Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 279


At this time, Huang Li was a little disappointed. Without encountering the scorpion, her father would not be healed.

As for finding the elixir to heal his injuries, it was even more difficult. There were too many types of elixirs; how could they be lucky enough to come across one.

However, regardless of whether they could come across it or not, they had to search for the needed elixir.

“Master Lin, the scorpion is no longer here. Let’s go somewhere else to find the elixir.” Huang Li said.

It was just that Lin Fan stood there unmoving. It was as if he was thinking about something.

“Master Lin, could it be that something is wrong?” Huang Li was very confused.

Lin Fan said, “Have you ever heard this? Everything in the world is mutually exclusive. Often in the most deadly places, there is a silver lining hidden in the cave. I think there should be something we are looking for.”

“Master Lin, you are saying that there is something in here that can save my father.” Huang Li was surprised and even a little incredulous. It didn’t always feel real.

Lin Fan smiled, “Let’s just go in and take a look. Even if I guess wrong, you have nothing to lose.”

“Oh, that’s right. Arrange for someone to guard the outside and notify us at the first sign of trouble.”

Huang Li didn’t know why Master Lin thought so, but she still wanted to give it a try.

Ao Wudi at the side nodded his head; he agreed with Lin Fan’s words.

Huang Li asked a group of True Stage cultivators to guard the outside, then followed Lin Fan towards the inside.

The cave was somewhat dark, but it did not affect them. If darkness could block the sight of immortals, then it wasn’t simple darkness but a terrifying existence.

“Although I didn’t see the scorpion you guys are talking about, I can feel from the residual aura of this cave that the scorpion isn’t an ordinary thing,” Ao Wudi said. The Heavenly Dragon Clan was the most sensitive to scent.

“I just wonder about that seven-colored female dragon.” Ao Wudi deliberately mentioned that female dragon tentatively.

Huang Li was confused. She didn’t know what kind of female dragon was Ao Wudi talked about. She had never seen one before.

Lin Fan didn’t reply to Ao Wudi’s words. He didn’t think that Ao Wudiy was still thinking about the female dragon, which he had made it all up out of randomness. 

‘If you want to play with a female dragon, the best thing you can do is go back to your clan. How can there be a female dragon in this place for you to play with?’


Right at this moment, Lin Fan let out an alarmed voice, which caused Huang Li to be stunned.

“Master Lin, have you found something?”

She saw the forester walk to the rock wall and pluck a small grass from the aperture.

“I found it.”

Lin Fan played with the grass in his hand, knowing that this grass was wonderfully useful to Huang Li’s father.

“Here, this grass will heal your father’s condition.”

Huang Li looked at the grass. She then looked up at Lin Fan, feeling somewhat unrealistic, “Master Lin, is this grass useful?”

“Yes.” Lin Fan said.

“I never thought it would be this simple.” Huang Li said to herself.

This wasn’t what she had in mind. She had never thought that things would be so easy to solve. There was always a feeling that something was wrong somewhere.

Lin Fan nodded and said, “Yes, it’s that simple.”

He was just casually thinking about it. He never thought it would turn out this way and that he had found it. There was always a feeling that things were a little too simple.

For Huang Li, she was now in a complicated mood. She had paid Lin Fan with an elixir when she asked him to come in and find the elixir.

However, now there was no need to find the elixir to solve the problem. This was a bit… how to say it, just not right.

“Finally, I can go.” Lin Fan exclaimed.

Ao Wudi exclaimed, “Go? Why are we leaving so soon? Aren’t we going to find with the seven-colored female dragon?”

He looked at Lin Fan in shock, as if to say, ‘Do you have any idea how much curiosity you’ve given me? Doesn’t it feel a bit excessive to say leave now?’

“Senior Ao, the current situation doesn’t allow us to find the seven-colored female dragon. This grass is used to save her father; if we stay here for a while longer, we’ll be in more danger. Let’s leave; we’ll come back afterward.” Lin Fan said. 

In fact, Huang Li felt it was too simple; even Lin Fan had never thought things would be so simple to resolve.

Upon thinking that at the cost of an elixir, Huang Li had prepared to bring in masters to help, but in the end, she didn’t need help at all; it was fucked up.



“I found it; let’s go.” Huang Li said.

Those True Stage cultivators were all relieved. They didn’t not expecting things to go so smoothly. Not having to fight those terrifying creatures was the most fortunate thing.

No one was willing to fight those terrifying creatures.

Ao Wudi was confused; his brain was a bit lost. He didn’t even know what he was doing here. It always felt like this kid was fooling him.

And right at this moment, a strange situation happened. The surrounding ground shook violently while the ground cracked open, forming an abyssal fissure.

“Damn, is it necessary to always be like this?”

“Can’t it just go on smoothly?”

He had thought that everything would be smooth sailing away from the forbidden area, but looking at the situation now, he didn’t seem so optimistic.

The firmament was filled with fiery red flames.

A Flaming Red Suckling Pig came from afar. Its momentum was astonishing, and a wave of heat turned into a storm that swept over.

“Damn it. The forbidden area is not for you to come, and yet you have come three times. Don’t even think to go out.” The Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s power was too astonishing.

The words had just fallen.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s hooves broke through the air. The void shattered, and under the crushing of the pig’s hooves, there was no integrity at all.

