I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 84


“Hey, what are you going to do?” Zhou Ye felt a little panic in his heart.

He saw that Lu Xiaoyuan was trying to grasp her index finger.

Lu Xiaoyuan squeezed the wound spot on her finger, full of pain.

“Little Spiritual Weed, although I know you didn’t mean to, but it’s really hurt.”

When she said this, Lu Xiaoyuan was blood-covered with tears.

Zhou Ye looked at the mist in her eyes. He was disdainful inside.

Zhou Ye thought that Lu Xiaoyuan’s acting was really good, and in order to ask him for his leaf, she actually used that such a cheapy trick.

Shame on her.

“Sister Lu, tell me, straightforwardly, what do you want?” Zhou Ye was a little helpless.

He was about to give up a leaf.

It was not a big deal, and it was an opportunity to do business with Lu Xiaoyuan.

“How about if I trade you a Fourth Stage Demon Core-Crystal for a leaf of yours!” Lu Xiaoyuan wiped away her tears and looked at Zhou Ye with a gleam in her eyes.

“Okay, I agree.” Zhou Ye nodded his head.

In fact, no matter if Zhou Ye refuse it, she couldn’t lose.

He came to think of it. If I refuse this trade, I afraid that Lu Xiaoyuan will maltreat me.

Lu Xiaoyuan excitedly took out a fiery red Fourth Stage Demon Core-Crystal and put it on the ground, and then Zhou Ye looked at it with eyes wide open.

Zhou Ye stretched out his right hand, rolled up the Demon Core-Crystal, and then broke off his left leaf.

The left leaf floated to the ground.

Lu Xiaoyuan was quick-eyed and caught the leaf directly.

She was like a kid who had stolen candy, her face flushed with excitement.

Zhou Ye considered whether to shout out loudly to the big-faced man and pit Lu Xiaoyuan to him.

But he pondered for a moment and felt that was unnecessary.

If the faced-man found out, Lu Xiaoyuan would be blamed again, and maybe there would be no such an excellent opportunity to get a high-grade demon core-crystal in the future.

“Five hundred Universal Points for ten thousand Universal Points, this business is perfect.” Zhou Ye smiled secretly.

Lu Xiaoyuan took the leaf, and then she looked left and right before running into the house in a flash.

Zhou Ye assuredly placed the demon core-crystal on the spiritual field, then he recovered his broken leaf.

Five hundred Universal Points were consumed, and the bloodline ability activated on itself.

In just a blink of an eye, Zhou Ye’s left leaf recovered as before.

He even wanted to grab Lu Xiaoyuan at the moment and let her continue to do business with him.

“What’s with that idea?!” Zhou Ye felt ashamed of his own thoughts.

As a Spiritual Weed with dignity and intelligence, I should have relied on my own fucking efforts to cultivate it, so how could I have fallen so far!

“But I really get a damn profit to make a trade.” Zhou Ye smiled secretly.

He rolled up the demon core-crystal and started to refine it.

The demon core-crystal contained much profit to refine than his own cultivation, and it didn’t take much time.

As if an instant noodle, which could make your stomach full in an easy way.


Lu Xiaoyuan came back to the house and was about to bite out of the leaf when she suddenly felt that it seemed safe to do her routine.

She scratched her head and suddenly saw a pot by the cabinet.

“Why don’t you …… make some soup?” Lu Xiaoyuan smilingly picked up the pot.

Life was all about routine.

In order to eat Zhou Ye’s leaf, Lu Xiaoyuan started to look for other ingredients.

But as an uncreative deer, Lu Xiaoyuan was not very good at making soup.

So, she decided to make the noodles, which were almost the same procedure, and she knew a little bit.

Zhou Ye’s leaf was used as a seasoning.

A quarter of an hour later, in the middle of the spiritual field.

Lu Xiaoyuan squatted beside Zhou Ye and showed the boiling water in the pot.

Zhou Ye didn’t know where on earth she had found some noodles and seasonings.

“It looks like one leaf is not enough……,” muttered Lu Xiaoyuan.

Then let’s back to our business!

Zhou Ye shouted inside.

But you can’t say that on the surface, you can’t make Lu Xiaoyuan think that he, Zhou, is a cheap Spiritual Weed.

