Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 365


“Mother, I’m a little flustered by what you’re saying, can we be more clear?” Lin Fan looked at Wei You, staring at her eyes with a confused expression.
Somehow, it felt like dying words.
However, his mother was in good health and had a high cultivation level, so it was not like something was wrong.
Needless to say, she was as strong as a cow. Her fist could kill a pig, so how could she not be okay.
But he found something wrong with his mother’s eyes.
Just for a moment, while he was dazed, Sect Master Bai Qiu popped out from nowhere. His hands squeezed the Immortal Seal, and with a buzzing sound, the ground shook.

A formation pattern surfaced, followed by a pillar of light that shot up into the sky and straight into the clouds.
“Mother, Sect Master, what are you doing?”
Lin Fan noticed that something was wrong with the situation. It was as if his body was being pulled in some way.
There was a rumble.
The clouds in the sky tumbled as a heavenly might crashed down.
Wei You said, “Lin Fan, please don’t blame me…. Go to the Immortal Realm, you can’t stay here. Don’t worry it won’t take long, when I put everything in place for the Greatest Martial Sect, I’ll go look for you.”

Lin Fan understood.
They were going to let themselves ascend, but they still had a lot of things to do. Although the martial art dao had been passed down, the situation would be complicated once he left.
The Immortal Sect would definitely make a move against the martial art dao. In the end, how many people would be able to escape the hands of the Immortal Sect?
He was afraid that there would be very few.

“Sect Master, hurry up and stop, or I will beat you up.” Lin Fan shouted towards the Sect Master, one look at him, and he knew that this matter was definitely the Sect Master’s doing.
Bai Qiu said, “I can’t stop. Once you start you can’t stop. Listen, just go to the Immortal Realm, it’s too dangerous here, it’s not suitable for you…. As for you want to beat me up, then you have to cultivate well in the Immortal Realm, otherwise I’m afraid you don’t have the ability.”
Lin Fan was about to completely explode when he heard these words from Bai Qiu.
“Bai Qiu you bad old man, you’re communicating your personal vendetta.”
There were really a lot of things he hadn’t done yet. The martial arts dao had not reached its prime, and he had not even gone to the Mortal Realm to say hello to Bao Liu and the others.
The Nine Heavenly Immortal Sect hadn’t gone either.
There were just some pretty little sisters. He hadn’t taken enough advantage of them yet, so how could he leave like that?
But as the Sect Master said…. It couldn’t be stopped.
The power over the dome of the sky was terrifying and amazing.
The thunderstorm was brewing.

Xi Xi looked up.
‘What was happening?’
At this moment, all the disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect looked into the distance in shock, and they saw a familiar figure floating in the air.
Upon taking a closer look….
‘Isn’t that Senior Brother Lin Fan Lin?’
‘What is going on?’
‘How could he be struck by lightning?’

Bai Qiu shouted, “Lin Fan, we are doing this for your own good. You may not understand, you pass the martial arts dao. As your elders, we can be on your side, but others will not understand you…. You are threatening their control, they will not simply let you go.”
“Remember, don’t mention the martial arts dao when you get to the Immortal Realm. Once you pass the martial arts dao in the Immortal Realm, you will die a worse death.”
At this moment, Lin Fan shattered a thunderbolt with one palm and looked at Bai Qiu rather helplessly. There were many things he wanted to say, but at this moment, he didn’t even know what to say.

He didn’t expect to end up being pitted by the Sect Master.
But there was no way.
He already knew that this matter could not be avoided and that he was going to ascend.
“Mother, remember some things about me, I can’t let go of some people, you take care of them for me.” Lin Fan explained what was behind him.
Wei You said, “Don’t worry, mother will definitely take care of them for you, Lin Fan….”
Lin Fan said rather helplessly, “Mother, where do things have to be like this? I haven’t even thought about leaving yet, if I had been told in advance, I wouldn’t have said anything more, just give me a little time to settle some things….”
Bai Qiu scoffed at this.
‘Shit, he is lying again.’

If you told him in advance, you were afraid that you would not even find a shadow. You had to send the kid away before he could react. That was the safest.

“Lin Fan, don’t hold a grudge against me. The Sect Master is doing this for your own good…. Be good in the Immortal Realm, don’t meddle, and don’t clash with people. After all, there are many strong people in the Immortal Realm.”
“Remember, go to the Immortal Realm’s Greatest Martial Sect, you will be sheltered there.”

Bai Qiu waved his hand, as he expected, the lightning tribulation had no problem with this kid.

It was indeed powerful enough.
Especially since this kid’s physical body was indeed very strong.
“I’ll be back….”

Lin Fan had a feeling in his meditation that he had a chance to return to the Immortal Cultivator Realm from the Immortal Realm.
Rumors said that there was no chance…. But in his opinion, the rumors were only spread by people who were not capable enough.

Bai Qiu rolled his eyes.
‘Again, he is bragging.’
To return from the Immortal Realm to the Immortal Cultivator Realm was a dream. It was simply impossible.
Immediately after….
A silhouette came from afar, and it turned out to be Meng Qingyao.
In Lin Fan’s eyes, Meng Qingyao was much prettier than when he first met her, and it seemed that this was all because of the benefits of nourishment.
He looked at Meng Qingyao, and the other side was also looking at him without any emotion.
For Meng Qingyao, she didn’t have any feelings for Lin Fan. It was just because of the first time, and now seeing the other side about to ascend, her mood was inexplicably a bit fantastic. 

