I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 88


“Huh…… Huh ……”

The Manticore was breathing heavily, its chest rising and falling.

Its muscles were trembling all over its body, and its fleshy wings were flapping lightly, fanning out the wind wildly.


In the pit, a sound like muffled thunder was heard.

Then, Zhou Ye saw a black shadow flew to the sky, and then it fell sharply, striking the Manticore.

The Manticore tilted its head and slightly opened its mouth.

The two scimitar-like fangs could be looked at clearly.


The Manticore roared, blew off the surrounding smoke and dust.

It stood up sturdily and raised its two strong front paws towards the shadow.

Zhou Ye was right in the middle of the battlefield, and he could see the shadow’s appearance very clearly.

It was a black-haired King Kong full of big muscles.

Their cultivation was far surpassed Zhou Ye’s, and the power they cast was so great that it made heaven and earth’s color changed.

The pressure of these two strong demon beasts enveloped a radius of hundreds of miles.

Zhou Ye was in the center and felt it most clearly.

Even with the top of the spirit level physical realm, Zhou Ye still couldn’t stand.

The one who should kneel must still kneel.

This made him very helpless.

Zhou Ye laid on the ground, almost shedding tears of remorse.

The world was so big, and he shouldn’t have come out to see it. It was a bad idea to going out alone.


When Zhou Ye regretted his decision, these two great demon beasts collided with each other.

Powerful energy fluctuations were generated, and a circle of aftershocks scattered in all directions.


Zhou Ye was bounced away into the distance by the aftershocks, hitting trees.

“I should find a chance to run away.”

Zhou Ye was hiding behind the tree trunk, held the tree with his roots tightly.

In the middle of the battlefield, the black-haired King Kong stood beside the pit, raised its arms, and slammed its fists into its chest.

Then, it opened its mouth wide, which was densely filled with sharp teeth.


The Black-haired King Kong roared.

The wind was created out of thin air, surrounding the black-haired King Kong in the center.

The Manticore walked around the Black-haired King Kong, along tens of feet away from it.

The Manticore’s head was slightly lowered, its muscles tensed, and its burning eyes reflected the Black-haired King Kong movements.


The black-haired King Kong roared again.

This time, a fiery red pillar of light as thick as a man’s arm spewed out from its mouth and struck the Manticore directly.


The Manticore was struck and howled.

The powerful force pushed it towards the distance and tumbled away.


A knee flattened the stump from the front leg of the meat-winged lion.

The sharp claw tips sliced three inches above Zhou Ye’s head.

Zhou Ye was dumbfounded.

However, seeing the Manticore climbing up not far from the side, Zhou Ye felt that it was not advisable to stay here for long, so he had to slip away.


Before Zhou Ye could move, the black-haired King Kong rushed over and stepped on Zhou Ye’s leaves.

Mud and rocks exploded, and a sharp stone severed Zhou Ye’s roots.

“This can’t be worse?” Zhou Ye rolled up his broken roots and ran off into the distance in a single bound.

Behind him, there was one explosive sound after another.

Zhou Ye panicked in his heart and ran faster and faster.

The sky was very dim, which made it hard to see clearly.


As Zhou Ye ran, a massive fist suddenly appeared on his side.

The fist smashed into the ground with terrifying force.

If Zhou Ye looked back, he could see that the big fist had smashed the ground.

“Can you stop this, please…… “Zhou Ye wanted to cry.

Obviously, he was innocent, so why did these big demon beasts always implicate him.


The two great demons roared at the same time, wrestling with each other again.

No matter in which direction Zhou Ye ran, the distance between these two demons and him was never more than a hundred feet.

Zhou Ye wondered if these two great demon beasts had secretly discussed to scare Zhou.

This world was too dangerous.

There were too many terrible incidents outside the mountain, and Zhou Ye’s cultivation was not high enough to wander alone.

Zhou Ye concluded that he just wanted to go home quickly.

At the same time, he was ready to call out the big-faced face’s name at any time.

As long as he shouted his name, who the hell would dare to be reckless with him, except they are want to die?

Meanwhile, in Qinxu Mountain, the big-faced man’s face was a bit strange.

“What a coincidence?” He whispered, then shook his head.

“I hope these two intimidated.”



The two great demons fought as if they were trying to kill each other.


The black-haired King Kong blew away and crashed into a thousand-foot-high mountain.

A boulder fell and happened to hit Zhou Ye’s roots, made him immobilized.

“Fuck……” Zhou Ye suddenly cursed.

With his current physical realm, the boulder didn’t smash Zhou Ye to death but merely pressed down on his roots so that he couldn’t continue to run away.

This made Zhou Ye panic.

“I just want to live. I’m begging you. Please move.” Zhou Ye turned on his side and lifted two leaves against the boulder, vainly trying to push it away.

However, the boulder didn’t even move.

Zhou Ye laid on the ground and going to cry.

His life as a weed had been so difficult. Could it be that it was about to end?

“Impossible. As long as I shout his name, these two demon beasts will definitely stop.” Zhou Ye looked at the ring tied on his left leaf and suddenly said.

“I’m a Qin-“


The boulder on Zhou Ye’s body exploded before he could even cry out.

It was the black-haired King Kong that blew away backward, which happened to hit the boulder.

“How the hell do so many coincidences come in life? It must be intentional.” Zhou Ye quietly muttered, stood up, and prepared to run away.


The black-haired King Kong stood up, twisted its neck, and made a crunching sound.

The ground shook violently as it stepped on the ground.

Zhou Ye got up uncontrollably and then sat down on the ground with his buttocks.

As the ground rose and fell, he felt a little out of control of his body.


The two great demon beasts began to collide again.

Zhou Ye could only sit on the spot and do nothing. The black-haired King Kong’s body was extremely wounded and continuously bleeding.

The Manticore was not much better, a pair of flesh wings were almost forcibly torn by the black-haired King Kong, and there was a huge fist mark on its skull.

The black-haired King Kong’s fist was as terrifying as hell.

At the same time, Zhou Ye felt that their vitality was truly stubborn, their blood kept pouring, and they were still powerful.

“Hum puff …… hum puff ……”

The Manticore gasped, then lifted its right front leg and swung it at the black-haired King Kong.


The blood flashed from three scars.

The black-haired King Kong take that critical attack, and the marks were so deep that its internal organs were visible.

Zhou Ye inhaled cold air.

This black-haired King Kong almost lost its waist.


The Manticore spread its wings and flapped, then flew away amidst Zhou Ye’s shock.


“You’ve got the fucking balls to come back and do it!” The black-haired King Kong slapped his chest and roared at the Manticore flying off into the distance.

“Next time, next time, I’ll kill you, you little monkey.” The Manticore turned back, sputtered, and then disappeared.

“Oh, I’ll fuck you up!” The black-haired King Kong stomped his foot.

He stomped several times, but its toes just stepped on Zhou Ye’s torso.

“Crack ……”

Zhou Ye heard it. It was the sound of his breaking torso.

“Hey! Can you move your feet?” Zhou Ye lifted a leaf and gently patted the Black-haired King Kong’s toes, making a weak sound.

The Black-haired King was confused at first, but when he looked down, he was stunned.

What kind of thing did I step on?

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