My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 330


[Secret Realm Transmission]: None

[Can add: Secret Realm #1 (Yes/No)]


[Rename the Secret Realm?]

“Rename: Mage Alliance town.”

[Rename successful.]

[Secret Realm Transmission: (Optional) Mage Alliance Town, Searching……]

Tang Yu nodded his head. This way, from the territory teleportation array, one could directly enter the secret realm without going through that one secret realm entrance again. The distance there was too far, the trouble to travel, and the location of the entrance was not hidden enough. Sooner or later, it would attract more prying eyes.

Although Tang Yu wasn’t afraid, it’s too troublesome. Not to mention he would waste troops stationed there. At first, he thought of scavenging valuable items. Taking out the rift crystals and letting the secret realm collapse… And then he thought, throwing away a good secret realm is called a defeat!

There was information about the Fourth Age in the Mage Tower, as well as the ability to construct the secret realm. In addition to the three powers, there were only one or two world organizations such as the Mage Alliance. It was a very small number of high-end technology handed down from the third age…… However, the construction of the secret world consumed a lot of resources, far more than just Rift crystals.

Taking away the rift crystals with the hub compared to the whole secret realm was like killing a chicken to get an egg. On the contrary, retaining the secret realm and closing the entrance was equivalent to having a very secure backup base. 

In Merlin’s Mage Tower, there was a control method to close the secret realm entrance by controlling the hub. Tang Yu guessed that the previous weather change should have been accompanied by some kind of spatial change, which made this long-deserted secret realm re-exposed.

“Currently Red Moon was guarding over there, Star and Moon have also rushed over. They are orthodox mages, learning the Mage Alliance’s method of manipulating the secret realm, should not take too long ……”

No more thinking, Tang Yu went straight to the front of the pub.

Hesitantly, he did not immediately go in, first returned to the castle, the battle armour off, bathing, dressing. Prepare thoroughly, and then come to the pub half an hour later.

Taking a deep breath, Tang Yu stepped into the pub.

On the first floor of the pub, a gorgeous and arcane summoning spell suspended about 20-30 cm above the grounds. The golden light at the core of the spell was uncertain.

It’s neither appeared nor disappeared. 

This special summoning spell formation had been maintained for quite some time.

During this period, Tang Yu could not make any summons. The existence of the spell formation still needed to consume a certain amount of source crystal energy every day to maintain. The good thing is that apart from the 500,000 source crystals that were initially swallowed, the consumption of source crystals to retain the formation spell on a regular basis was not very large.

Tang Yu raised his hand, a walnut-sized crystal, so deep that it seemed to be able to swallow the surrounding space, appeared in the palm of his hand.

At this point, he was instead apprehensive.

Rift crystals can make up for the missing conditions. This is only his guess.

“Forget it, no matter how much hesitation the result is doomed…”

Tang Yu smiled to himself, took a few steps forward, and sent the Rift Sky Crystals to the spell formation core.

In an instant.

[Ding! The conditions are complete, start summoning…]

[Ding! The conditions are complete, start summoning…]

[Ding! The conditions are complete, start summoning…]


In front of his eyes, the summoning spell formation was like a fine mechanical gear and began to operate. In just a few seconds, at the core of the spell formation, a golden light bloomed. The entire tavern floor suddenly turned into a golden ocean.

Tang Yu couldn’t resist to blink and still feel the surrounding bright, burning eyes.


A trembling, water-like wave spread out.

Tang Yu opened his eyes. The surrounding scenery seemed to fly past like streams of light. In the next instant, the environment in front of him became completely different. He was abruptly shocked and thought he was crossing over. After a careful perception, only to realize that his current state was not right.

At this moment, he did not have a physical body. He thought the summoning spell came across the distant space.

A bit like God’s perspective, in mid-air overlooking everything around.

The sky was grey, thick lead-grey clouds overhead as if it could come down at any moment.

The black surface of the ground rubble all over.

Depressing, silent.

As if a dead world.

Tang Yu’s gaze fell not far away, a black body, only the trunk without leaves of a dead tree. That was the only different scenery around.

The traction force of the summoning spell formation was directed at the centre of the dead tree. His follower, who was sealed in the dead tree, only showed a face with his eyes tightly closed.

Tang Yu noticed that under the rhizome of the withered tree, a huge dark red spell formation, looming, and several figures wearing black cloaks, stationed around the withered tree.

“In a while, we will …… be able to liberate it, right?”

“As expected of the strongest weapon. Obviously, it’s not cultivated. But the power is growing stronger everyday.”

“Fortunately, we have a way to control …… this control spell, which has been operating for ten years, is only gradually approaching the end ……”

Tang Yu strained to listen to the conversation below. He learned the parallel world language from Elaine, Roger and the others. At this time, he regretted not learning the language properly. He couldn’t hear the meaning of the words in the thick local accent, which made him annoyed. 

‘It can’t stay any longer, this power from across the border is being consumed by flying, and if you don’t act, I’m afraid the summoning will fail.’

His mind moved.

The huge power surged forward and covered the dead tree.



An invisible chain emerged from the air, using the dark red spell formation on the ground as the starting point, sealing the ‘strongest weapon’ in the front of the cloak figures.

At this time, with the summoning power surging up, these emerging chains have broken. The dead tree also cracked, revealing a petite figure at the core.

“What? A human?!”

“What’s going on?!”

The cloaks stationed around the dead tree were alarmed and drew their weapons and looked around, but they did not find any enemies. However, their runic formation, which had been operating for ten years, shattered and disappeared instantly.

A golden light wrapped the petite figure.

Tang Yu’s intention was likewise wrapped by this force, ready to leave.

A terrifying aura came from afar.

A figure whose face could not be seen suddenly appeared in mid-air, and he reached out. Vast power came down from all sides toward the dead tree, as if this space was under the control of the other party!

Tang Yu was terrified. This power, even he could not resist the thought. Even his soul was trembling!

The next moment, the sky spun, and the earth turned. The familiar environment of the pub appeared in front of him. Tang Yu’s feet went limp, and he sat down on a chair. His back, at some point, was already wet with cold sweat.


He slowed his breath, raised his head, eyes full of expectation, looking towards the summoning spell.

The golden shadow at the core of the spell formation gradually solidified.

[Follower: Calamity Maiden, Nancy]

[Strength: Thirteenth Awakening major perfection (critical)]

[Talent: Ghostly power]

[Job: Ghost swordsman]

[Description: Nancy, whose birth was accompanied by calamity, was regarded as unknowable by her clan. She was abandoned in the Black Wave world, where even monsters dared not approach her until she was captured by a mysterious organization at the age of six, ready to control her and build her into the ‘strongest weapon’.]

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