I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 83


It was a beautiful day, with a clear blue sky and no clouds.

In this kind of pleasant weather, Zhou Ye felt have to do something pleasant.

Ever since Zhou Ye had improved his physical body to The Immortal-Grade of Spirit Level, he hadn’t cultivated anymore.

He had tried every possible way to try the new power he possessed, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. “It’s too boring.”

“It’s too boring. I’d rather cultivate.”

Zhou Ye shook his head, then rooted himself in the spirit field.

By using the Star Light Transformation Technique, he could absorb the spiritual energy emitted from the celestial bodies and the spiritual energy in the spiritual field.

It was so fast, and Zhou Ye thought that he would be able to raise his cultivation realm in two days.

However, Zhou Ye still decided to improve his bloodline first.

He was now at the early of the Mystical Core Realm, and even if he raised his cultivation, he would only be in the middle of the Mystical Core Realm, and it was still far from the Transcendent Realm.

The bloodline was different.

The bloodline was at the top of the spiritual level, only one step away from the next realm.

Zhou Ye wanted to take this step.

Let himself become a little more potential.

Although it would take more points to breakthrough after that, but Zhou Ye just wanted the bloodline ability.

Whoever made bloodline abilities with Immortal-Grade was a bit grippy.


The big-faced man was studying the ancient book in his hands.

And he looked at Zhou Ye, who was working hard to cultivate, he was delighted.

“Surely a Spiritual Weed with the qualifications of a great emperor, always working hard.” He admired Zhou Ye, who was diligently cultivating.

“If that Little Deer had been working so hard like him, I’m afraid that my Wood World would have had a demon emperor long ago, what a pity.” The big-faced man looked at Lu Xiaoyuan, lying by the window, crying out in sleep, and helplessly shook his head.

At the same time, he felt he was fortunate.

He was fortunate that Lu Xiaoyuan hadn’t reached the Immortal-Stage of his bloodline; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to hold Lu Xiaoyuan down.

At that time, the entire Wood World might have to spend its days in darkness.

It was too terrifying.

Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t think anything but fell asleep.

This was her usual cultivation method.

When she slept, heaven and earth’s spiritual energy would be continuously inhaled into her nose and mouth.

However, this kind of cultivation was slow, far inferior to her own serious cultivation.

Even so, Lu Xiaoyuan felt good about it.

After all, she was always found an excuse to sleep.

The big-faced man shook his head, not thinking about it.

He continued to study the ancient book.

And the next day has come.

Zhou Ye took a look at the points on the panel.

Universal Points: 21475.

Twenty thousand points were enough to improve the Altering Starlight Technique and Sword Transformation Skill.

Zhou Ye had chosen to improve the  Altering Starlight Technique first.

After all, this was the source of his Universal Points, and the faster the points came, the quicker he would be able to improve his entire status.


[Universal Points has been consumed fifteen thousand points.]

Cultivation Method: Altering Starlight Technique (Elementary-Stage).

“What? It was tenfold?” Zhou Ye was a little surprised.

It only took 1,500 points to upgrade the Altering Starlight Technique to beginner, but it took 15,000 points to go from beginner to Elementary.

In between, it was a whole ten times difference.

“I want to know how effective this Cultivation Method is.”

Zhou Ye began to try.

[Universal Points increased by +4.] [Universal Points increased by +4.]

Every ten seconds, four points were gained.

Zhou Ye stopped and began to calculate the difference.

With the Altering Starlight Technique at the Elementary-Stage, a full day of cultivating would yield about twenty-five thousand Universal Points.

And at the Beginner-Stage, he would get about 35,000 points.

It’s a big profit!

Zhou Ye was so excited that his leaves swayed in the air.

The moment his cultivation speed suddenly increased.

The big-faced man saw it.

“This Little Spiritual Weed is terrifyingly gifted. In no time you’ve already accomplished the Elementary-Stage of the Altering Starlight Technique?” The big-faced man was horrified.

That time, the big-faced man felt that Zhou Ye was really terrifying.

Damn it, it is as if there are no bottlenecks in his cultivation, and he seemed to be easy to comprehend the heart method and technique.

