My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 3


He could feel the power, like fresh spring water continuously pouring to his body.

This was the spirit power that escaped from the carcass of a demonic beast!

Absorbing and refining spirit power could make human stronger.

But only a hunter could absorb spirit power. This was one of the reasons why the hunter continues to grow stronger, way beyond ordinary people.

However, Tang Yu acknowledge his condition, his qualification was extremely low. Even the auxiliary awakening device couldn’t awake him as a hunter, let alone absorbing spirit power.

But it’s different now, he clearly felt power poured into his body, converged into one somewhere.

It was the spirit power, without a doubt.

Tang Yu decided to ask the system.

“Ding! The Lord’s qualification was indeed low, belonging to E-Class. But after the Lord and the system linked, you can now absorb spirit power without an awakening.”

“Moreover, the puppet guards are bound to the castle territory and cannot absorb spirit power. The Lord can automatically absorb the spirit power as long as it’s within the range of escaped spirit power.”

“Furthermore, if the territory leveled up higher, the lord will absorb and refine the spirit power faster.”

Tang Yu heard that a hunter couldn’t absorb the spirit power from the demonic beast carcass if it’s too far away.”

Some people once thought of using a powerful thermal weapon to kill a demonic beast. But the cost was too high. Furthermore, they couldn’t absorb the spirit power. Over time, hunters were hesitant to use the weapon, unless it’s an urgent situation.

Tang Yu sat down, crossed his leg, and closed his eyes, concentrating. As if there was a dark and void room, there was a faint light in the center, and it bundled up together, forming a bundle of light.

This was the essence of spirit power!

Tang Yu suddenly understood this mass of light was the spirit power. It consisted of countless tiny light particles, gathered together to form a bundle of light, releasing a surging wave of power.

This was the first time he felt the spirit power intuitively, and the first time he tried to refine it.

There was no doubt in Tang Yu’s heart, like an animal instinct, his consciousness controlled the light bundle to swirl around and moved.

A ray of light particles separated from the bundle, flew to the edge of the darkroom, slowly merged into the limbs and body, into his internal organs. Instantly, his body felt more powerful.

Tang Yu held this feeling and continued refining the spirit power. Effectively, the refining process became faster and faster, and the light bundle gradually became smaller, it turned into tiny particles of light and absorbed into every cell of his body.

After a while, he opened his eye. Now he felt powerful, his eyes were bright and determined, his body became physically stronger. He could feel the surging power flow to his palm when he clenched his fist, even the scratch wound on his arm was healing slowly.

Tang Yu felt surprised, no wonder people often talk about how wonderful the first spirit power refining was. It almost felt too good to be true. He felt confident that he could easily kill a demonic steel rat if he ever encountered it again.

After solved the crisis, Tang Yu finally had time to tour around the newly Lord’s castle.

From the outside, the castle is of average size, only slightly larger than the previous villa; therefore can only be regarded as a miniature castle. The outer wall was silvery light, with a dark blue spire roof. It all looked like a painting from a fairy tale. 

There were two floors inside the castle. The first floor was a hall, and the second floor was the Lord’s chamber, complete with the bedroom, study room, and bathroom available. He hadn’t seen all the furniture yet, but he felt they’re all made of high-quality materials.

Tang Yu soaked in a bathtub, the bathroom was even larger than his previous room. Submerged most of his body into the hot fragrance water, it was so comfortable that a moan almost escaped from his mouth.

After the doomsday, he spent most of his time in the wild, sleeping in the dirt. Sometimes in a simple lodging or a tent.

These 100 units of spirit stone were well worth it.

Besides, he also got two loyal puppet guards, and a crystal ball suspended mid-air in the hall, making these 100 spirit stone even more valuable!

Tang Yu summoned the basketball-sized crystal ball, it floated towards him.

The crystal ball was similar to radar and can monitor and alert him if there’s some sort of danger within his territory.

At this time, his territory was still base-sized, so the scope was still small. But it also shows the east and most of the west side of the villa area. Any changes in these areas will be displayed on the crystal ball.

From the ball, he saw several red dots indicating a demonic beast on the eastern side. Thinking how lucky he was to avoid them all, he was glad everything went well. Otherwise, he would’ve been killed by those demonic beasts.

Of course, the crystal ball was not just a radar. When Tang Yu opened the system panel, he found a map of the territory which several red dots are spotted. However, the crystal ball showed a more detailed view, even showing the general terrain within his territory.

