Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 80 The System Is Facing A Hard Time


“Master, I fear the demon was too strong.”

Lin Fan shivered with excitement and pulled out his sword swiftly.

“I’m not panic. The demon is not scary at all. They are only a bit bigger than the ants in front of this master.”

Fang Jiuzhen saw Lin Fan trembled in fear and distressed.

As a master, he must wrap things up cleanly.

Lin Fan walked toward the demons, he felt very excited.

Whether succeed or failed, it will be determined in just one fell swoop.

“Young boy, don’t force yourself, take your time.” Fang Jiuzhen reminded Lin Fan when he saw Lin Fan’s efforts to overcome the fear in Lin Fan’s heart.

Fang Jiuzhen regretted such a good disciple didn’t have the Spirit Root.

“Master, they are trying to fight back.” Lin Fan turned his back and talked to Fang Jiuzhen.

He came to the demon with the letters foundation of Longevity above his head.

Just in case, he wanted to kill the strongest first.

The demon snarled and struggled, but the magic weapon that tied him became tighter and tighter as he struggled.

Lin Fan’s hand trembling while holding a sword, he was afraid but at the same time was excited too. Someone helped him to tie the prey and waited for him to kill it.

That wouldn’t happen for a second time, right?

Lin Fan swung his sword fiercely toward the demon.

“Sword Technique – Twin Sky!”

The sword’s speed was fast, and the sword was glowing with red light as if the sword was burning hot.


The fire flickered.

Lin Fan was stunned, it was as if everything was moving in slow motion, and the sword in his hand shattered into countless pieces, scattered in all directions.

“How is this possible?”

His 187 years’ of cultivation only left a mark on the demon’s scales.

The earth demon was not frightened by Lin Fan’s aggressive attack.

The demon was just a little dazed.

But when the demon saw Lin Fan’s sword shattered into pieces, the demon was laughing hard.

The demon knew how to escape, but when the demon saw Lin Fan was angry, the demon taunted Lin Fan more.

Lin Fan frowned, he understood that spiritual power was useless against mana.

And then…

Fang Jiuzhen approached Lin Fan and handed over a magic sword emitting blue energy.

“Young boy, don’t be discouraged, ordinary weapons are indeed easy to break. This is a magic sword made from the green toad. It can be used to break this demon’s scale.”

He stepped back after he handed over the sword to Lin Fan.

When he stepped back, he glanced at the demon, as if to say, “Laugh as hard as you can, now let’s see how you can stop this.”

The demon suddenly smiled and looked at the sword in Lin Fan’s hand.

Lin Fan held the Green Toad Sword, but he could not draw out its full potential without mana, but it was no problem as long as he could kill the earth demon.

“Laugh, keep laughing.”

Lin Fan noticed that demon was no longer as cheerful as he was earlier.

“You will die.” The Demons roared.


Lin Fan swung the sword as hard as he could, and immediately, the demon’s head separated from its body.

No resistance.

‘Obtain Earth Root Shards’

‘Obtained Talent Fast Recovery (Gold)’

‘Obtained Fifty Years of Mana’

It was quiet all of a sudden.

But Lin Fan didn’t care, because he got what he wanted.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment.

How will Spiritual Power and Mana merge?

However, Lin Fan was not the only one who wanted to solve that problem, the System did too.

Lin Fan had to see how the System could solve it.

Without the Spirit Root, he could not be Immortal. That was the rule of heaven and earth, and no one could change it.

There was no movement.

Everything was quiet, and the System seemed to be in a dilemma.


His status window has changed.

‘Name: Lin Fan’

‘Spirit Root: None’

‘Realm: Foundation Immortal / Half-Initial Realm’

‘Cultivation: 187 Years’

‘Mana: 50 Years’

‘Martial Arts: Wild Boar Crash (First-Stage), Harvesting (Fourth-Stage), Twin Sun (Third-Stage), Iron-head (Fourth-Stage), Ox Crushing The Mountain (Fourth-Stage), Five-Fold Strikes (Fourth-Stage), Earthen Fist (Fourth-Stage)’

‘Footwork: Four steps (Fourth-Stage)’

‘Talent: Hardening Skin (Black Iron Level), Quicken (Pseudo Bronze Level), Sharp Edge (Pseudo Gold Level), Sprint (Bronze Level), Fast Recovery (Gold Level)’

‘Item: Golden Spirit Root Shard x1, Earth Spirit Root Shard x1’

‘Lin Fan: ???’

Lin Fan was confused with the ??? in his status window.

He pondered and found a conclusion about how to change it.

One was to accumulate the Spirit Root fragments slowly and synthesized them into the perfect Spirit Root.

Or maybe his Spiritual Power must reach a certain level before he could discover new paths.

But according to what the System meant.

It was like saying …

He couldn’t become an immortal at the moment, but that didn’t necessarily mean that there was no possibility for him to become an immortal.

As long as he could find the missing piece, the System will help him to grow stronger.

And there was no problem with his realm.

Lin Fan stood there and fell into deep contemplation.

“Young boy, what’s wrong with you? Don’t be afraid, your master is here. You have already chopped off the demon’s head. Don’t tell me you are still afraid.” Fang Jiuzhen noticed Lin Fan was standing there stupidly.

“Master, I just beheaded a demon, and it changes me a little bit.”

“But it’s not enough. I don’t know if I can kill all the rest of them.” Lin Fan said.

“Now is not the time to think about those things. You have to kill the remaining demons.” Feng Jiuzhen said.

Get started.




Lin Fan slashed three times.

“Young boy, how are you feeling?” Fang Jiuzhen asked.

Lin Fan said, “I’m a bit better, and it should be more than enough.”

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