Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 281


“Hey! I didn’t say it was easy either. That fat pig is strong. The forbidden area isn’t a place we should visit again. We’re all on the outskirt now; we don’t even know what terrors will be deep inside.”

Lin Fan’s heart trembled. If it weren’t for the elixir, he would never have entered this place. At least not when his cultivation hadn’t reached True Stage.

This place wasn’t for anyone.

“Where is that seven-colored female dragon you mentioned? I feel like she should be related to the Heavenly Dragon Clan, but seven-colored ones have never appeared before.” Ao Wudi inquired.

It was as if he wouldn’t give up until he got a clear answer.

Lin Fan looked at him, and for a moment, he had nothing to say. They had just experienced a battle; why was your mind so alive?

“Maybe when she sensed your arrival and smelled you, she wanted to go get dressed up and come out to meet you in her best appearance. However, she didn’t think we’d meet the Flaming Red Suckling Pig and didn’t get to meet us.”

“It’s a pity.”

Lin Fan didn’t believe himself when he said that. However, seeing Ao Wudi’s pensive appearance, he was speechless.

Could it be that the Heavenly Dragon Clan people were so prejudiced and even less than outstanding in terms of intelligence?

This was a somewhat serious issue. It needed to be well thought out.

“Huang Li, the thing that saved your father has been found. Go back and give it to your father. Also, since everything has been settled, let’s part here.” Lin Fan was getting a little worried about the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Something was simply unsettling about this force.

After suffering so many losses in the forbidden area, just because they had obtained something good, how terrifying would it be to put the terror behind them.

As the old saying goes, if you didn’t hit the south wall, you wouldn’t turn back. However, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion just hit it and didn’t turn back; instead, they fought their way forward.

It was a self-inflicted sin.

However, he had received quite a few benefits from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Perhaps his luck was too strong, and the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was fated to be with him and was able to help him greatly on his path to becoming stronger.

Huang Li urgently needed to return. Of course, she hurriedly left the forbidden area’s entrance with the fifteen True Stage cultivators without saying much.

A powerful and influential daughter of a wealthy person was domineering. She was escorted by True Stage cultivators. Ordinary people who dared to provoke them were afraid that they might die.

“Senior Ao, where are you going now?” Lin Fan asked.

He would have to say goodbye to the forbidden area. No one would be able to pull him into it in the future unless there was still an elixir. Also, the most important thing was that it also depended on what the matter was.

If it were the kind of thing that he knew was dangerous right off the bat, he would never agree to it.

He would directly wave his hand, ‘Just go back to where you came from or get lost. Don’t come to harm my good boy.’

Ao Wudi’s eyes turned as if he had an idea, then he said calmly, “Where else can I go? Of course, I’ll go back to the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect because I promised her to stay in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect. I won’t break my promise.”

Lin Fan said, “Alright, thank you for helping with this matter, Senior Ao.”

He was speaking the truth. Suppose it wasn’t for Ao Wudi and the crazy old man. In that case, the fifteen strong True Stage cultivators from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion might not have been able to suppress the Flaming Red Suckling Pig.

However, after this incident, he considered himself to have blown up against the Flaming Red Suckling Pig. Previously, they had left a good impression in each other’s hearts.

However, now that good impression has completely evaporated. Lin Fan was afraid that they wouldn’t need to say a word and just fight the next time they meet.

“Son, let’s go.”

Lin Fan left the place with the crazy old man.

Ao Wudi looked at Lin Fan’s departing back and smiled at the corners of his mouth. He hadn’t been out for a long time, and he was curious about everything.

“Hehe, seven-colored female dragon, watch me find you.”

He barged straight into the forbidden area alone. He wasn’t going to find the Flaming Red Suckling Pig, but to find the seven-colored female dragon that Lin Fan was talking about.

As long as he was calm inside and didn’t intentionally look for trouble, he shouldn’t encounter anything difficulty.


At this time, inside the forbidden area.

Li Dadao was hiding inside the underground tunnel. He had been digging. The ground had just shaken as if the sky was falling, causing him to be too frightened to move and lie there quietly.

It wasn’t until the movement stopped that he slowly relaxed.

“It’s so damn dangerous.”

Of course, he knew about the dangers of the forbidden area. However, the harvest of the forbidden area was enough to drive him crazy.

What was a strong man’s tribulation? What was a strong man’s cave?

To Li Dadao, at this moment, all of them were passing clouds that didn’t need to be taken to heart. Those were simply not comparable to the forbidden area.

He only wanted to work hard in the forbidden area now.

And made a fortune.


Greatest Martial Sect.

When Lin Fan came back, he went to check on Huang Jiujiu’s cultivation. Since he had reprimanded her last time, she had been quite well-behaved and worked hard.

With Jiujiu’s talent, it wouldn’t take too long to get started and complete the Five Initiate Realm.


The secret room.

Lin Fan had never closed the door, but now he was preparing to close the door to refine the Innate Formation within the Golden Gourd. It wasn’t easy to refine an immortal treasure; it would take time.

However, who didn’t spend a lot of time on immortal cultivation?

An extended time was for them to use on cultivation, and wasn’t for enjoying life.

At this time, Lin Fan took out the Golden Gourd. At the same time, he also took out a large number of spirit stones.