Lin Fan laughed, “Qingyao, remember, be good to me. You are already my woman, don’t give it to another men while I am not around…. If I know, I’ll strip your clothes and whip your ass!”

His voice was not loud, but it was definitely not small either.
At least, it was not a problem to spread throughout the Greatest Martial Sect.
Wei You looked at Meng Qingyao in shock.
Bai Qiu was also staring dumbfounded as if he had seen a ghost.
And the sect disciples all froze, and then someone exclaimed.
“My goodness, Senior Sister Meng actually had an affair with Senior Brother Lin, and by the looks of it, that indescribable thing happened.”
The word spread.
It was completely spread out.
Meng Qingyao could hardly keep her composure and angrily rebuked, “What are you talking about…”
She was stunned by Lin Fan’s action. She didn’t expect him to say such words at this point.
A smile surfaced on Lin Fan’s face, and then he looked towards the mountain peak, where Xi Xi and the others were watching.
“You guys cultivate well. I will wait for you in the Immortal Realm, and I will return when I find the opportunity.”
A portal appeared in the vault of the sky.
The door to the Immortal Realm.

Lin Fan’s body slowly floated upwards, then stepped into the portal. The immortal qi from successful transmigration washed over his body, transforming it into an immortal body.
“Senior brother, go well….” Xi Xi muttered to herself, as for the situation between senior sister and Senior Brother Lin, she didn’t care.
“Waaaaa! Master….”
Huang Jiujiu cried. She was fine, and in the blink of an eye, her master had disappeared. The feeling was heartbreaking as if the most beloved person had disappeared.
“Crap! My spirit stone…”
Ye Donglai was dumbfounded. He couldn’t come back to his senses for a long time. How many things were on the other side? He also patted Lin Fan’s ass lightly, and now that person had ascended to the Immortal Realm, that means nothing was left.
‘Everything was in vain….’

Gradually, the world returned to calm.
All the abnormalities disappeared.
“Senior sister, it’s over. He has gone to the Immortal Realm, it is a relief…. I hope he can cultivate well in the Immortal Realm.” Bai Qiu said.
To say that the most relaxed was Bai Qiu.
As the Sect Master, he was still under a lot of pressure. If there was anything, he was the one who stepped forward as the head teacher.
Now the culprit of the trouble had gone to the Immortal Realm.
Then everything was safe.
Wei You was in a lost mood and said, “Brother, I don’t know if I did the right thing or not. I hope I didn’t do it wrong.”
Bai Qiu said, “How can you do wrong? Senior sister protects him. If he is still in the Immortal Cultivator Realm, I think senior sister should know how far things will go.”
“In a closer sense, we are doing it to protect him.”

“But from a distance, his strength is very strong in the entire Immortal Cultivator Realm. Even the Sect Master of the Immortal Sect may not be his opponent…. However, once a deadly battle, the Immortal Sect will definitely suffer heavy losses. The demons are watching, and will definitely seize the opportunity, then not only the Immortal Sect is unlucky, even the Mortal Realm will become the rations of the demons….”
If Lin Fan had heard what Bai Qiu said, he would definitely ponder for a moment. Then exclaimed straight… although it always feels like there was something wrong somewhere, it left me speechless.
Bai Qiu was the person with ideas, the person who would say the axiom. You must not disagree. 

Wei You desperately needed comfort today, and this was what Bai Qiu found, so he would say these words to comfort his sister.
Sure enough, after hearing this, Wei You’s mind was much better.
She wasn’t as sad as before…
“Yes, perhaps this is the best.”
Lin Fan walked in the passage, and for the first time, he found that the road to immortality looked like this. There was an elusive fog-shrouded around it, very subtle but containing an unspoken power.
Perhaps, this was the power that prevented the immortals from returning to the Immortal Cultivator Realm.
A mysterious feeling covered Lin Fan as if he was checking something. Soon, he understood that it was not checking for stowaways but for cultivation.
People from all sects in the Immortal Cultivator Realm who ascended would be guided to that sect’s stronghold in the Immortal Realm.
A flash of white light passed.
Lin Fan disappeared inside the passage.

Gradually, the blinding light made Lin Fan somewhat less accustomed to it, but his mood was quite excited. Taking a deep breath, he found that the immortal qi emanating from the air was very dense.

It was a bit different from the Immortal Cultivator World.
“Hey, I wonder how the Immortal Realm’s Greatest Martial Sect is.”
Lin Fan was somewhat expectant, and then his vision gradually returned before he slowly poked around. Perhaps someone would appear later and come to pick him up to return to the sect.
Only then, he realized the situation was not quite right.
He looked down, stepping on a round stone mill under his feet, surrounded by weeds and a stone monument erected in the distance, which was crawling with plants.
But faintly, one could still see the words on the stone monument.
Lin Fan didn’t feel right. It was too desolate.
Or did he come to the wrong place?

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