Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 267


Sky Peak.

Ye Zhentian arrived at the back of the mountain latrine and stared at the toilet with deep eyes, not regaining consciousness for a long time.

He knew that what Lin Fan said was joking, and that was not true.


What if it was true?

Did you really throw the remnant leaf in the toilet?

However, he couldn’t feel the elixir, not even a hint of aura fluctuation.

Ye Zhentian shook his head, calling himself a faggot for believing this. How could Lin Fan possibly throw the remnant leaf of the elixir into the toilet?

Even if he did, Lin Fan wouldn’t have thrown it at him.

And now, he had something far more critical to do, something that concerned whether or not he would be able to live safely in the future.


“Sister, this brat is too lawless. He has completely made war with the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon. I think he should be careful when he goes out in the future.”

The sect master couldn’t figure out what this brat was thinking. How could he be in war with the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon?

That wasn’t beneficial at all.

Wei You said, “He has his own thoughts. You wouldn’t understand his thoughts. What makes me curious is where did Lin Fan get these two great treasures?”

As expected, no matter how the outsiders curious about it or not, she, as a mother, was curious about it in the end.

The sect master also didn’t want to understand how this kid was so lucky.


At this time.

Lin Fan integrated a wisp of his spirit into the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body. As this wisp of his soul was stripped from his body, he felt a little dizzy.

The divine spirit was essential; missing too much of it would make him become like a crazy old man, losing his memories and becoming insane.

The Mysterious Bronze Essence Body that had integrated into the divine spirit had a faint light emerge on its surface.

As the internal formation was activated, it got up violently and stood dementedly in front of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan took out some spirit stones and placed them around it, then circulated his qi.

A steady stream of qi poured into the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body. As the qi poured in, the Mysterious Bronze Essence Body’s strength continued to rise.

The spirit stones that were placed around the area shattered with a thud, turning into the purest qi wrapped around it.

It was continually recovering the consumed qi.

The Mysterious Bronze Essence Body was refined from a rare material, hard and able to fight and carry.

However, when the cultivation eventually reached the Establish Stage, it could not be raised.

Because it had reached the limit.

The bronze figure he refined had a bronze man’s appearance, not surfacing his own face like the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

After all, he didn’t have the prowess of the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon to make it that far.

“Go crouch under the mountain to protect the Nine Heavens Sect.” Lin Fan transmitted his thoughts and the location of the Nine Heavens Sect.

The bronze man disappeared inside the house and went rushing towards the Nine Heavens Sect.


The next day!

Ye Zhentian left Sky Peak and made his way to the mountain where Lin Fan was.

When he walked on the mountain path, his heartbeat indisputably as he kept climbing. 

Soon, when he came to the crest of the hill, he stopped and bowed his head hesitantly.

Ye Zhentian stood in the same place, wondering what kind of expression he should use to look at Lin Fan, and what to say first when they met later?

“What are you doing here, Senior Brother Ye?” When Nangong Jin saw Ye Zhentian appear here, his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

He felt that Ye Zhentian had something to do here. As to what it was, he didn’t know. However, he didn’t think it was a good thing when he thought about it.

Once upon a time, Nangong Jin was a disciple from Sky Peak, but then he was dug up by Lin Fan.

Here, he felt lucky; it was much better than being at Sky Peak.

Ye Zhentian was clearly shocked when he heard the voice. When he saw that it was Nangong Jin, he was relieved, “So, it’s Junior Brother Nangong. I’m fine; I just have something to do with Senior Brother Lin.”

If it was the past, Ye Zhentian would definitely roar, ‘You traitor; you still have the face to appear in front of me?’ However, now, he didn’t dare to say that. 

As Nangong Jin looked at Ye Zhentian, he felt that something was wrong.

He didn’t think much about it and directly left. He wasn’t worried about how Ye Zhentian would treat his senior brother.

After all, his senior brother’s cultivation was high, so how could Ye Zhentian be a match for his senior brother?


Lin Fan had nothing else to do. He didn’t want to go out to adventure for the time being.

He was waiting; maybe the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon had people lurking near the Greatest Martial Sect, just waiting for him to leave and then behead him.

Also, he had been wandering outside for so long.

So, he wanted to take a break at the sect for a while.

Right at this moment, he saw a sneaky figure wandering not far away. Upon closer inspection, it was Ye Zhentian.

“What is this guy doing here?” Lin Fan wondered.

He didn’t understand, of course, it was reasonable to say that the current Ye Zhentian shouldn’t be scared when he saw Lin Fan.

He could hide as far away as he could, but how dare he appear here so blatantly?

“Brother Ye, I’ve already seen you. If you have anything to say, come over here and say it, and don’t be sneaky. If I didn’t recognize it was you, I would have slapped you away.” Lin Fan shouted; he wanted to see what Ye Zhentian had in mind.

Ye Zhentian heard Lin Fan’s voice and shivered in fright. He then tried to come in with a barely perceptible smile, yet on second thought, he couldn’t smile at Lin Fan at all.

He was still reluctant.

However, a great man could bend. After becoming a core disciple, he became much more arrogant; but now, he had lost his arrogance.

