Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 175


A whistle that’s just like the sound of the dragon was heard. It shook the ground, mountain, and river.

“Who am I…”

A sound came out, and then a man appeared from the Deep Sea, followed by a powerful wave that swept the shore.

Everyone was frightened. It was horrifying. The elders were extremely vigilant. They knew that what’s coming was nothing good.

“Get out of my way. I want to go home.” The man saw that one of the elders was trying to stop him. He patted the Elder with his arm, soon the Elder from the Rising Sun Sect was screaming.

The scream was terrifying.


The man just killed an elder who already reached Disaster Stage. How high was his cultivation? That was terrifying.

Could it be, he was at True Immortal Stage?

The man screamed, and in an instant, everyone was hurled. The place was shaking and crushing everyone.



Everyone was stunned. They all were injured.

All of them were terrified. They had never seen or heard this man before.

If this man wanted to kill them, they would be dead instantly.

The Core Disciples of Rising Sun Sect saw that the elders were unable to stand against this man. He’s just insanely powerful. They couldn’t do anything but watching him in horror.

What a nightmare!

They wanted to run, but they couldn’t.

Even when they were all injured, they still had to face this man.

Just then, the Deep Sea opened again, and two more figures appeared.

It was Lin Fan and Meng Qingyao.

Lin Fan had reached the Golden Stage. He could fly now. He’s happy that now he could travel the world and continue his cultivation.

“He’s not dead.”

Ye Zhentian stared at Lin Fan; he looked alive as ever. His mood suddenly changed. Why didn’t he die inside the Deep Sea, damn that guy!

If anyone wanted Lin Fan to die, It must be Ye Zhentian.

Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to do it himself. He could only pin his hopes on other people or wait for God to open his eyes and put this guy on a thunderbolt.

In another place,

“How do you feel? It feels good to be able to come out and breathe the fresh air. I always believe that I am lucky, and nothing bad will happen to me. You will be lucky if you are with me.” Lin Fan said.

Meng Qingyao ignored Lin Fan. He was so arrogant.

He was teasing her.

If she knew she would come out this fast, she would definitely not going to do the technique.

She wasn’t clever enough. Crossing over Lin Fan in her life was a mistake.

Lin Fan saw that Meng Qingyao was spacing out. He didn’t care; for him, all women were stupid.

“Meng Qingyao, now that we are here. Don’t overthink about what happened. Don’t look at me like that. Let the bygone be bygone, accept it, you understand?” Fan said.

To be honest.

What Lin Fan did was purely to save Meng Qingyao and not because he couldn’t resist her beauty.

Now everything was over. The Deep Sea had been destroyed, what else she got to worry about?

Meng Qingyao coldly said, “Let’s pretend this never happened. Only heaven, earth, you and I know. Don’t let anyone else know, otherwise I won’t let you go even it means I have to cross the world.”

“Also, don’t ever think it was special. There is no emotion attached between you and me.”

Meng Qingyao was a woman with pride. She was not someone who would easily give up what she had for someone else. She had a big goal. If it weren’t for survival, she would never do such a thing.

Lin Fan shook his head and whispered, saying that he didn’t think it was special; he only did it to save her and nothing else.

“You make it difficult for me to do this. In case you get pregnant, I won’t let you take the child alone. Although I know, you don’t deserve me, but I’ll still love that child.”

What he said wasn’t quite nice, but he sounded sincere.

Or maybe he was faking it.

“It’s not gonna happen, don’t you dare to talk nonsense, I’m warning you.” Meng Qingyao was in a bad mood.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say anything.” Lin Fan didn’t say anything else. He’s aware what he just said was too straightforward, but what else could he do?

Lin Fan was a person with dignity.

As for whether there would be children or not, he’s not going to say anything for now.

He had heard a story of a child who’s trying to find his father. That child had gone through a lot in his life until he was finally able to find his father, so Lin Fan just wanted to prepare.

Just then.

Lin Fan saw everyone was vomiting blood. They are all severely injured, “What just happened to you? How did you become like this?”

“Brother Lin, before you came out, there was a madman who came out and wounded us.” Ye Dong said, then whispered, “This time, Ye Zhentian has gained the most. He got a dao artifact.”

