Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 10 Detective Conan


Captain Zhao investigated the scene of the crime to collect clues. After He collected all clues, he solved the mystery behind it.

Captain Zhao said, “There is no trace of fighting, if demons are the one who did this, the caravan will panic and flip over, but there are no footprints on the ground. What is going on?”

“Perhaps the demon erases its footprints.” Lin Fan said.

“Well, there is such a possibility. I’m thinking the same as you. After all, the goods are there. If it is done by humans, they will take all the goods.” Based on his 13 years of cultivation, Captain Zhao came up with a conclusion.

“You are right sir.” Lin Fan patted the box containing the goods and agreed with Captain Zhao said.

But regardless of what Captain Zhao said, Lin Fan would always say, “You are right.”

But when Lin Fan leaned on the box, he felt something was off that box.

He found fingerprints on the edge of the box and smelled it.

He pulled his sword and inserted it through the hole on the box, and…

“Lin Fan, did you find anything?” Captain Zhao noticed Lin Fan’s expression changed.

When Lin Fan opened the box, a strong bloody scent filled the air.

“Captain Zhao, the corpses are here.” Lin Fan said.

There were no goods left in the box, but humans’ bones.

When Captain Zhao approached the box, he smelled the rotten flesh and bones.

“This must the demons’ doing.”

He thought, only demon treated humans as food.

“I don’t think it’s that simple. Since the demon is going to eat them, why bother placing the bones inside the box, and erase the traces, don’t you think something is off?”

Captain Zhao thought, “Well, that makes sense.”

Lin Fan jumped out of the carriage and looked around, and slowly said, “This is just my wild guess, but I think the culprit is working together with the demon.”

“How did you come to that conclusion?” Captain Zhao was surprised. He looked at Lin Fan with a shocked look.

Until then, Captain Zhao didn’t find clues yet.

But Lin Fan somehow came up with the conclusion that human was working together with a demon.

Right now, Lin Fan was like Detective Conan, who tried to solve the impossible case.

“If a demon wants to eat human, he won’t bother with the bloodstains on the ground, but now the surrounding area is clean without bloodstain. It must be professionals’ doing. This has no meaning at all, it was just to delay our investigation.” Lin Fan said.

Captain Zhao was confused by Lin Fan’s words.

Because the situation at the crime scene didn’t make sense at all.

Why the culprit put the corpses and bones in the box if they wanted to hide it.

Seeing Captain Zhao was confused, Lin Fan explained, “The culprit do that to delay our investigation, the culprit want to hold us here as long as possible.”

“Right when I’m about to investigate the box, I found fingerprints on the edge of the box, and the fingerprints smell like herbs.”

“You said to Master Wang that Master Sun discovered the caravan and all the people were killed here, but when we got here, what did we find?” Lin Fan asked.

“There is no sign of fighting at all, there is more than meet the eyes about that doctor.” Captain Zhao asked.

“So all those things were deliberately planned by Master Sun.”

Captain Zhao felt his experience for years was nothing compared to Lin Fan’s talent.

“As expected of someone that Master Wang valued.” Captain Zhao praised Lin Fan.

When those two praised each other, Lin Fan noticed something was lurking in the dark.

Lin Fan pointed his finger in a specific direction.

Suddenly, five monsters came out.

“What are you doing? Hurry up.” Lin Fan shouted.

His men were frightened to face a demon.

“Leader, I’m scared …”

They were hiding behind Lin Fan in fear.

“What are you afraid of? Don’t you know that we are with Captain Zhao? Those demons can’t beat him.” Lin Fan tried to look so brave in front of his comrades.

He realized he forgot his play-dead tactic.

He wanted to hit his own face.

Captain Zhao held a long sword.

“Lin Fan, aim for their head. If you find a chance, strike them, I will cover you.”

He looked extremely serious.

The five-headed demon was not an easy opponent.

“Captain Zhao, we can strike them!” Lin Fan said, he saw the opportunity to strike first, he didn’t want to lose that chance.

Lin Fan hoped he didn’t kill that demon for investigation purposes.

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