Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 342


At this moment, Fang Jiuzhen looked into the sky, and every moment, there were complicated formation patterns formed.

“Well, this formation pattern is powerful. It seems to be a bit interesting, what is it called… Why I have never seen it before?”

“Because of this shocked look, I always feel like a mountain wild man who has never seen the world.”

For Fang Jiuzhen, he wanted to keep the appearance of having seen the world, but the reality was cruel, and pretending was not an option because he truly hadn’t seen it.

Lin Fan hadn’t used it much since he got the Great Formation Mystic Art.

Now that he took the Nine Heavenly Sect to try his hand, it felt quite good.

One after another, formations were laid down.

All of them were killing formations.

Who dared to come over would definitely leave, couldn’t return and die without a burial place. They would regret it and wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant in the future. A small immortal sect was so dangerous, the sky was unfair.

He laid nine hundred and ninety-nine big formations and waved a million spirit stones. They were set in the formations’ eyes, and immediately a thick spirit stone emitted, activating all the big formations.

Why he didn’t lay down a thousand?

He was going to make the heart of those who possessed obsessive-compulsive disorder about numbers goes crazy.


It was a perfect masterpiece.

It was a pity that his current refining technique was only a minor success. If it were a major success, even refining dao artifact wouldn’t be a problem with the deployment of formations. It seemed that he would have to find some arrogant masters of refining to play with sometime.

As for learning to refine the dao artifact by himself, it was a bit of trouble.

Refining was not easy. Not like cultivation, it required a certain amount of enlightenment, time, and effort, or you would not become a master in the end.

Lin Fan did not stay much longer in the Nine Heavenly Sect. After bidding some things to his master, he left this place and struck towards the Sect Master’s side.

It was not yet known how the demon’s passage was opened with what kind of regularity. However, there was a high probability that it was opened in two places.

Who makes their power the weakest?

There were so many powerful people in the forbidden area. The mysterious demon led to robbery, and ascension was quite terrifying. However, based on that incident, he guessed that the demon couldn’t do too much. Otherwise, it would not be extradition to ascend, rather than beheading them all in the forbidden area.

There must be something that made them afraid to do so.


When Lin Fan reached the Sect Master’s side, the Sect Master was still standing in the air, not moving, as if he was thinking about something.

“Sect Master, how is the situation?” Lin Fan asked.

Sect Master said, “There is no situation. The passage has not appeared; it seems that the demons will not come. We should go back.”

Lin Fan looked around strangely. Earlier, he clearly felt extreme demonic qi fluctuations. How could there be no movement at all after he went to the Nine Heavens Sect for a while?

He smelled a trace of strong people’s qi remaining in the air. It seemed that someone had come but had left soon.

He didn’t pursue the matter and leisurely said, “That’s a pity. I thought there was a big battle happening. In that case, let’s go back.”

When Lin Fan returned to the Greatest Martial Sect, Xi Xi asked curiously, “Senior brother, is there something going on?”
A group of people around gathered over. Although there weren’t many disciples at the mountain peak, the people here were all trustworthy, except for Xiao Yang.
“Nothing is happening.” Lin Fan stroked the white fox’s fur, “It’s just the demons are preparing to come from the Northern Wasteland, but just now I went to scout with the Sect Master, and things have changed a little.”

“You guys stay in the sect. It’s best not to go out for this period of time.”
After saying that, he left the Greatest Martial Sect to go to the demon sect and see the situation.


A few days later, he appeared in the sky above a passage. The demonic Qi surrounded him. The environment of this place had changed significantly. The demonic ki infected the plants; they were gradually demonized.

“Hey! Let’s go talk to that old guy first.. whether the bet is still on or not.”
Lin Fan fell to the bottom, used the Golden Gourd. The gourd became bigger, leaped up, and sat on it. With a swoosh, a golden light flashed by, extremely fast.

There were many demons in the passage. When they felt this qi, they did not show their horror. They instantly disintegrated and disappeared into ashes in the world.
There were demon powers who felt this qi, and it was powerful. They all looked amazed that someone had single-handedly killed into the passage.
‘How dared you.’

Immediately, they found that this qi did not come to trouble them but quickly disappeared in the distance as if it was going to the Northern Wasteland.
“Hmph, someone that doesn’t know what to do. Now that the Northern Wasteland demons are ready for war let’s see what he can do.” A True Immortal Stage Human Faced Centipede Demon sneered and laughed.

He didn’t think much about Lin Fan, and he didn’t want to follow him because, based on the qi, he knew that the cultivator that entered the passage was powerful.

It would be better to wait and see what would happen.

The land of the Northern Wasteland.
Lin Fan sat on the Golden Gourd, and his eyes looked into the four directions of the world. The Northern Wasteland had changed greatly from the last time he came, and the intense demonic qi was so strong that people could hardly open their eyes.

