Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 54 My Dear God


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 54

On the wine table, the snacks and the cups were scattered.

Wang Zhou’s face was a bit red. He sincerely thanked Li Zhiyong and others, because they helped Jiangdu City a lot, to ensure Jiangdu City was always safe.

When he was still a Hunter in Jiangdu City, he had already begun to contact various noble families’ heir.

Some were arrogant, some were just fooling around, and even though they were not associated with Dragon Gang.

Wang Zhou was the most grateful one.

“All of you, let’s cheers, for their help in Jiangdu City this year. We hope you will succeed and become Immortal Gate’s disciples.” Wang Zhou stood up with a wine glass.

Lin Fan looked at Wang Zhou.

He knew Wang Zhou’s contribution to Jiangdu City.

But at the same time, Wang Zhou didn’t have the spiritual root.

“That’s very kind of you, Master Wang.” Li Zhiyong and others quickly got up.

Liu Ru has already recovered considerably, but her face was still pale.

All of them had memories in Jiangdu City

But Immortal Gate was the biggest goal in their hearts.

They would feel sorry for themselves if they failed to enter Immortal Gate, so their family will be disappointed.


Just then…

The door to the private room was busted open.

“Wang Zhou, what exactly do you mean?” Zhu Hou walked in with someone; he was looking angry and gloomy.

Wang Zhou frowned since Zhu Hou suddenly rushed in and ruined their farewell party.

“Zhu Hou, what are you trying to do?”

Zhu Hou smiled and said, “What do you want? My Dragon Gang is not doing wrong. What do you mean when you instruct your men to arrest mine?”

“Or is it true that you really want to fight with Dragon Gang?”

Li Zhiyong said angrily, “How presumptuous of you Zhu Hou.”

“Mr. Li, you must leave Jiangdu City to participate in the Immortal Gate’s assessment. I hope everyone passes the test, this is a matter between Wang Zhou and me, so I will not bother you all.” Zhu Hou said he didn’t want to mess with Li Zhiyong and others.

Because, if their family knew they fought Dragon Gang, Zhu Hou would be cornered.


There was a flashing light, making people’s eyes unable to see anything for a moment.

Zhu Hou felt the air around his neck was cold.

“Are you looking for death?” Lin Fan poked Zhu Hou’s neck with his sword.

Zhu Hou was scared.

He didn’t even see how Lin Fan put the sword on his neck.

Lin Fan’s speed was too fast, so he couldn’t react.

“Your swordplay is so fast. I can’t even see it clearly.” Li Zhiyong was startled while thinking that Lin Fan’s strength was not bad.

But look at the current situation.

Lin Fan was not weak.

“Well, you can kill me if you have some balls down there.” Zhu Hou was not afraid. He did not believe Lin Fan dared to kill him.

And Zhu Hou’s men were around that place, how could he lose to Lin Fan?

The gang members who followed Zhu Hou saw their Master was so brave.

The sword was clearly placed on his neck, but he completely maintains his composure.

Lin Fan cut through his skin, and blood spilled out.

Wang Zhou quickly grabbed Lin Fan’s arm.

He was really shocked by Lin Fan. He didn’t expect Lin Fan will actually do it.

If Wang Zhou didn’t stop Lin Fan, that sword would have cut Zhu Hou’s head.

“You …” Zhu Hou looked at Lin Fan in shock, touched his neck, it was wet and looked down at the blood flowing down his neck, and then he shouted angrily, “Are you really trying to kill me?!”

“If you shout again, I’ll make sure that your head will fall off to the ground.” Lin Fan coldly said.

“You bring your people to the Hunter Guild, one of Government’s division. If I say you are trying to assassinate someone here, but you end up die here, no one will blame me.”

Zhu Hou was sweating.

He looked into Lin Fan’s eyes, which showed killing intent.

“Wang Zhou, is this your man? Do you really think that if you kill me, nothing will happen? Let me tell you; Dragon Gang will never let you go.” Zhu Hou stared at Wang Zhou and shouted.

“Also, who stabbed me?”

Wang Zhou patted Lin Fan’s shoulder gently, signaled him not to be impulsive, and said, “Zhu Hou, you are too arrogant. Even if you are one of Dragon Gang leaders, you are so provocative.”

“Your men are breaking the law in the city. My men can’t ignore it when they see it.”

“Okay, okay, Wang Zhou, you already know what I mean, and I will convey it back to you.” Zhu Hou frowned, then signaled his men, “Let’s go.”

When Zhu Hou was about to leave the room, the sword around his neck moved.

“I haven’t investigated your motive to come here. Do you think you can go so casually like that?” Lin Fan said, and the sword in his hand moved slowly along Zhu Hou’s neck again.

“Master Wang, I need to take him back to investigate him.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou didn’t quite understand what Lin Fan meant.

But he couldn’t say much about the current situation.

If Lin Fan let Zhu Hou out, it will definitely make Zhu Hou think that Wang Zhou was really afraid of Dragon Gang.

But it will be troublesome if he didn’t let Zhu Hou go.

Dragon Gang was indeed a huge organization.

But Lin Fan showed his determination to kill Zhu Hou on the spot.

“You better cooperate, otherwise the sword on your neck won’t cooperate well.” Lin Fan pushed Zhu Hou.

Zhu Hou was angry, “Wang Zhou, do you want to die that bad?!”


The door was closed.

Wang Zhou did not chase them out.

The incident in Zuixianlou was booming.

When many customers saw the scene in front of them, the customers were shocked.

What the hell happened.

If they guessed right, that person seemed to be the Master of Kaishan Hall of Dragon Gang.

“Everyone don’t be panic. I have already arrested, and he is going to be detained in the dungeon. Please continue to eat.” Lin Fan said loudly, obviously to let everyone know who that person was.

Lin Fan wanted everyone to know it.

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