My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 278


They reentered the front lawn of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Zhou Jianhong offered an invitation for mission cooperation, “Our adventuring group recently took a mission. But we’re not sure if we can complete it alone as it might be dangerous. So we would like to invite you guys to cooperate with us, what do you think?” He said, taking out a mission certificate.

The square-faced captain took it and looked at it.

[Mission: Collect one ‘Red Phosphorus Beast Heart’.] [Description:

Reward: 80-250 Points (Measured by the strength of the Red Phosphorus Beast), D3 level equipment exchange voucher, *1~3)

Zhou Jianhong explained, “The Red Phosphorus Beast is a type of demonic beast. It’s four-legged, about the same size as the mature elephants, with reddish-brown scales all over its body. The red phosphorus beast we found, has the strength of Sixth Awakening. With our power we can deal with it.”

“The problem is that there are a lot of demonic beasts around the red phosphorus beast. Our adventure group lacks manpower. We can’t deal with the red phosphorus beast at the same time. You will take care of the surrounding demonic beasts. If we cooperate, we will split fifty percent of the points reward, but we want all the equipment to exchange coupons.”

“How about that? This mission is very profitable. It’s very difficult to take the task alone and with your condition, it’s difficult to take a profitable mission. Especially with certain adventure groups with large numbers of personnel who arrange members every day, squatting in the guild. We were very lucky to grab this mission.”

The square-faced man did not say anything for a while, Zhou Jianhong was a bit puzzled. But then he heard the other side ask, “D3 level equipment refers to what?”

Zhou Jianhong: “!!!”

“You haven’t been inside the Adventurer’s Guild, right?”

The square-faced man nodded his head.

“Ah, of course.” Zhou Jianhong was speechless, and only after a pause did he say, “In Tree Shade, there is a clear grading of equipment, and of course it’s only established recently.”

“For example, that Chopper Combat Knife of yours is an E1 grade weapon. Based on the definition given by the Adventurers Guild, an E1 grade weapon means a sharpness that can easily break through First to Triple demonic beast defenses with minimal weapon damage in the heat of battle.”

“…… In fact, the Demon Slayer sword is enough to tear open the defense of Fourth or Fifth Demonic beasts. But with that kind of fierce battle, the weapon will be damaged. In other words, the durability will fall off faster. You wanted to cross hundreds of kilometers of wilderness, you will encounter a lot of demonic beasts on the way. An E1-level weapon is likely won’t be able to support you to reach your destination.”

“E class weapons including E1, E2, E3. E3 weapons can tear the defense of the Fifth demonic beasts with extremely low weapon damage. Above E3, is D class. D class also has subdivision, most of the D class equipment can be directly exchanged with points. While more precious D3 class equipment required exchange volume.”

At this time, Zhou Jianhong slowed his breath and said, “Under normal circumstances it’s not easy to exchange for advanced rune equipment. But the commercial district will be opened in two days. You guys know about this, right?”

The square-faced man nodded his head.

Zhou Jianhong continued, “Once it opens, some of the advanced rune equipment can be bought with spirit stone. You guys should pay attention then, this is one of the ways to get advanced rune equipment in a short period of time.”

“As for the second one.” He said mysteriously, “According to the information I have received, the shelter intends to hold a tournament. On the ring you just saw, the audience seating is being built. This tournament will probably be held after the opening of the commercial district. Of course this is not the key point. The key is of course the reward, and the reward is exceptionally rich!”

Zhou Jianhong paused to see the square-faced man’s team were showing a very interested look, before he continued to speak, “Because the tournament’s news hasn’t been officially announced, there’s no specific reward. But they said the first prize will be C-class rune weapons!” 

“Tree Shade obviously didn’t spare any money for the reward. Such a shame that I’m not strong enough. I can’t get the C-class weapon, but I must compete for the other rewards!” 

After Zhou Jianhong finished, the square-faced man’s team was getting excited. Before coming to the shelter, they didn’t have a clear concept of rune equipment. Even, it was the first time they heard about it.

However, after trying the Demon Slayer combat knife… and knowing that it was an E1 level weapon, they had a very intuitive understanding.

The captain wasn’t a match for the same level demonic beasts. But with the Demon Slayer Combat Knife, he was confident he would be able to kill Fifth Awakening Stage demonic beast with a minor injury. E1 weapons were already this fierce. How terrifying the E3, E3, or even D level weapons would be?

Even if they had never seen it, they still gave full play to their imagination.

And the upcoming tournament’s first-place reward leapt by two tiers to C level!

The square-faced man thought deeper at this time.

Since Tree Shade had ranked the equipment, from E level all the way to A level, and could easily give away C level rune equipment, wouldn’t that mean…

He didn’t dare to imagine. No matter how low he underestimated the Tree Shade Shelter before, even after entering the shelter… now that he thought about it, he was wrong.

For a time, he was both curious and admiring. Who was the person behind the establishment of this shelter?

With this understanding, the square-faced captain discussed with his team members for a while and decided to agree to Zhou Jianhong’s invitation to cooperate. He guessed that equipment exchange coupons were more precious than points. The fact that they could only take half of the points seemed like a big loss.

But the square-faced man knew better, Zhou Jianhong was the shelter’s senior adventurer. His strength was far stronger than his. The fact that he dared to hunt Sixth Awakening demonic beast was the best proof.


The squad entered the Adventurers’ Guild.

Under Zhou Jianhong’s guidance, the square-faced man quickly registered to establish a new adventuring group.

The registration was free. This surprised the square-faced captain.

After the adventuring group was established, Zhou Jianhong communicated with the staff and quickly printed out a new contract.

“This is the mission sharing contract.” He said, “It details the division of the rewards received after completing the mission. As for the distribution of rewards for each person in the adventuring group, it is your own business.”

“Moreover, the missions that have been notarized in the Adventurers’ Guild will be recorded in the personal resume forever. Low mission completion rate and heavy losses of members during the mission will lower your team’s personal evaluation. Once the resume is too poor, there is a risk that you may not be able to receive missions in the future.”

“This largely prevents adventurers from killing each other. Once things like trapping teammates, or collaborators were exposed, the adventurers themselves, or the team, will be sanctioned by the guild.”

The square-faced captain was so relieved to hear this.

After discussing the time, they decided to hunt the red phosphorus beast tomorrow morning.

Tonight, they need to familiarize themselves with their newly bought equipment as tomorrow’s battle won’t be easy.

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