“Sister Lu, you can go to the Spiritual Elixir Field and pull some spiritual elixir as an additional ingredient.” Zhou Ye spoke out to remind.

“That somewhat reasonable.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded her head in deep thought.

A bowl of noodles would be a bit shabby to served if there were only one leaf in it.

Lu Xiaoyuan immediately ran over to the Spiritual Elixir Field.

In a short time, she picked two flowers and threw them into the pot.

There was a fire under the pot, and the temperature was very high. She kept the water in the pot boiling.

Lu Xiaoyuan continued to cook.

She threw everything into the pot, then took out a pair of white jade chopsticks and began to stir.

At first, Zhou Ye could only smell the hot air.

However, gradually, Zhou Ye was able to detect a solid fragrance.

The fragrance surrounded him and caused Zhou Ye’s whole body to start twitching.

“My God, Sister Lu, what the hell have you cooked? Why is it so fragrant?” Zhou Ye laid down on the soil of the spirit field with a soft body.

“It’s just some spiritual elixir, the thousand years old one.” Lu Xiaoyuan’s face was indifferent.

“Impossible, how could it possible that a thousand-year-old spiritual elixir’s fragrance be so strong?” Zhou Ye was in disbelief.

“Yeah, it’s truly a thousand years old, but it’s only ground-grade quality.” Lu Xiaoyuan said.

The corner of Zhou Ye’s mouth twitched.

At this moment, he somewhat understood why there was such a massive difference between the thousand-year-old spiritual elixirs he had encountered.

It turned out that there was a quality grade between them.

“Then, what grade is the spiritual elixir that I used to refine?” Zhou Ye asked somewhat curiously.

“There doesn’t seem to be a big difference. That is nearly a Spiritual Elixir Medium-Grade .” Lu Xiaoyuan recalled, then shook her head, “What I use now it’s just very low-grade anyway.”

When she said that, she found the noodles in the pot were ripe.

“Ah, a tempting bowl of clear soup noodles.” Lu Xiaoyuan held the pot, sniffed it, and looked satisfied.

“This dog thief ……” Zhou Ye cursed in his heart.

She is such a criminal who good at acting.

It’s not a good idea to use a barbed leaf as a tool to make an excuse anyway. Shit!

But Zhou Ye didn’t mind this.

The more the Lu Xiaoyuan routine comes, the better, and the more it helps him, Zhou Ye to improve his cultivation base.

When Zhou’s cultivation exceeds Lu Xiaoyuan’s someday, it would be time for him to fulfill his ambition.

Lu Xiaoyuan held the pot in her left hand and the white jade chopsticks in her right.

She picked up the ripe Zhou Ye’s leaf and then put it into her mouth.

“Oh, my God!”

Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly stared at Zhou Ye.

“Little Spiritual Weed, I think, you’ll be my favorite cooking ingredients from now.” Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly stared at Zhou Ye and spoke a paragraph.

“Favorite what?!” Zhou Ye sighed and asked.

How could he not know about his own situation?

“You must work hard to improve your cultivation base. So, in the future, if I get injured, I don’t need to take demon core-crystal, but gnaw on your leaf to recover.” Lu Xiaoyuan exclaimed.

She felt that the spiritual energy contained in Zhou Ye’s leaf was too terrifying.

Even at her realm, she felt a slight effect.

If Zhou Ye’s cultivation base improved a little more, she wouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt when she went out to fight in the future.

“And also, Little Spiritual Weed, you have to learn the sword transformation technique well, and then this Master Lu will use you to cut people in the future.” Lu Xiaoyuan was in high spirits.

Zhou Ye’s whole body twitched.

He could already imagine how the days to come.

Zhou Ye transformed his body into a sword, like a divine weapon.

Then Lu Xiaoyuan wielded him and went to cut over everything.

When Lu Xiaoyuan was injured, she would just gnaw on his Zhou Ye’s leaf, then in a blink of an eye, it would be recovered, and she could go back to cutting people……

Oh, my God, what a dark life.

“Little Spiritual Weed, you must work hard to cultivate.” Lu Xiaoyuan said to Zhou Ye in an expectant tone as she ate her noodles.

Zhou Ye wanted to cry when he heard it.

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