An ordinary cultivator whose cultivation wasn’t enough might have infected by the demonic qi.

“Senior, come out and talk. There is always a negotiation.” Lin Fan said. He could be sure that the Ancient Demon had already known of his arrival when he stepped into the Northern Wasteland Territory.

Although demons were not human, they couldn’t be so excessive. There’s always credibility that’s being bet on. When you were betting on something, but it hadn’t even come true yet, how could a demon war happen directly?

Suddenly, there was a change in the situation around.

Lin Fan knew that the Ancient Demon appeared. He didn’t panic at all and blandly said, “Senior, twenty years have not yet arrived; how can you let the demons leave the Northern Wasteland and have a big war in the Immortal Cultivator World?”

The Ancient Old Demon said, “This matter is not up to me. This is something that is bound to happen as the Great Dao runs. Even I can’t stop it. If you came to me because of this matter, it wouldn’t help anything.”

“Senior is joking. Your existence is bound to be ancient. Even the demons will do your bidding; why don’t you step in?” Lin Fan said.

If a big war really happened, there would definitely be a lot of living beings killed.

The Ancient Demon always felt that the human in front of him thought of him too highly. If the demons listened to him, then he would have been the Demon King.

Even the four emperors of demons didn’t manage to take charge of the demons.

In this situation today, it was just that the demons hated the Immortal Cultivator Realm people and wanted to reclaim their territory.

The Ancient Old Demon said, “It’s useless; the demons won’t listen to anyone’s commands. I have disappeared long ago, and no one knows who I am. However, you can rest assured that demons return to the Immortal Cultivator Realm only want to occupy a territory, not to do anything.”

“And didn’t you once say that any existence can be probated? If you are sure that what you say is true, then you will be able to probate those demons… Even if they coexist peacefully, it’s not difficult, is it?”

Lin Fan stared blankly at the Ancient Demon, realizing that the other side was actually quite interesting and had actually set him up.

Was it difficult?

How dare he say that?

If it were really that easy to do, there would have been nothing for him to worry about.

“Senior, you can’t say things like that. Even if it’s probation, that also takes time.” Lin Fan said.

The Ancient Demon did not want to dwell on this matter with Lin Fan but casually digressed and said, “How is the baby girl? Does it feel like she can’t be reformed?”

Lin Fan laughed, “Senior is joking. What I said will definitely not be wrong. She is now delighted, mingling with my brothers and sisters, especially with my disciple. Her relationship is excellent, and she already knows to treat others as friends and relatives.” 

The Ancient Demon smiled but did not say anything, obviously not believing what Lin Fan said. After all, how could a collection of demonic qi with resentment, anger, and the root of violence have such thoughts?

“Well, I can’t help with the demons. Everything has its own destiny. You and I are just a pawn in the hands of the heavens. I haven’t even become an immortal yet, so how can I talk about controlling my destiny… In 19 years, I’ll see you again.”

Before Lin Fan could say anything more, the surroundings changed.

“Hey! We haven’t even talked about specific things! Is it true that they are hiding, and they are expecting to see the demons migrate from the Northern Wasteland to the Immortal Cultivator World?”

Lin Fan saw through the opponent’s thoughts. Although The Ancient Demon said nothing, he knew that The Ancient Demon’s heart was definitely looking forward to this matter as well.

Suddenly, he looked in all directions, and boundless demonic qi passed from the distance, followed by bursts of angry roars.



Numerous huge figures covered the sky. Like a mountain, blocking the road in all directions.

These were all terrifying demons.

Although they were not True Stages power, however, among the demons, they were quite powerful.

Lin Fan looked at them indifferently.

“Good timing.”

Lin Fan was full of smiles.

Just at this moment, a passage appeared behind him, and the voice of the Ancient Demon came to his ears.

“Little friend, this is the Northern Wasteland. If you make a move against a demon, I can’t just sit back and watch. Give me a respect and leave. When you get to the outside world, anything that happens has nothing to do with me.”

The Ancient Demons knew Lin Fan’s strength as far as these demons now; it was just a pointless search for death.

The other side politely called him senior; if a big battle occurred, he might not be able to do anything to the other side with his feeling.

“Good, since it’s senior’s intention, then I’ll respect senior.” Lin Fan laughed, then looked at those demons, “Count yourselves lucky, but when you reach the Immortal Cultivator Realm, you will only die.”

He didn’t say anything more and stepped directly into the passage.

This was a trip for nothing.

However, he knew that the matter was irreversible, and he always felt that during the time just before he went to the Nine Heavens Sect. The Sect Master should have met someone, and as for who, it was hard to say.

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