Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 26 The Baldhead Hunters


The Hunters saw that their leader was training and kept crashing the bricks on his head.

“Do we have to learn this technique?”

“Yeah, it seems we have to.”

“You know it hurts to crash a brick to your head, right?”

“This …”

“I heard Wang Bao said that when we practice Iron Head technique, our heads might bleed. And the blood which coagulated on our hair will be hard to be cleaned.”

“So that means we must shave our hair in order to learn that technique.”


The Hunters were so worried.

At night.

When Lin Fan came to Wang Bao’s house, Wang Bao’s father treated Lin Fan nicely, which made Lin Fan flustered.

There were only two rooms in Wang Bao’s home, one was the kitchen, and the other one was where Wang Bao and his father slept.

There used to be leakings here and there when it was raining, but that house was already repaired.

The old man butchered the chicken and roasted it, he prepared very delicious food, which made Lin Fan flattered.

After the feast, Wang Bao cleaned up the table and went into the kitchen.

Wang Bao’s father said, “Sir, Wang Bao had a serious illness from an early age. We are too late to cure it, causing his brain a bit damaged. He has always been treated like an idiot. I hope sir Lin Fan can take care of him in the future. “

“Relax, Wang Bao is my men, and I will not let anyone bully him.” Lin Fan sipped the tea, then slowly put the teacup on the table.

He knew that Wang Bao’s father called him for dinner, not just to express his thanks.


“Sir, please accept it.” Wang Bao’s father put a small wooden box on the table and pushed it gently toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was smiling before, but at that moment his smile gradually disappeared and pushed the wooden box back, “Uncle, you are humiliating me, Wang Bao is my men, I don’t want anything from him, so I won’t take it.”

“I have some other business, I should go back.”

Lin Fan stood up and walked outside, then he said, “Wang Bao, I’m going home, and don’t forget to report to the government on time tomorrow.”

“Yes, leader.” Wang Bao replied.

The old man said, “You dumb, walk him off.”

“No, no, I can leave by myself, Wang Bao doesn’t need to see me off.” Lin Fan said, then he left Wang Bao’s home.

He didn’t want to accept any more invitation after visiting Wang Bao’s home. That was not a gift, but bribery and Lin Fan didn’t need that.

He was carrying huge sums of money, more than 10,000 silver money, that was enough for his entire life.

Next day!

When the sun shone, Lin Fan’s bald head caught everyone’s attention, and he could use it as a mirror to reflect the light.

“What do you think of my brand new hairstyle?” Lin Fan touched his smooth head.

His men stood in line answered loudly, and praised him.

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“Good looking.”


“The bald head is cool.”

They praises were so lame, they didn’t read enough books, so their vocabulary was limited.

“Well.” Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction. He also felt the bald head was quite outstanding. He did not only catch everyone’s attention when he walked on the street but also scared some chickens and dogs. Those animals hid in the dark and not dare to move. It really had a strong presence.

“I already ask Wang Bao to tell you guys to learn the Iron Head technique.”

“Yes, sir.” All the men shouted, and they were afraid of how much pain they had to endure during the practice.

Lin Fan nodded, showing satisfaction.

“We are all Hunters, and we are responsible for the safety of the entire Jiangdu City. We bear a heavy burden on us, but now your strength is not enough. You have to start from scratch. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Wang Bao shouted, he was brainwashed by his father to agree with whatever Lin Fan said.

“Well, in that case, all we have to do now is to start from scratch. Now I will take you to the barbershop, let the people of Jiangdu City take a good look at our determination.” Lin Fan waved his hand.

When everyone heard Lin Fan’s words, they were dumbfounded.

Everyone murmured, they didn’t expect that their heads would be shaved too.

Lin Fan raised his hand to give a sign to everyone to be quiet.

“Brothers, we are sharing the same goal. All I have is yours. We are family in this Hunter Guild.”

When Lin Fan said that, everyone became serious.


“1 … 15.” The Hunters stood straight and counted.

“Okay, Wang Bao will lead the team to set off.” Lin Fan waved his hand and left.

The Hunters cried in their hearts, as if that they were heading for the guillotine. Some people wanted to escape, but when they looked up, they had no choice but to squeeze a smile seeing Lin Fan’s smooth head with a flash of light.

Inside the barbershop, the barber was cutting the hair of the guests. He talked with the customers about his customer the day before. About the team leader of Hunters who shaved his hair.

The guests laughed. It was unexpected.

“Fifteen customers incoming.” Lin Fan suddenly came in.

The barber, who was telling the guests about Lin Fan, suddenly stopped as if he saw a ghost.

The barber knelt down on the ground and shouted, “Sir, please spare my life. I did not mean to talk about you behind your back.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

The barber saw a group of Hunters coming in, and his heart was about to explode.

“My life will end today.” He thought.

Lin Fan was confused while scratching his bald head.

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