Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 17 The Mice’s Tomb


“From my experience watching hundreds of TV series, something dangerous must be lurking in that well.”

Lin Fan was standing by the ancient well, it looked like it has been deserted for a long time.

And that was the problem, someone was living in that house, but the well was dry, isn’t that impossible?

“You can keep dreaming if you want to escape my sharp intuition.” Lin Fan’s fingers touched the edge of the ancient well, it was very dry, but when he touched the inner wall, it was a bit damp.

Lin Fan came to the conclusion that well was a perfect place to hide something.

Dr. Sun might be blocked the water to place something in there.

Lin Fan decided to enter the well, but when his body was full inside the well, he suddenly crawled out from the well.

“I almost forgot something important.”

Lin Fan believed if that well was were Dr. Sun hid something, that place must be dangerous.

When Lin Fan pondered about how he could enter the well safely, he heard some voices from the corner.

Lin Fan found in the dark corner, two gray mice were enjoying their night activity.

Maybe a dark and windy environment was quite tempting for them, which made the mice excited, and the voice was very loud.

Lin Fan was not a person who would ruin those couple’s love.


Lin Fan squinted his eyes and looked at those mice in the shadow once again, and then he looked at the well.

The male mice felt something dangerous was coming toward them, and the female stopped its scream.

Something was lurking in the shadow watching them, but they felt no hostility.

Suddenly, Lin Fan appeared in front of those mice.

“It’s all up to both of you, please help me.”

Regardless of whether those mice agreed or not, Lin Fan suddenly caught those mice and then bind them together with the rope he found.

“I don’t know if there is any danger in there.” Lin Fan slowly put those mice into the well.

Those mice thought they might be killed by Lin Fan, but the dark environment made them feel comfortable, and they arrived at the bottom of the well. Those mice looked at each other and started to go on an adventure in the well.

Lin Fan was waiting above the ground, he watched the rope to guess those mice condition.


The rope trembled as if something was dragging those mice.

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“Something might happen down there.” Lin Fan was startled, anxious, what was going on inside the well.

After a while.

The rope did not move anymore.

Lin Fan pulled the rope.

When he saw those mice, those mice already were already dead with a lot of holes on their bodies.

“I didn’t know you guys will die like this.” Lin Fan bowed his head, he felt sorry for that.

Lin Fan observed the injuries on those mice’s bodies.

He found soy-bean sized steel balls in their body.

“Fortunately, I did not continue to go down there. Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.” The mice must have touched a trigger for a trap, causing the mice to be penetrated by the steel ball.

The mice were so small that half of their bodies were full of holes, indicating a high-security system in it.

If Lin Fan really went down there, he might be dead by now, because there was no place to dodge in that well.

Instead of throwing those mice’s bodies to the sewer, Lin Fan made a grave for each one of them.

‘Rest In Peace, The Cute Little Couple of the Jiangdu City’

‘Born: Unknown, and died on August’

Lin Fan looked at the bun-sized grave and said to himself, “Rest assured you two, your sacrifice will not be in vain. I, Lin Fan, swear to avenge you two, so please rest in peace.”

If those mice could speak, they might say, “Thank you for what you’ve done for us.”

And Lin Fan might say, “No, I’m the one who should thank you.”


Dr. Su’s face was pale, he was sneezing, and almost froze in the cold, “I’m really innocent, you can’t do this to me.”

“Wang Bao, I’m dying here.” Dr. Sun still insisted that he was innocent.

But Wang Bao kept ignoring him.

Wang Bao sighed, shook his head, and his conscience couldn’t bear to do that, but he had no other choice.

The Hunter around him said, “Brother Wang Bao, we have gone too far.”

“Well, our leader told us that we can’t be soft to him, so we must take our leader’s command seriously, this is almost the time, we have to pour him some water.” Wang Bao said.

Doctor Sun was dying to kill Wang Bao.

“Asshole. Why don’t you get burn in hell?”

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