My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 208


The place was guarded. But at least, Tang Yu had become the future landlord. After proving his identity, the patrolling soldiers had let him go.

Just when he was about to enter, he heard his cousin’s shout.

When he turned around, he saw Yuu rushing towards him and the wasteland behind Tang Yu as if he had seen a ghost. “You… you don’t buy this land, right?”

Instead of answering, Tang Yu held his forehead and asked back. “Why are you here? You’re supposed to be with your parents.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I left the task of Xiaojia.”

So you came here out of curiosity?!


They entered the wasteland, followed by a few soldiers. It could be seen that a construction plan was set here, but the work that hadn’t even started yet had to stop.

The cousin knew Tang Yu was rich, but still… “If I knew you were going to buy this land, I would have stopped you.”

Being a military man, Tang Yu knew that his cousin knew more about this place. So he remained silent, waiting for his cousin to explain.

“Do you know how long has it been since the accident here? It’s been a week! On the day of the first accident, a number of demonic beasts ran out from the cavern, and some construction workers lost their lives as a result… But of course, for the original owners of the land here thought the death of dozens of people isn’t a big deal in the doomsday. They said it’s not heartless, but it’s the truth.”

He sighed and continued.

“The demonic beasts were weak and were quickly taken care of. But the owner was helpless for the demonic beasts’ cavern. In the end, he could only alert the military. You should know that the military will eliminate any danger potential in the shelter. But there’s nothing else they can do about the cavern.”

“Because of this, the project had to be stopped. Brother, if the problem isn’t solved yet, or even if you’re not afraid of the risk, I don’t think the officials will agree. For the officials, the shelter’s safety is always their top priority. There’s a possibility of a chain reaction if you develop this area. I originally heard that the owner of this land would do something, but I had no idea it was you.”

He shook his head. “Now, we can only hope the officials can take care of this problem as soon as possible.”

They had reached a small mound as they spoke. This area was even more heavily guarded. There were several machine guns and flame throwers stationed on the perimeters.

Tang Yu’s gaze fell on the hole in front of the mound, which was bigger than a football goal. “This is a cavern?”

“The cave entrance wasn’t this big. It was only enlarged to find out what’s going on underground. But this cave is deeper than you’d think.”

Finally, Tang Yu saw Winnie, Oguri, and other followers. Apart from the three Carmen brothers who stayed in the villa to guard Tang Yu’s parents, all the other followers were here.

“What kind of demonic beast is this?” Tang Yu asked.

Suddenly. Deep inside the cave illuminated by the searchlight, a black wave was speeding towards the cave entrance.


At the cave’s entrance, the commander raised his voice and gazed at the ant waves, “The number of black ants has increased again.”

Tang Yu gazed at it. Indeed, the ant wave was made of countless black ants. A single black ant was small, with the size of a chopstick, and had a very weak aura.

Even an ordinary survivor could deal with it. However, their numbers were so many that he got chills just from looking at it.

The soldier in charge of guarding the cave entrance threw incendiary bombs at the black ants.

The flames crackled and burned, filling the air with a scorched smell. Some black ants, larger than backpacks, leaped out of the flames.

The machine gun mounted at the perimeter immediately opened fire, killing the elite ants.

The ants were wiped out before it could even get out of the cave. However, Tang Yu could see the sadness in the eyes of the soldiers.

The captain of the soldiers guarding this place didn’t even try to hide his sadness. His eyes seemed to tell him he wants to go to the cave.

But then he sighed, “The ants weren’t a threat. But they had built a huge empire underneath, and there was a queen ant hatching new ants every day. If we can’t kill the queen, we can’t solve the problem, and this area won’t be safe.”

“Fire and gas attacks are useless. If the situation doesn’t get better, the officials will use unconventional weapons.”

Tang Yu understood what he meant. Once the situation worsened and the shelter didn’t want to defend this area again, they would destroy it.

However, Tang Yu didn’t see this problem was that serious.

“As long as the and queen is killed, there won’t be any trouble left, right?”

“Yes. But the nest is like a maze, so it won’t be easy to find the queen.”

Tang Yu nodded and walk towards the cave, followed by Elaine and the others. The cousin gritted his teeth and finally decided to follow in.

“Wait, you guys aren’t really going in, right?”

He wanted to stop them, but he had no power to do so. He also heard about their power and how they managed to buy the land.

He was worried no one but them could investigate the nest.

He hesitated but finally followed in with some elite military hunters while he told the rest of the soldiers to stand guard on the entrance.


The cave was dark and damp with a foul odor. They entered the cave, aided with the light from the searchlight. However, as they got deeper, the path became rugged.

“This cave is narrow. Once we encountered black ants, it will be much more dangerous than on the surface. Take care, and stay alert.” Tang Yu and the followers walked in front.

The captain led his hunters and left some carved marks on the wall so they won’t get lost in the cave.

There was another fork in the road ahead. Tang Yu shook his head. “We won’t get anywhere if we kept walking blindly.”

The captain was relieved to hear that and was getting ready to turn around and leave.

But unexpectedly, Tang Yu spoke. “Moon, find out where the queen is.”

“Yes, Captain. I’ve been waiting for your command.” Moon Protoss took out the black ant sample from her bag, and after a while, her crystal weapon rattled with noises. She closed her eyes. Her hair fluttered around her. And finally spoke. “Found it!”

Captain “…..”

That’s how you find the queen?

Why does it feel so fake?

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