My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 4


The main feature of the Lord of the End game was that there were various building, not all of them was functional. Until the doomsday, he hadn’t been able to finish building all available buildings yet.

Tang Yu opened the building list. It included core buildings, resource buildings, military buildings, defensive buildings, and special-classed buildings. Spirit stone and resource materials such as wood and stone were needed to build it.

Tang Yu thought the Lord’s castle that he built earlier was cheap. At least he didn’t need to gather other materials. He shivered at the thought of having to carry over the resource materials.

At this time, the Lord’s castle was the lone building in his territory.

Tang Yu opened the list of core buildings, which was the most vital building in the territory. There was none at the moment.

Other types of buildings didn’t have limits on the total number of buildings.

However, core building was limited to one building, no matter how high the level or the size of the territory was.

There were four core buildings; pubs, marketplace, workshop, and research institute.

Pubs could recruit followers. Cost: 200 units of spirit stone and 100 units of wood.

He could buy resources, blueprints, and even rare items from the marketplace. Cost: 300 units of spirit stone, 100 units of wood.

Workshop was used for manufacturing equipment and items. Cost: 500 units of spirit stone, 100 units of stone, 100 units of iron.

The researched institute could upgrade or even develop blueprints. Cost: 1000 units of spirit stone, 100 units of wood, 100 units of stone, 100 units of iron.

Although the research institute was labeled as core building, the requirement for the construction was level two territory.

In another way, the core castle territory needed to gain another level.

Tang Yu lost his interest to build it after he saw the price and required materials.

Although the other buildings were a little cheaper, at this time, he didn’t even have the required 100 units of spirit stone. He couldn’t even afford the first cheapest building on the list.

 Tang Yu felt this system wasn’t really user friendly. Tang Yu felt a sense of urgency. The shelter had suffered from the demonic beast attack before, which meant it’s not safe even though this place was far from the crack of the abyss. If another wave came, he didn’t know what would happen since this place lacked in defense. Even with No. 1 and No. 2’s strength, he still felt exposed to the danger.

Upgrading the territory was a top priority task now!

The sky was still hazy like a veil of silver. Suddenly a flash of white light emerged from the eastern sky, lighten up half of the night sky. The morning sun dyed the earth orange-red, illuminating the lands below. He looked around, he could see ruins scattered everywhere.

It’s too messy that Tang Yu almost felt embarrassed to call himself the Lord of this castle territory.

“Let’s set a goal first, at least I need to expand my territory into a small town.”

Tang Yu’s energy and strength had fully returned thanks to the soothing sleep he had last night.

He led No. 1 to clean up the nearby area from the demonic beast.

There were several new demonic beasts in the territory in just one night. They might be wandering from the nearby area. When he woke up in the morning, Tang Yu found a carcass of the demonic beast in front of the castle gate.

The demonic beast within the territory was relatively easy to deal with regardless of its size. Even if some of them were hiding, the system would show them all on the map. No. 1 quickly took care of the demonic beast.

Tang Yu found a guide map of a tourist spot, this place was once a holiday resort villa. The basic structure remained the same, even after being converted into a shelter.

Tang Yu’s eyes spotted the edge of the central area on the tourist spot. There was a hotel here, they said it was a popular hotel before the doomsday.

This hotel had a cold storage room before the doomsday. After the shelter was built, it became a food storage center for the shelter.

Even if Tang Yu had never visited the hotel, he clearly knew the importance of it when he first arrived at the shelter. He heard many people longed to see what’s inside the hotel to check whether the legend regarding the hotel was true. It was said that there’re mountains of food inside the cold storage.

At first, Tang Yu didn’t believe the legend, but he was sure there’s still some food left in the hotel!

Tang Yu set the hotel as the focus for the next search quest. Even if there’s no other survivor that would compete with him, what if the foods were destroyed by the demonic beast?

Tang Yu’s expression grew darker, thinking of the food he found before that got destroyed by the demonic beast.

At this time, the hotel, the underground cold storage.

Several survivors who had survived the attack wave were terrified.

A man stood on the front with guns in both of his hands, firing several shots with a bitter look on his face.

There was a six-footed two meters tall demonic beast with red fur, it was gnawing a human corpse between its jaws.

The bullets simply bounced at the fur of the crimson demonic beast, it looked unharmed. The beast continued nibbling the corpse, completely ignored its attacker.

Witnessing the scene, Chen Haiping was completely desperate.

The survivors behind him trembled, their faces turned pale. Just now, a survivor who couldn’t hold the fear sprinted off. The demonic beast immediately snapped the man in half with its jaws. The others who witnessed the scene didn’t dare to move even an inch.

Chen Haiping had it easier since he’s a hunter who had experience fighting demonic beast. He was still able to think carefully, even under such pressure. However, he couldn’t find a solution to survive, no matter how hard he tried.

The crimson demonic beast was truly invincible, the bullets from the pistols were not powerful enough to cause lethal damage. This was the first time he saw bullets bounced off like this.

The demonic beast sat still, and Chen Haiping also didn’t dare to make a move to escape. Whether it was the speed of the beast, or the way it violently tore open the cold storage door, it was clear that the strength of the demonic beast exceeded his own. He was afraid even the strongest hunter in the shelter was not a match for this beast.

He sat still. He just discarded his now-empty pistol with a military machete. The blade was sharp and perfectly balanced. Even though he knew that he was no match for the beast, he didn’t want to stay still. He aimed to wound the beast even if he would die trying.

The crimson demonic beast spat out the corpse from its jaws, its eyes glowed with bloodthirst.

Chen Haiping clenched his teeth as he raised his blade.

Suddenly, he heard a gunshot!

There was a violent vibration above as the dust and rumbles began falling from the ceiling. Chen Haiping’s heart stopped. The next thing he saw, the crimson demonic beast turned around and dashed off, leaving a red shadow as its trail. It was running outside of the cold storage area.


The remaining survivors were puzzled, but they were sure they had avoided death, at least for now. Some of the survivors knelt down to the ground, weeping with gratitude.

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