Points increased by +3.] [Universal Points increased by +3.]

With this Cultivation Method, Zhou Ye was absorbing Universal Points so fast because there were so many stars in the sky.

Every ten seconds, three Universal Points were earned.

This made Zhou Ye suddenly feel that he was about to get rich.

But his little heart thought that this is impossible for now.

Zhou Ye had to improve his cultivation base if he wanted to become stronger.

If you want a stronger shape, you have to improve your physical realm.

If you want to dominate on the battlefield, you have to improve your skills.

There are too many Universal Points needed to improve my status!

Moreover, Zhou Ye mostly wanted to try Draw Ticket some more.

I just don’t know why. I always feel that I will get the Draw Ticket’s jackpot.

But he decided that he should not hurry for the time being and waited for a dark and windy night to pull the Draw Ticket.


“Huh? You’ve reached the beginning-stage?” Inside the house, the big-faced man was very surprised.

He pondered for a long time before whispering: “This little spiritual weed is a talented person.”

“In a short time, you can comprehend and get started to cultivating with a Heaven-level Method, which is incredible.”

He looked at Zhou Ye for a while, then picked up the ancient book and began to read it.

Reading a book was the most important thing for him.

On the Spiritual Field.

Zhou Ye took a rest for a while and suddenly realized that the stars were gone.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Ye was a little dazed.

He only reacted when he looked up at the sky.

What a fast night, it’s dawn already.

“Is this Cultivation Method can only absorb starlight at night?” Zhou Ye didn’t know what to say.

The stars are still in the sky during the day, but why can’t I absorb them?

This made him felt very uncomfortable.

“It should be because the sunlight is relatively strong, so it blocked the stars?” Zhou Ye guessed.

He had ever absorbed the spiritual energy of sunlight, but it did not work well.

But I will try it now.

Zhou Ye began to absorb the sunlight falling on his body.

[Universal Points increased by +3.]

The Universal Points that I earned are the same.

“Fuck, it’s okay.” Now, Zhou Ye was completely refreshed.

He felt that he was about to take off.

“Hmph, if I start cultivating like this from now, maybe in one month, I can break through to the next big realm.”

“No matter how high Lu Xiaoyuan’s realm is, I will definitely surpass her within a year. If I don’t beat her, then I won’t be surnamed Zhou!”

The peripheral leaves were very swollen.

The words in his heart were also crazy.

If Lu Xiaoyuan or a big-faced man knows this, they would say: Listen, little guy, you are still too young.

In the morning, inside the pavilion.

The big-faced man sat on the stone bench and looked at the book in his hand attentively.

Lu Xiaoyuan was lying at the window, stared at Zhou Ye with his big eyes.

“Why do you look like you have an idea of plotting a bad thing against me?” Zhou Ye muttered while looking at Lu Xiaoyuan.

But Zhou Ye felt safe because of the big-faced man near him.

At least when the big-faced man was near him, Lu Xiaoyuan could only stay in the house honestly, did not dare to come out to bully him.

Zhou Ye started to cultivate peace in his mind.

[Universal Points increased by +3.]

Once every ten seconds, always in time.

As soon as time passed, it was afternoon.

There were nearly 10,000 Universal Points on the Status Panel!

With nearly 10,000 Universal Points, I think it’s not enough to improve the cultivation base.

But I can improve the physical realm!

Neither the sword-transform nor the Altering Starlight could improve.

I think maybe it because they need a certain requirement of the physical realm.

“Improve the physical realm.”

[Universal Points has been consumed 5000.]

Physical Realm: Top-Grade Spirit Plant (+).

At that moment, Zhou Ye’s body remained unchanged, but he felt that the power he possessed had skyrocketed.

A light blow of his leaf might be able to slap a monster in the Qi Refining Realm to death.

This is not a joke, right?!

It was the strength that gave Zhou Ye confidence.

However, Zhou Ye told himself secretly that he should not be arrogant.

Because in the entire Qingxu Mountain, there were only three creatures, and he was the weakest one.

When Zhou Ye’s physical realm improved, the big-faced man seemed to have a general feeling, and he glanced at Zhou Ye.

He sighed in a low voice, “Little Spiritual Weed is really a great apprentice.”

After sighed, he also smelled the fragrance scent in the air.

Then he turned his head and glanced at Lu Xiaoyuan, who couldn’t bear to put her head out at the window. The big-faced man helplessly lifted his forehead.

At the window, Lu Xiaoyuan was wiping the saliva from the corner of her mouth.

“Hold it. You have to do it because you are my little brother.”

Lu Xiaoyuan muttered.

At the same time, she couldn’t understand why the fragrant scent of a weed was so tempting.

Other spiritual elixirs have no such ability as him!

On the Spiritual Field.

Zhou Ye stretched his body, rows of barbs were erected, hit straight to the air.

“This so comfortable!”

Zhou Ye felt very refreshed.


When he twisted his body, his sharp leaves cut across the air and made a cracking sound.

At this time, his Zhou Ye finally felt that he was also a bit stronger now.

His heart moved.


The night has come.

Zhou Ye looked at his Universal Points is nearly 10,000 again, and he couldn’t help it.

He wanted to pull the Draw Ticket.

There was a voice telling him in the dark.

Hurry up, draw it, and you will get good things.

It’s absolutely stable.

Zhou Ye’s mind has been lured by lust.

He looked at the ‘+’ sign at the Draw Ticket as if he saw a naked sexy girl.

He felt a bit ready to move.

Zhou Ye looked around, felt that the yard was not very safe.

He sneaked up to the old tree and looked around, uneasy.

After he confirmed that it was safe, Zhou Ye’s two leaves rubbed each other, and he began to pull the Draw Ticket.

The ten-point of Draw Ticket was really not worthy of the current Zhou Ye.

The hundred-point one was also looked like the drip of water for now.

Zhou Ye had much money right now, and he wanted to pull the thousand-point of Draw Ticket.

“Five Draw Tickets in a row.”

[The Draw Ticket is complete, please check that the system is not a person, and the reward is automatically stored in the inventory.] [Do you want to check the inventory?]

This is not nonsense.

Zhou Ye was always wondering what he drew out.


The inventory looked like a game backpack, with twelve grids in each row.

In the first grid, there was bloodline hermaphrodite stored.

After bypassed this, Zhou Ye looked at the five things behind.

β€œThe Fuck!”

At first glance, he suddenly exploded.

What a fucking stuff is this? It’s unbearable!

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