Ye Zhentian arrived in front of Lin Fan. For him, the atmosphere was a bit depressing at this time, and his heart was beating very indisputably.

Lin Fan looked at Ye Zhentian, “What? What’s the matter? Looking at your sneaky appearance, you seem to have an idea. Could it be that you are stealing something from me? Or do you just step on the spot and look for a chance to kill me?”

Ye Zhentian was so horrified by Lin Fan’s words that he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to leave without this anger.

However, when he thought of yesterday’s scene, he felt that the scene was picturesque and somewhat chilling. 

“This is the spirit stones.” Ye Zhentian took out his storage bag and placed it in front of Lin Fan, “No more, no less. It’s the exact amount.”

Lin Fan grabbed the bag and took a look at it. He then looked at Ye Zhentian and smiled, “This is strange. I thought you didn’t have any. How come you have them so quickly? Also, the sect master has come to me and talked to me. This wouldn’t be the sect master lending it to you and asking you to return it, right? It seems that the sect master is really good for you.” 

Ye Zhentian felt there was something in words.

There was a problem.

A big problem.

It was about him snitching.

“It’s not the sect master’s; it’s my own. I happened to receive these spirit stones today and sent them over.” Ye Zhentian said.

He really didn’t have any spirit stones.

He borrowed them from an elder, and he had to pay them back. Initially, he hadn’t thought of asking someone to borrow the spirit stones and give them to Lin Fan, but yesterday’s situation was a bit scary.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan smiled, putting the spirit stone away, “Well, that’s good. I thought you went to the sect master’s place to snitch and have no intention of giving it. However, now that you’ve given it, the matter of the spirit stone is over. I’m not going to dwell with you on this matter.”

“If there’s nothing else, why don’t you stay for a cup of tea?”

Ye Zhentian already wanted to leave, how could he stay and drink tea? He waved his hand, “No, no need. I won’t bother you; I’ll take my leave.” 

He didn’t wait for Lin Fan to say anything more.

He directly ran away.

Lin Fan looked at Ye Zhentian’s departing back and fell into deep contemplation. How should he find trouble with Ye Zhentian next?

This was a rather serious matter.

His master said to let it go, but how could he let it go like this? He must let Ye Zhentian know what kind of serious matter he had done, what kind of heavenly wrath he had caused.

At this time, Ye Zhentian was about to die of sorrow.

He had borrowed millions of spirit stones from an elder. Even with interest, he would have to pay back 30,000 a month.

Before, he was a free man with no debt. But now there was a heavy burden on his shoulders.

It had to be paid back quickly, or else it would be absolutely overwhelming.


Several days later.

The vice sect master of the Void Jade Palace came to the Greatest Martial Sect.

Lin Fan was idle and wandering around, and when he learned that the Void Jade Palace was coming, he was curious.

If he didn’t take action on the thing that happened in the Void Jade Palace, what would they think of the Greatest Martial Sect?

Inside the main hall.

When Lin Fan saw the vice sect master, he nodded slightly as a greeting as they looked at each other.

“Fellow Cultivator Ren, I wonder what’s your purpose of coming to Greatest Martial Sect?” Sect Master Bai Qiu inquired.

Vice Sect Master Ren said, “Sect Master Bai, this time I came to ask the Greatest Martial Sect for a favor. This matter is crucial to our Void Jade Palace, and even more related to the demon action. Truth be told, the situation on the other side of Jade Mountain is somewhat uncontainable. The demon fog drifting out of the abyssal cracks continues to spread towards the surrounding area…” 

“…The Void Jade Palace has been unable to stop it with all its efforts, and would like to ask Master Bai to use the Greatest Martial Sect’s treasure, the Greatest Martial Dao Pen, to suppress the area and seal off the demonic fog on Jade Mountain.”

Recently, the Void Jade Palace was busy with the matter of the Jade Mountain.

Because of the terrifying presence there, many sects never appeared again.

It was as if the demon event had nothing to do with them.

Lin Fan wondered about the Greatest Martial Sect’s treasure; he had never seen it before. The name of it was quite desirable.

Greatest Martial Dao Pen.

Just by looking at the first three words, he couldn’t tell what this object was. However, the last word was clear, so the Greatest Martial Sect’s treasure was a pen.

“This….” The sect master frowned and hesitated, using the Greatest Martial Dao Pen would affect the Greatest Martial Sect’s qi.

The purpose of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen was to suppress the qi of the Greatest Martial Sect.

It contained the spirit vein and hadn’t been touched for hundreds of years. However, now the Void Jade Palace wanted to come and borrow the pen, making it a bit difficult for Bai Qiu.

Lin Fan said, “Sect master, disciples think we should make a move. The situation over at Jade Mountain is a bit complicated. The demons want to return, so we as a great immortal sect must stop this.”

“Although the Jade Mountain is the territory of the Void Jade Palace, it is reasonable to say that it should be the Void Jade Palace’s own to resolve the matter. However, when it comes to the matter of demons, it must be unified. We can’t just sit idly by because it doesn’t involve our sect.”

He righteously said this.

Vice Sect Master Ren looked at Lin Fan gratefully, not expecting this little friend to be so sensible.

Bai Qiu looked at Lin Fan and blinked; what an excellent kid.

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