Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 364


A few days later!

Greatest Martial Sect.

Bai Qiu panicked and hurriedly came to look for his senior sister. Looking at his expression, one could tell how panicked he was now. One could even say that he had been scared half to death.

“Senior sister, it’s finished, something really happened this time.”
As the Sect Master, he naturally had to be calm. But now it was impossible to be calm…
Wei You frowned, “What’s wrong again?”
Bai Qiu said, “I just got the news. Lin Fan had a big fight with those sects in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. If it’s a fight, it’s really nothing, but the key is that this kid somehow thought that he would chop off the arm of the Sect Master of the Heavenly Source Immortal Palace.”
“Eh!” Wei You looked at Bai Qiu in shock.
Obviously, she was also stunned by this matter.
“Did he really decapitate it?”
“It’s true, nothing is false. The other side has threatened to decapitate Lin Fan, and things have gone terribly wrong.”
Bai Qiu’s head was about to explode. Things were developing too fast.
How did things develop to this point?
There was simply no room for discussion at all.
“Sister, what do you think we should do now? I suggest ascending, it’s the best situation for him. In case things go to the end, it’s unmanageable.” Bai Qiu said.
If showing hands was possible, he raised not only his hands but also his feet.

Wei You was not the kind of person who had no ideas. She knew some things indeed could not wait any longer.
It wasn’t that she was afraid of anything.
Rather, she was worried that if Lin Fan continued like this, there would be big trouble.
“Okay, then let’s do what you want.” Wei You responded.
Bai Qiu said, “I’ll go prepare now to ensure that nothing is wrong. Senior sister, don’t worry, there won’t be any problems. You know the strength of that kid. He is strong, the lightning tribulation won’t cause him any trouble. With the qi of the Greatest Martaial Sect adding to it, even less will happen.”

Now Lin Fan was on the verge of frantically testing all the immortal Sect Sect Master. However, if you forced the immortal Sect Sect Master to make a move on the sect’s treasure, then it won’t be so easy to do.

Wei You sighed. She had no choice now. She then broke into the air and went to see how the Heavenly Source Immortal Palace’s Sect Master was doing, hoping to appease him, but the possibility was very low.


After Lin Fan beat the Immortal Sect’s Sect Masters away, he directly left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.
This group of guys was just like dog skin ointment.
They were pestering him day and night.
But he swore to the heavens, he really did not mean to chop off a handful of Sect Masters.
Initially, he just wanted to suppress it, but he did not expect that the Sect Master suddenly appeared in front of him. He confiscated it at once and beheaded directly. The scene was indeed very bloody. The blood of the True Stages was full of immortal qi. 

Even the sky was rendered beautiful as a painting.
“Hey, I hope he can understand that I actually didn’t mean to do it….”
Lin Fan shuttled in the void. He didn’t put any thought into the situation at that time. He beheaded it. What else could he say?
That group of Sect Masters was indeed very strong.
Together, even if his qi had reached this level, it would be a bit of a struggle to suppress them all.
Of course… If the killing spree was on, he was sure to kill several people in a row.
However, it just hadn’t gotten to that point yet.

Greatest Martial Sect.
When Lin Fan returned to the mountain peak, he saw that Xi Xi and the girls had been waiting there for a long time. Huang Jiuxiu was playing with Xiao Taiyang, whose evil nature was still heavy, but luckily it was suppressed by that one ancient ring, and it was much better than before.
The only problem was this.
Xiao Taiyang had been very unfriendly to Lin Fan. It was as if there was great enmity between life and death.
“Senior brother, will you be alright?” Xi Xi asked worriedly.
She knew that she was weak and couldn’t help at all. The news she heard back from other fellow disciples was that senior brother had caused a big problem outside.

For this reason, she was very panicked.
Lin Fan smiled lightly, “Nothing. What can happen here? Everything is safe, you don’t have to think so much. By the way, how is Xiao Taiyang, she’s been in a smooth state, right?”
Xi Xi said, “It’s okay, but there are times when she shows strong aggression. It’s a good thing that Jiujiu is accompanying her…. She has been peaceful, and it feels like she has become different when she is with Jiujiu.”

Lin Fan looked at Jiujiu in amazement and pondered, ‘What a magical apprentice, but what exactly is it that makes Xiao Taiyang like to be close to her?’


A mysterious space.

There was no sky, no ground. Everything was as if it was in a mirror.
A figure was slowly walking there.
If Lin Fan saw it, he would have recognized it. It was Sheng Wushuang.
After receiving the inheritance of the Eternal Immortal, he thought he was invincible and didn’t put anyone in his eyes. However, he fell into Lin Fan’s hands and lost the Eternal Divine Furnace.
But look at the situation now…. He obviously came here with the help of the Eternal Secret Hidden Key to find the inheritance left by the Eternal Immortal.
“Lin Fan, wait for me, when I truly obtain the inheritance, it will be your time to die.” Sheng Wushuang’s eyes flickered with anger that was the flame of revenge.
However, he was a man with self-knowledge.
Knowing that he couldn’t fuck Lin Fan, he didn’t go over the other side. Otherwise, wasn’t it just going to be a baby that gave away candies?
“Where exactly is the Immortal Ancestor’s legacy?”
He looked around and hadn’t found the Immortal Ancestor’s inheritance yet. The ground was a bit big, and he had been walking for a long time and hadn’t seen it.
But the key in his hand was emitting a faint light…. 