“Knowing Ye Zhentian, he will be more arrogant now that he has a dao artifact.”

This guy was very unreliable and began to provoke people.

Only a few people were willing to take Ye Dong’s side, at least in the Greatest Martial Sect.

As for the other people outside the Greatest Martial Sect, no one could tell.

Lin Fan knew it must be the bone that was resurrected before.

What should he say?

He was the one who ripped up the rune off the corpse’s head that used to hold the souls inside it. When he ripped it off, he saw the souls were drifted away from the corpse.

He thought it wasn’t a big deal.

But looking at what happened now, he realized that it wasn’t a good thing.

This man might not be that strong. If he were that strong, everyone would have been dead already.

“Elder, who is the man who came out of the Deep Sea? What kind of power he has?” Lin Fan asked.

The Elder shook his head and said, “I don’t know, the Deep Sea has existed for so long, it’s too long for us to trace it back, what you need to know is that you have to have a mighty power to be able to survive the Deep Sea.”

The elders were frightened. Who was that crazy man? How could he have such power?

He killed the Elder from the Rising Sun Sect.

It would cause trouble in the Immortal Realm.

What made Lin Fan worried was that, when the man was still a bone, his eyes were exuding golden light, and it stared at Lin Fan. It frightened him every time he remembered it.

He’s afraid that man still remembered him.

Just then, he felt like someone was looking at him.

It turned out to be Ye Zhentian.

Ye Zhentian didn’t laugh. He only smiled as he was playing with a palm-sized little cauldron. This cauldron didn’t look extravagant. It only had a simple pattern. The surface was smooth, but it exuded a powerful aura.

That dao artifact was a good, indeed. No wonder Ye Zhentian was so proud.

After all, the Deep Sea had existed for a long time. There must be a good dao artifact inside it.

Now that Ye Zhentian got dao artifact.

The Core Disciples from various sects looked him with anger. It wouldn’t be any good if Ye Zhentian were the one who owns it.

He even framed them when he came out.

It’s terrible.

These Core Disciples sensed that something was wrong.

When they discovered the dao artifact, they felt undeniable anger inside them.

“Brother Lin, do you remember me? I’m Song Ming, and I hope in the future we can practice cultivation together.” Song Ming’s impression of Lin Fan was still good.

“Okay.” Lin Fan answered with a smile, but he vowed that he would never meet Song Ming again. For Lin Fan, this guy was useless. There’s nothing he could achieve if he ever went with this guy. He couldn’t even fight when they were inside the Deep Sea.

But Lin Fan had to say that this guy would definitely live long enough, even if most people in the future died, he would survive.

When he saw Song Ming was about to leave, Lin Fan bid his farewell to Song Ming, indicating that Lin Fan was still a good person.

What happened today was a great experience, making friends, making good connections, and ensuring a good life in the future.

The elders of the sects didn’t say much.

Some of the Core Disciples didn’t make it. That meant that they might be dead in the Deep Sea.

Although no one said anything, but everyone knew.

There was good and bad in every place. You had to be careful when you went to new places in the future.

People were willing to sacrifice their lives for a dao artifact, and now they’re dead.

The Elder of the Greatest Martial Sect was wounded severely. They immediately took the Core Disciples and left the place.

It’s too dangerous here.

That man was terrifying and dangerous. No one knows who he was. They likely wouldn’t come back alive if they met that man again.

It’s just that some of the Core Disciples weren’t willing to go.

After such a big fight in the Deep Sea, they still got nothing, which frustrated them.

Ye Zhentian had become everyone’s target.

They wouldn’t forget what happened quickly, but Ye Zhentian was fearless, and he somehow always had good luck.

Ye Zhentian was the winner this time.

No one ever expected this would happen.

The rune that Lin Fan got from the corpse’s forehead had an overbearing power. Perhaps this was also a rare treasure.

[Immortal Rune: A rune created by the Immortal Realm, after numerous experienced battles, it fell into the lower world and broken. It can suppress anything in the world, even freeze the soul.]

The introduction was short.

But it couldn’t be underestimated.

Lin Fan didn’t dare to show it to others. This thing was too scary and extremely powerful. With his current cultivation practice, he still wouldn’t be able to exert one ten-thousandth of its power, even if this thing was damaged.

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