“What a rampant fat pig, you truly don’t have respect for this dragon.” Ao Wudi shouted. How could he tolerate the appearance of such a rampant fellow?

He directly soared into the air and slapped his palm towards the Flaming Red Suckling Pig. 

“Be careful. The Flaming Red Suckling Pig is strong.” Lin Fan warned.

Although the Flaming Red Suckling Pig was arrogant, it did have cocky power, and ordinary people were no match for the Flaming Red Suckling Pig.


Ao Wudi was a prince of the Heavenly Dragon Clan. His flesh and body were strong, especially his qi; it was terrifyingly strong.

When the two forces collided, the resulting aftershocks tore the world apart, and the entire forbidden area shook violently. 

“This fat pig is so strong.” He retreated backward, looking at the Flaming Red Suckling Pig with a serious look. His arms had turned into dragon claws, and his golden scales were emitting light.

To be able to fight him and make him take a few steps back was enough to show that the Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s strength had gone against the heavens.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig raged, “A small dragon would dare to be so insolent.”

“Hahaha, what big words. This dragon is the prince of the Heavenly Dragon Clan. How could you say I’m a tiny dragon? You fat pig is arrogant, though.” Ao Wudi laughed coldly, but he was not angry.

Lin Fan felt as if there was nothing wrong with what this Flaming Red Suckling Pig said. How long the Flaming Red Suckling Pig had lived was still unknown.

Perhaps to say that it had lived for a thousand years wasn’t enough, and that Ao Wudi could indeed only be called a small dragon in front of this Flaming Red Suckling Pig.

“This dragon doesn’t believe that you’re that strong.” Ao Wudi roared, instantly transforming into a thousand feet dragon body.

He fiercely shook the dragon’s tail, blasting towards the Flaming Red Suckling Pig. The dragon’s tail attack was terrifying, making the firmament ruptured, and there was a burst of sonic booms.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig resisted and directly grabbed Ao Wudi’s dragon tail, fiercely flinging him towards the distance.

Ao Wudi roared, displaying the supreme mystic art of the Heavenly Dragon Clan. He growled, and the dragon roared out, turning into a storm that directly covered the Flaming Red Suckling Pig.

“How dare you.”

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig was shocked and raised its hand to blast away.

“Ancestral Dragon Qi.”

Ao Wudi thought that the flaming Red Suckling Pig was going to display some terrifying power, but for a moment, his face changed in shock as if he had seen a ghost. He knew about that qi, the origin of that power, but how could the Flaming Red Suckling Pig had it. 


Under this carelessness, Ao Wudi’s body exploded back. His dragon arm cracked open wounds, and golden dragon blood flowed down his arm, as he said in shock, “How did you know the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s Mystic Art?”

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig raged, “Hmph, Heavenly Dragon Clan, your ancestors are my ride. Now, you, as junior, how dare to attack me? If your ancestors knew, they would have stripped you of this dragon skin.”

“Damn, you fat pig is rampant, insulting my ancestor.” Ao Wusi was furious. Crazy, he actually saying that the ancestral dragon was his ride.

That would humiliate all of the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

Lin Fan frowned. Even though he had been looking for a chance to run away, he had listened to their conversation.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig said that the Ancestral Dragon of the Heavenly Dragon Clan was his ride. There must be a possibility; the Flaming Red Suckling Pig should not be joking.

Ao Wudi angrily fought with the Flaming Red Suckling Pig. The Flaming Red Suckling Pig said last time that most of his strength was spent on suppressing a certain existence. Otherwise, they would be fast seconds. 

Although Lin Fan didn’t know if the Flaming Red Suckling Pig was bragging. But the possibility was high.

“Master Lin, it’s time for us to leave.” Huang Li said.

Lin Fan said, “Do you think we can leave now with this situation? The Flaming Red Suckling Pig doesn’t want us to leave; we can’t leave at all.”

He knew that if the Flaming Red Suckling Pig saw that they were leaving, he would definitely stop them. Ao Wudi and the Flaming Red Suckling Pig were fighting each other. They were at a disadvantage, unable to turn the table at all.


A moment later, Ao Wudi was repulsed and retreated to Lin Fan’s side, “Ah~tui. This guy is a bit scary. I can’t handle it.”

Nevertheless, of what he said, Ao Wudi still wanted to rush up and fight the Flaming Red Suckling Pig.

“Wait.” Lin Fan stopped Ao Wudi and then shouted, “Mater Pig, do you remember me? We met before.”

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s hoof that broke through the air stopped straight away when he heard Lin Fan’s words.

“It was you who took the Golden Gourd.”


Lin Fan was a little embarrassed. There was no need to remember it so clearly.

“Master Pig, let’s not talk about this now. This time we come in on purpose; we really can’t help it.” Lin Fan said.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig said, “Last time you did it for your master, I didn’t kill you, so what is it for this time?”

“Master Pig, I know you’re an extraordinary pig. This time it’s because of her father. Her father was seriously injured and unconscious. So, we could only venture in to seek an elixir. Now the elixir has not been obtained, but the antidote has been found. I just wanted to go out, but Master Pig found out, we really don’t mean anything else.” Lin Fan said.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig stared at Lin Fan.

It was as if it was saying.

Do you all think of me as a snare?

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