As he kept walking forward, the light was getting brighter and brighter.
“It’s just ahead.”

Sheng Wushuang turned into a stream of light and quickly attacked towards the front.
Soon, he found an amazing qi coming from ahead. The qi was thick, and there were also immortal dao laws intertwined….
He looked at the scene in front of him in shock.
A piece of immortal treasure floated in the air, while there was an Elixir surrounded by immortal treasures. The Elixir emitted golden light, and there were thick clouds of mist wrapped around the top as if forming a nebula.
“Good stuff, absolutely good stuff.”
Sheng Wushuang’s face flushed with excitement. He couldn’t wait to collect these immortal treasures, and eventually, the Elixir was also in his pocket.

It was as if these had been prepared long ago.
Quietly waiting for his arrival….
Just at that moment, there was a golden light in the distance that was very bright, forming an Immortal Realm shadow with astonishing power. He stared at his eyes, and his body trembled slightly. 

Sheng Wushuang naturally did not think that there were treasures waiting for him; naturally, he could not wait to attack.
Soon, he saw that there was a golden corpse sitting there. It seemed to have been dead for a long time…

There was not a piece of flesh and blood on the corpse, but the bones were all golden. Each bone seemed like an immortal treasure, emitting a faint residual power.
Perhaps this corpse was an extremely terrifying and powerful person before.
Sheng Wushuang topped this pressure. What a strong aura. Even though it was dead, it was still so terrifying, only he didn’t know what this corpse was really for.
Then, he slowly stretched out his hand and touched the corpse.
In a flash, an amazing situation happened.
Just a moment after his palm landed on the corpse, a wonderful feeling flooded into his heart.
Sheng Wushuang stared as if he didn’t dare to believe it.
“This is the corpse of an extremely strong person, containing the inheritance of this person’s past, but not the Eternal Immortal’s…”
The portal behind the corpse opened wide as if it was an immortal portal to the Immortal Realm.
A suction force whistled out.
It directly sucked Sheng Wushuang in and then disappeared without a trace.


A few days later.
Wei You returned, and it was clear from her expression that things didn’t go as she thought they would.
“Senior sister, Lin Fan came back a few days ago. I’ve already set up everything, I just need to bring him to the back mountain.” Bai Qiu said.
He spoke in a low voice. Even this matter was only known to him and his senior sister. No one else knew about it, just in case it leaked out.

In case Lin Fan found out about it, everything would be for nothing.
Wei You did not speak. She was silent.
“Senior sister, you went and talked to them, you should know what the situation is. What else is there to hesitate? If you continue to hesitate, the problem will be more complicated.” Bai Qiu said.
Wei You nodded, “I understand. I also know in my heart. Wait for me a few more days, let me and Lin Fan spend some time together.”
“No…” Bai Qiu hurriedly said, “Sister, that boy is very resourceful. If you act too clearly, he will definitely be able to see what is coming. So, as usual, you must not have the feeling of imminent separation. “
Bai Qiu’s brain was relatively bright. He knew Lin Fan’s personality. Although he liked to make a mess, he was very alert. Once he found out that the situation was not right, he definitely slipped away.
Bai Qiu saw that senior sister still had a hesitant look, then said, “Senior sister, listen to me, in the future you will also have to ascend, we will be able to meet then. Why do you care about this moment?”
“Listen to senior brother’s words, you can’t show it too clearly.”
“And the sooner the better. According to what I know about that kid, he won’t be able to stay in the sect for long.”
If Lin Fan were here, he would definitely exclaim.
‘How did you guy understand me so well. Did you secretly have a crush on me? Otherwise, it would definitely not have been like this.’
Wei You said, “Good, then let’s do what brother wants.”

Mountain Peak.
Lin Fan tentatively tried to communicate with Xiao Taiyang. Unfortunately, Xiao Taiyang showed her teeth in a rather fierce manner.
“Master, you don’t want to scare Xiao Taiyang.” Huang Jiujiu complained.
Lin Fan opened his mouth and pointed at himself and then at Xiao Taiyang.
‘Damn it!’
‘Who is scaring who?’
This question must be clarified first.

The next day.
Lin Fan felt that everything was calm and quiet. The martial monument had not been moved, and if anyone had moved it. He was able to sense it in the shortest possible time.
‘Could it be that those guys are really scared of me?’
Just as he was thinking about this, a voice came from afar.
“Lin Fan, come here.”
Lin Fan pondered, why did his mother call him for?
But still, he walked towards the source of the voice.

The back mountain.
“Mother, what’s the matter with coming here?” Lin Fan asked in confusion.
Looking at the surroundings, it seemed that there was nothing special.
Wei You looked back at Lin Fan for a long time.
“Lin Fan…. please don’t blame mother, everything is for your own good.”

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