He arranged them around the room, making the spirit stones within the room become stronger so that when he refined the innate formation, he could use his qi to break through more efficiently.

“Hey, I worked so hard to get these spirit stones.”

How could ordinary disciples willingly use spirit stones to refine the innate formation like him? Besides, even if they were willing, they might not have enough spirit stones.

Moreover, he was a bit confused right now.

He just went through the three disasters and the first difficulty. No knew when will the remaining five difficulties come. He actually had the idea of avoiding them and refining the immortal treasure instead.

It would save him from encountering trouble in the future.

After all, immortal treasures that hadn’t been refined could still be snatched away. Some powerful people sometimes could be unreasonable.

Lin Fan emptied himself.

The soul and the qi poured into the immortal treasure while the spirit stone shattered with a thud, turning into a flame to refine the first innate formation.

There were many wonderful uses for spirit stones.

The poor would have to refine them slowly with their efforts. While the wealthy could use the power of a huge amount of spirit stones to refine them faster.

Ten thousand spirit stones.

One hundred thousand spirit stones.

Millions of spirit stones.

All of them shattered at this moment, turning into spiritual flames. At the same time, Lin Fan felt signs of the first innate formation loosening.


At the mountain peak.

Xi Xi habitually ran to the mountain peak where Lin Fan was. When she saw Jiujiu, who was cultivating hard, she asked sweetly, “Jiujiu, where is your master?”

Huang Jiujiu said, “Auntie, master is in seclusion; he said it would take a long time to come out.”

Xi Xi was confused; she had never seen her junior brother in seclusion before. Why is he in seclusion this time after he came back? She then said, “Alright then, cultivate well. When your master is out, come over and tell me.”

“Got it, auntie.”

Xi Xi was just about to leave when she heard what Jiujiu said. She was shocked and slightly shy, “Little girl, what did you just say? I’m not that old, how can you call me that way? What if others hear you and there’s a misunderstanding.”

“Understood, auntie.” Huang Jiujiu threw out her tongue.

Xi Xi sighed helplessly.

This little girl’s mind wasn’t stable enough. She still needed to refine and polish it. She had to know how to start and finish something.


Several days later.

Lin Fan was still in seclusion. His spirit stones were consumed very quickly. For others, they would need to work hard and sweat to forge a future.

He, on the other hand, was refining the innate formation with spirit stones.

As a base, with spirit stones, condensing spirit fire to quench the innate formation was incomparably extravagant cultivation.


Forbidden Area.

“Strange. Why do I feel like that kid is just fooling me?”

Ao Wudi had been in the forbidden area for some time. He was looking for the seven-colored female dragon that Lin Fan was talking about. Being of the same dragon race, he was able to feel the scent of his kind.

Unfortunately, after searching for a long time, he still hadn’t found it.

As for those elixirs, he wasn’t interested at all. He didn’t even want to touch them. He knew that terrifying creatures guarded those things. If he went to touch them, he was afraid that a battle would be inevitable.

Suddenly, Ao Wudi found movement on the ground beneath his feet. He was shocked and opened his five fingers. He was fiercely grabbing towards the ground, and a figure was directly lifted out.

“Senior, please spare my life.”

Li Dadao shouted. He was frightened and pale, making tunnels under the ground. Suddenly, he felt a powerful suction force transmitted that picked him up from the ground.

He had specialized in caves for hundreds of years and had never experienced being plucked out of the ground.

Ao Wudi had thought it was some kind of creature and was just about to slap it to death, but he didn’t expect it to be a human cultivator.

“What are you? Why are you here?” Ao Wudi asked.

Li Dadao could sense that the other side’s aura was terrifying. It was more terrifying than those powerful people he had seen in the past, so how could he dared to pretend.

“Senior, I’m just here to try my luck in the forbidden area. I really don’t have any other intentions.”

He didn’t know Ao Wudi’s history. He was afraid that the other person would get slightly stirred up and crushed him to death.

He really wanted to find a place to cry, but it was hard.

Ao Wudi’s killing intent wasn’t heavy. He then and asked, “Have you seen a seven-colored female dragon?”

Li Dadao fell into contemplation. The other person’s problem was a bit serious, ‘Have you seen a seven-colored female dragon?’ How could he see it before? He was hiding underground, digging a hole. The digging was overwhelming, and he was dizzy, let alone seeing a dragon.

Not even a single insect had been seen.

A creature that could be in the forbidden area, could that be a simple existence?

With his cultivation, he would probably be blown away by any terrifying creature he encountered.

It was just that if he said he hadn’t seen it before, the other person would suddenly become furious, and he might get killed.

“Yes, I had seen it some time ago. It went in that direction. However, senior, you need to know that the seven-colored female dragon is terrifying. It scared me to death.” Li Dadao hurriedly said.

Originally, Ao Wudi was skeptical of the seven-colored female dragon that Lin Fan said. But now that someone else said he had seen it, then it should be true.

Its existence must be real.

Ao Wudi looked into the distance. He was ready to go there to look for it, but then he said, “Kid, you don’t have good cultivation, yet you dare to appear here. I advise you to leave quickly, don’t throw your little life away here.”

Li Dadao immediately nodded and said, “Thank you for your advice, Senior. I understand.”

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