I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 81


Zhou Ye was furious now.

He felt like he was about to explode.

I think this fucking system wants to kill me!

Look at the items I get!

Well, two bottle of paraquat is fine.

But, there is also a bottle of glyphosate, isn’t this a bit too much?!

Zhou was very sad and wanted to cry.

But in his weed form, there were no tears to shed. Otherwise, the soil where the surrounding leaves stand may have been soaked with tears.

Zhou Ye didn’t need the three bottle of poison.

Then, he looked at the last two.

The last two items were surprised at him.

It’s a bag of fertilizer. I don’t know what this system’s thought, it’s too picky, the bag of fertilizer is only weighed one kilogram.

And the last thing was a technique.

It was not a spell, but a technique.

A top spirit-level boxing technique.

Zhou Ye no longer knew what to do.

I’m a weed, how can I use the boxing technique?

“Who can tell me, how can I practice boxing?” Zhou Ye looked at the moon in the sky and rubbed a bottle of paraquat.

Behind Zhou Ye, Lu Xiaoyuan crouched down and then poked Zhou Ye’s torso with her finger.

“Little Spiritual Weed, what are you doing here?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked curiously.

Zhou Ye’s heart tightened, and then slowly turned around and said to Lu Xiaoyuan: “I have been cultivating for too long, so I come out to get some fresh air.”

“That’s it.” Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly realized.

“By the way, do you want the thing that I gave you last time?” Zhou Ye asked suddenly.

He felt that paraquat and glyphosate were a bit uncomfortable in his backpack.

So he wanted to let Lu Xiaoyuan drink it.

He also made sense to Lu Xiaoyuan.

There was no to cheat each other.

Lu Xiaoyuan’s cultivation base was too high to be affected by paraquat, so Zhou Ye gave Lu Xiaoyuan a drink with confidence.

Besides, Lu Xiaoyuan seemed to really like drinking this stuff.

“Are you still there?” Lu Xiaoyuan’s eyes flashed upon hearing this.

Saw her excited look, Zhou Ye directly extracted two bottles of paraquat and placed them on the ground.

She looked at the two bottles of paraquat on the ground. If Zhou Ye’s really had eggs on his body, he felt that his eggs might poisonous for her a little.

“Wow.” Lu Xiaoyuan was very excited.

She directly picked up a bottle of paraquat, then opened it and drank it directly without hesitation.

“Gulp, gulp…”

One bottle was not enough, and then she got another bottle.

Lu Xiaoyuan drank all the two bottles of paraquat, and finally burped with satisfaction.

“Ahh… this drink is so good.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s face was slightly red.

“Little Spiritual Weed, thank you.” Lu Xiaoyuan touched Zhou Ye’s leaves.

“You’re welcome.” Zhou Ye pulled back his leaves and then asked: “I have a new bottle of variety here. Would you like to try it?”

“There are new ones?!” Lu Xiaoyuan’s eyes widened.

With her low IQ, she never thought about where these drinks from Zhou Ye came from.

Even if I thought about it, I wouldn’t care.


Zhou Ye took the glyphosate from the inventory and put it on the ground.

“Let me try it.” Lu Xiaoyuan picked up the bottle of glyphosate and opened it.

The tip of her nose was close to the mouth of the bottle, and she took a deep breath.

“Wow, it smells so good.” Lu Xiaoyuan sighed.

Zhou Ye backed away three feet in silence.

The smell of glyphosate from the bottle made him feel very uncomfortable, and some of his leaves tip were a little wilting.

But after stepping back, it was recovered.

He may not be able to touch it in his lifetime. Otherwise, he would die immediately.

It’s so dangerous.

Zhou Ye felt that he must find a way to solve the misunderstanding between him and the system.

Otherwise, how can I get a good Draw Ticket in the future?

“Gulp, gulp…”

Lu Xiaoyuan drank up a bottle of glyphosate in two gulps.

After she drank it all, she took a cold breath.

“My goodness, what the hell is this, this is too delicious.”

Lu Xiaoyuan looked at the empty bottle in her hand and felt that the best drink she had drunk in her life was this drink.

“Little Spiritual Weed, do you have more? I’ll exchange this drink for fifth-tier demon core-crystal!” Lu Xiaoyuan stared at Zhou Ye with scorching eyes.

“I’m sorry I have no more.” Zhou Ye shook his body.

Although the fifth-tier demon core-crystal was very tempting, but he really didn’t have it now.

“Then when you have it, you must tell me.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked serious.

“Okay, I will tell you.” Zhou Ye nodded.

“Well, you serving me well today so that I won’t bully you, I’ll go now.” Lu Xiaoyuan ran back into the yard with a smile on her face.

Zhou Ye felt disdainful.

This little bitch finally admitted that she always wanted to bully me.

“Just wait, one day, I will also let you feel the feeling of being bullied.” Zhou Ye set up his heart.

Then he laid under the old tree and began to think about what to do with the bag of fertilizer and boxing technique.

To be honest, I really don’t know how to practice boxing with my leaves.

Is it ask me to roll up my leaf tip?

When he got this thought, he felt that this thing would work.

Zhou Ye didn’t say anything, but he directly applied that boxing technique.

Technique Name: Shadow Boxing.

Rank: Spirit-level top.

Type: Technique (can be attributed to spells.)

Grade: Beginner.

Remarks: In an instant, throw out hundreds of punches to defeat the enemy with speed.

When he read at the detail, he felt it looked a bit dangling, and he didn’t know if it is true.

Zhou Ye immediately stood up from the ground and looked at the old tree with some ill intentions.

“Old tree, based on the relationship between you and me, shouldn’t you care about this?”

Old tree: “…”

Zhou Ye didn’t say a word, his leaf tip rolled up, and then approached the old tree and started to dry.

“Tuk Tuk…”

In the normal condition, Zhou Ye couldn’t make a momentum.

But in the state of activating the sword, his leaves were tough and sharp. He could hit the old tree with a muffled sound.

However, Zhou Ye kept up his strength and tried not to hurt the old tree.

At most, it just a bit exaggerated.

Among many trees in front of the big-faced man’s home, the old tree must be different from the ordinary tree.

The old tree was powerful, and after got more than ten punches from Zhou Ye in an instant, he said nothing.

Anyway, Zhou Ye’s idea was that the old tree is unusual.

If Lu Xiaoyuan were here and knew Zhou Ye’s thoughts, she would remind him: This is an ordinary tree.

“This boxing technique is pretty good.” Zhou Ye stopped hitting the old tree.

He looked at the Shadow Boxing on the Status Panel, after he thought about it, he improved it directly.


[Universal Points has been consumed 1000.] [The Shadow Boxing Technique was promoted to Intermediate-Stage]

At the moment when Shadow Boxing was improved, Zhou Ye felt the terrifying power hidden in his two leaves.

“Finally, there is a little fighting power again.”

Zhou Ye was delighted.

Instead of tried it again, he started to thought about the bag of fertilizer in his backpack.

As a weed, he was still a little looking forward to fertilizer at this moment.

He took the bag of one-kilogram fertilizer and appeared in front of him.

The bag was transparent, and the fertilizer inside the bag could be seen clearly.

It looked like ordinary soil, but it was in the shape of tiny spheres.


He moved his leaf tip and cut the bag. The fertilizer was scattered in the air.

A peculiar smell came out of the fertilizer.

Zhou Ye felt an instinctive desire.

Immediately, he inserted his roots into the fertilizer.

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