How could someone genius like him exist?

If Zhou Ye had known what the big-faced man was thinking, he would have said quietly, “It took me a lot of hard work to get this far.

Shame on you.

Zhou Ye continued to cultivate.

He thought that after two days, his bloodline could be promoted.

During these two days, he didn’t improve anything.


It was night.

The sky was dotted with stars, and wisps of starlight spilled down from the sky and landed on Zhou Ye’s body.

The starlight continued to flow, and the Universal Points on the panel were also beating.

Lu Xiaoyuan was woken up.

She was confused.

She ran to the courtyard and went to Zhou Ye, and squatted down. She completely blocked out the starlight.


Zhou Ye felt that the Universal Points were not going up, and he suddenly awoke.

“Sister Lu, what do you want?” Zhou Ye asked somewhat helplessly.

“Smelling you, of course.” Lu Xiaoyuan replied.

“Have you forgotten what happened that day?” Zhou Ye sneered.

“It’s fine, the dirt just stuck your roots that day, and your leaves didn’t get contaminated, and I washed them very clean for you.” Lu Xiaoyuan didn’t care.

She’s got it all figured out now.

If she didn’t take a sniff of Zhou Ye’s leaves, she wouldn’t be happy all day.

So it was better to take a sniff.


Lu Xiaoyuan took a deep contented breath.

“I feel as if you were poison, and I am now poisoned to the marrow.” Lu Xiaoyuan exclaimed.

“If you have done, you can get out of here now.” Zhou Ye didn’t want to pay attention to her.

He only wanted to work hard on his cultivation now and then fulfill his own aspirations.

“Humph! Your attitude is getting more and more improper to your senior sister now.” Lu Xiaoyuan pouted his small lips and emphasized.

“I never see senior sister like you anywhere.” Zhou Ye muttered.

“What did you say?” Lu Xiaoyuan picked Zhou Ye up from the earth and asked him in a deep voice in front of him.

Zhou Ye was shaken in the air, feeling very uncomfortable.

Immediately he changed his words.

“What I mean is that all the other places’ sisters must be a bad attitude, and not like you, you are cute and good at taking care of me, is that right?”

“Well, that’s true.” Lu Xiaoyuan put back Zhou Ye on the ground with a smile on his face, and dug a hole with her hand, and buried him in it.

The whole time, Zhou Ye was panicked.

If he was still so tough to her, he might be lying flat on his back in the ground now.

Huff, this world is too dangerous for a weed like me.

Lu Xiaoyuan patted the soil next to Zhou Ye’s roots and rubbed off the dirt on her hands only after feeling it was okay.

“Little Spiritual Weed, you must work hard to cultivate.” Lu Xiaoyuan instructed.

“I know.” Zhou Ye nodded his head.

For no other reason, for the sake of the great aspirations he had set up, Zhou Ye had to work hard to cultivate as well.

“You must become more fragrant and delicious.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded her head.

Zhou Ye was silent, even wanting to say to Lu Xiaoyuan: “Ya, ya. I’ll do it.”

At the same time, Zhou Ye felt that being a spiritual weed was really hard.

It’s hard to stay alive, but it’s good to try to do everything possible to prevent yourself from being eaten.

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t eat you.” Lu Xiaoyuan touched Zhou Ye’s leaf tip.

The leaf tip trembled a little under her touch.

Zhou Ye didn’t believe in Lu Xiaoyuan’s words.

He was really sure that one day, Lu Xiaoyuan would find an excuse to ask him for a leaf to eat.

“Ouch.” Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly withdrew her hand and blew her fingertips.

Zhou Ye’s heart was shaken.

“What’s going on?” He asked cautiously.

Lu Xiaoyuan lifted her index finger, and there was a drop of blood on it. She looked distressed and whispered: “Little Spiritual Weed, your barbs are hurting me.”

Zhou Ye looked at the tip of his own leaf.

The barbs on it were obviously in a closed state, so how could they have pierced Lu Xiaoyuan’s index finger.

It was so scary.

The dog thief Lu Xiaoyuan, your routine will be fucked up soon!

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