My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 331


(Author’s Note: I forgot to write on the S-rank qualification in the last chapter and have made up for it.)

In front of him was a young girl with a petite figure and a clean-cut appearance but no expression on her face. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her short black hair hung down to her fair neck. The upper body wore black armour that clung tightly, outlining a slender waist. The lower body battle skirt wrapped the arms tightly, revealing snow-white arms and thighs.

Tang Yu can feel that the armour, battle skirt, permeated with strong energy fluctuations. This set was not equipment in the true sense but was condensed with Nancy’s own strength… like her companion job, this may be called companion equipment.

Elaine got an equipment she can freely put away through the legacy. While Nancy had the job equipment fully equipped when she was born

It was true that people will be fatally wounded as long as they have a comparison. 


Nancy’s eyelashes moved, and her eyelids slowly opened. Her eyes turned, slowly swept around. Through the confusion, her eyes moved. The line of sight finally rested on the front, her mouth opened, seeming not quite used to. After a few moments, there were no emotional fluctuations in the voice that came from her throat.

“You…are my lord…?”


The two spent quite a bit of time in the pub. Basically, he was talking, Nancy was listening, and occasionally she could be seen nodding her head rather sluggishly.

As an S-rank qualification, Nancy came with a combat talent and was overwhelmingly strong. She was born with strength no weaker than the Fifth Awakening fluctuation, causing her mother to die in childbirth. It was also because she couldn’t control the ghostly power in her body that she was considered a calamity by her clan.

Nancy did not know how to cultivate, or perhaps it was not necessary to cultivate. She can absorb the free source power in the air. Every moment, her strength was growing.

She was 6 years old when she was taken by the mysterious organization. Nancy has reached the Ninth Awakening…… after being sealed, the growth of strength was suppressed, but still faster than others who have worked hard to cultivate to improve the speed.

When Nancy was successfully summoned, she had reached the peak and even surpassed Tang Yu’s expectations.

However, looking at Nancy’s confused face, even if the contract infused a lot of information, she couldn’t understand anything. Tang Yu was also very helpless. He could only be patient and teach her some basic common sense.

Suddenly, the aura on Nancy’s body began to rise, getting stronger and stronger, like a volcano about to erupt.

“You’re about to break through?”

Tang Yu thought of the word ‘critical’ that followed after Nancy’s Thirteenth perfection. At first, he had guessed, but after Nancy was summoned over, there was no mention of it, and he gradually forgot about it.

He did not expect that only at this time she began to break out …

At this time, Nancy innocently looked at him. “Breakthrough… what is it? It seems like there’s something I can’t suppress.”

Tang Yu held his forehead. Nancy’s body aura had become stronger and stronger, forcing him to retreat, the air around her vaguely began to distort.

“You can’t break through here!” Tang Yu made a split-second decision and shouted at Nancy, “You come with me!”

The narrow space of the pub might not be able to withstand the impact of Nancy’s breakthrough. He was also not sure what he needed to prepare for the breakthrough to Transcendence. But he thought even if Nancy belonged to the kind of S-class qualification that slept to the Transcendence rank, he could not be too casual. At least, he had to provide Nancy with a suitable environment for the breakthrough.

The territory happened to have the superior cultivation environment. So, Tang Yu scampered out of the pub and headed toward the first cultivation room. Nancy followed behind unhurriedly while curiously surveying the surroundings.

The superbly constructed castle was a sight she had not seen before. She was indifferent to her impending breakthrough, but Tang Yu was anxious and riveted to run furiously.

In his perception, Nancy’s rising aura was like a bomb about to explode, maybe about to explode the castle into smithereens.


The first cultivation room had the best effect on a cultivation site. It covered a large area and was not built in the castle. The rear of the castle, against the cliff wall, has been dug through. Inside was a building that was built into a basin-like environment.

In the middle of the basin, three energy wells are arranged in a zigzag pattern… Tang Yu prefers to call them source pools. A source pool will be able to make the entire green shelter source concentration increased by a lot. Cultivating next to the source pool, the speed can be increased by an unknown amount.

When breaking through bottlenecks, it was also very helpful.

Due to the infiltration of a lot of source power, even the source pool could relieve mental fatigue and restore physical strength to a certain extent. 

A sip of it was more soothing than drinking iced soda on a hot summer day.

The first cultivation room is an open-air environment. The ground was carved with an array of source gathering runes to collect source qi, the surrounding smooth stone walls, was also carved with some obscure runes so that the source qi pool emitted the maximum retention in the cultivation room as well as the source qi gathered from the outside world.

The concentration of source qi here was at least a dozen times that of the outside world. Staying here to cultivate can even achieve dozens of times the effect.

There were three sitting pillows on the floor of the cultivation room. And on one of them, Elaine was sitting cross-legged. In contact with the high concentration environment of the cultivation room, impacting the bottleneck of the Transcendent Mortal Stage.

But there was still a long way from breaking through.


When the two arrived, Elaine felt it from afar. She opened her eyes and saw Nancy behind Tang Yu with a few moments of surprise.

“She is ……?”

“Her name is Nancy, there is no time to explain, let’s get away from her.”

As soon as Nancy walked into this cultivation sanctuary, the dense source qi around her frantically gushed towards her body.

The source qi vortex, visible to the naked eye, formed around Nancy’s body. The original climbing aura was like a soaring rocket. The suffocating aura pervading the first cultivation room, gradually spreading out.

Tang Yu and Elaine left the cultivation room, retreated to the distance. Standing on the towering cliffs far away to observe.

The dense source qi converged into rivers, covering Nancy’s petite body.


The gale blew, the clouds gathered, thunder rolled, and the space around was distorted by it.

“This is the breakthrough of the Transcendent Mortal Stage?” Elaine’s small mouth was slightly open. Her eyes could not conceal her surprise.

Tang Yu opened his mouth, did not know what to say. Together with Elaine, continuing to retreat.

The vision of Nancy’s breakthrough was truly terrifying. Before the breakthrough, the aura emitted will make people tremble.


Tang Yu was incomparably lucky to have brought Nancy to this remote cultivation area. Otherwise, not just destroying the castle, but the hunters in the villa area must be shaken and fainted by the aura. 

However, Tang Yu wasn’t sure…


At this moment, the villa area, and even the entire shelter, many hunters had encountered the enemy’s oppressive feeling, and they couldn’t figure it out and began to feel panic!


Tang Yu and Elaine stood on the cliff to observe. On the way to detect the anomaly, Roger and Winnie also came to visit and quickly left.

The two stood for several hours. Tang Yu felt little sore legs and feet. The surging tides of source Qi finally reached the peak!


A thunderbolt exploded. 

Nancy’s petite figure rose up to the sky, standing in the void. Purple-black ghostly power coiled around her like a giant dragon, overlooking the earth, bringing calamity.

Terrifying aura swept out, the trees on the mountain were bent and broken, sand flew, boulders shattered, and a huge crack spread out on the towering cliff…


After a long time, the aura gradually faded. The purple-black ghostly power also dissipated. Just like in the very beginning, he saw her. The girl wore black armour, bewildered and clueless.

Nancy’s eyes turned, her feet stepped on the void and walked quickly, stopping in front of Tang Yu, tilting her head, “Lord… have I… broken through?”

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