Tang Yu rose up immediately, packing up his equipment and set out to hunt those beast surrounding his territory with guard puppet No. 1 while he charged puppet No. 2 in guarding the castle.

“Lastly, let’s get puppet No. 1 to the front.”

In front of him was a demonic wolf, its rotten body, and green eyes, also its strength was enough to intimidate ordinary people.

But Tang Yu didn’t falter. The demonic beast he encountered today, no matter their strength, could not block the one strike attack from his puppet. So he cast aside the fear he once holds for the demonic beast.

After refining a sufficient amount of spirit power, Tang Yu faced the demonic beast with killing intent.

The demonic beast jumped, howling to the wind.

Tang Yu held his dagger and calmed down. At the moment the beast rushed towards him, he strengthened his stances and hinders, stabbing the dagger deep within the wolf’s internal organ.

He turned around and continued attacking the wolf.

Stab! Stab!

After a few stabs, the devastated wolf was finally killed.

He absorbed another escaping soul power.

“Ha… Ha…”

Tang Yu panted heavily. The entire attack process only lasted a minute, but the mental effort required to kill the beast was undoubtedly large.

But he felt satisfied.

Ordinary hunter would get stronger at the moment of the awakening. He had never experienced this process, but he got the same effect by absorbing and refining spirit power. His physical strength was getting stronger. The wolf he just killed was approximately at the same rank as an ordinary hunter.

Perhaps even higher.

Tang Yu glanced at the dagger at his hand and slightly frowned. This dagger was too small, not very effective to deal with the demonic beast. If he encountered a stronger demonic beast, it would be impossible just to scratch the fur of it with this dagger.

He needed a stronger weapon.

The sky darkened, and in the distant forest, several demonic beasts howled one after another.

Moreover, it’s outside the detection range of the crystal ball. So Tang Yu decided to call it for the day as he was very tired. If not for the improved physical body, he would’ve faint on his bed by now.

Tang Yu returned to the castle with his loots. Puppet No. 2 remained loyal guarding the gate.

They managed to loot quite a lot since he could search around the perimeter. He searched for the previous hunters’ hidden object.

For example this desert eagle.

This desert eagle was a famous pistol with great power, although not very practical to use.

First, the pistol was too heavy, and secondly, the recoil was too strong. This was probably just some part of a boss’s private collection before the doomsday.

But it’s different now that he had gained power. A desert eagle was too difficult to use to an ordinary person before the doomsday, but even with strong recoil, it would be just like an ordinary pistol for him.

Furthermore, the lethality of the desert eagle pistol was just perfect for dealing with the demonic beast.

He also found a lot of foods, the highlights were the rare tobacco and alcohol from the pre-doomsday era. Unfortunately, most of the foods were destroyed in the battle, much to his distress. He just grabbed a handful of snacks and ate them.

These previously pre-doomsday ordinary snacks became a thing that only a big boss could afford after the doomsday.

Tang Yu suddenly felt thankful for those demonic beasts.

Without the attack wave, where else could he found 100 units of spirit stone and building the Lord’s castle?

Such a thing couldn’t be easily obtained within the shelter.

It was night time, and the stars sparkled.

Tang Yu always felt the air after the doomsday was way much cleaner than before. Even he could see the stars now.

He suddenly remembered his parent in the faraway region, wondering if they were all right.

At the beginning of the doomsday when mobile phones were still barely working, Tang Yu called his parents, who were thousands of kilometers away from him and learned that his parent was safe. They told him the military was planning on building up a shelter near their residence.

Tang Yu wanted to go to them now, but he also worried. He didn’t even know if the shelter had been successfully built or if everyone was safe.

Before, he was just an ordinary survivor who struggled to survive.

In his previous life, he wouldn’t dream of crossing thousands of kilometers beyond the dangerous wilderness for a lifetime.

At best, he could only pray for the safety of his own parents from the bottom of his heart.

But it’s different now that he linked with the system, Tang Yu felt there’s still a hope left. Perhaps not now, but as long as his territory advanced and he gained more strength, he believed that one day he would be able to cross thousands of kilometers to that distant city.

That day won’t be far now!

Tang Yu was lying on his bed. That night, he rested comfortably with the two guard puppets’ protection. He had nothing to worry as he got stronger. Now he felt confident and was ready for a new beginning in life.

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