My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 352


On the second floor of the castle.

Tang Yu made a rare appearance in his office, and through the huge floor-to-ceiling window, he could see the drizzling rain outside.

“The weather is not very good …… However, it seems that I don’t need to bring an umbrella when I go out now.”

His masterful control of source power allowed him to easily control it to penetrate his body, forming a translucent aura, or aura shield to block the rain, as well as the blood and water and other filth that could be rippled through during battle, from his body.

He practiced this move very well without distracting control. He relied on his instinct.

The first airplane maiden flight was very successful, the second, the third airplane also began to be put into manufacturing.

With the workshop in place, his time was spent mainly on assembly, and on average, one airplane could be shaped every five days.

“However, with the existing materials, manufacturing three small airplanes is the limit. The urgently needed materials must be purchased by the people in the logistics department.”

“The control positions of the airplane can be subdivided, captain. Take control of the overall situation. In addition, it is best to equip dedicated steers, artillery, observers, defense rune control specialists, etc…. According to preliminary estimates, a floater needs at least fifty people to function perfectly and perform well. It must have the combat power it deserves.”

“Each control position can be subdivided, the captain controls the overall situation, in addition, it is best to have a special helmsman, gunner, observer, defense rune control specialist, etc… Preliminary estimate, an airplane needs at least fifty people in order to operate perfectly and give full play to its proper battle power. “

It also needs to be equipped with a certain number of armed personnel, the Air Force.

The primary function of the airplane is to transport cargo, but in the future may also take some passengers along. The presence of the air force was both to deal with unexpected situations and deal with the passengers who were planning to do something wrong.

“Another important point is that there must be relatively safe flight paths. Airplanes are comparable to transcendent combat units, but high intensity battles can still be best avoided…… at least a good amount of spirit stones can be saved. Well, later I’ll let the people from the intelligence department drive the floating chariot to first explore a route between Tree Shade and Jingcheng City air route.” Tang Yu pondered, jotting down some key points.

At this time, there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in.” He said.

The door to the room was pushed open, and Chen Haiping walked in, clutching a pile of documents in his hand.

“Director, these are the information for the airplane recruiters.”

Tang Yu gazed at the information that was at least a few books high up, and his eyelashes jumped, “These… just leave them in your charge.”

“There are several captain candidates’ information, you should always take a look. Of course, they are not clear what position they were applying for now.”

Tang Yu rubbed his temples and nodded helplessly.

Chen Haiping spoke again, “One more thing, there are a few people from the castle, they claim to be envoys from Jingcheng and wish to have a meeting with you.”

“Bring them to the meeting room.”


The meeting room.

There were groups from Jingcheng City, three in total. The leader of the groups looked to be in his thirties. He had been staring intently since Tang Yu walked in, with an inexplicable glint in his eyes.

“You are Tang Yu of Tree Shade?” He opened his mouth; his tone was very impulsive.

Chen Haiping was about to get angry, but Tang Yu waved his hand to stop him.

The leading youth slightly angled his chin and continued, “This time, on behalf of the official of Jingcheng City, I am enlisting you to join the expedition team of the Mirage Mountain Range….”

“Enlist?” Tang Yu raised his eyebrows.

“That’s right.” The leading youth looked arrogant and said, “It’s a rare opportunity for a small shelter like your Tree Shade, I hope you don’t fare yourselves–“

He didn’t continue; he was instantly dripping with cold sweat. There’s a powerful aura emanated from the young director in front of him, like a mountain, pressing down on his body.

“Get away by yourself, or should I help you get away?”

The three ‘Jingcheng Envoys’ did not dare to speak again and left the castle in a mess with their heads lowered.

“Director, these Jingcheng people are simply rude!” Chen Haiping said angrily.

“…They are not here for the expedition team at all.”

“Then what are they here for?”

Tang Yu shook his head.

In the map, the dots that represented several ‘envoys’ were for red dots, and they were dark red.

Even if they were arrogant, it was impossible for envoys inviting Tree Shade to join the expedition team to be marked with dark red. 

The only explanation was that those people were already hostile before they arrived, holding some kind of purpose that he was not sure about.


The next day, Jingcheng City, Li Clan.

The ‘envoy’ Li Ran was standing in front of a middle-aged man with a majestic face.

“Tang Yu is the murderer who killed my son?”

“That’s right.” Li Ran nodded, “My tracking ability has determined that the murderer of Young Master Li, even if it is not Tang Yu, must have a close relationship with him.”

“That Tree Shade Director was indeed as strong as rumored. I’m afraid he won’t be that easy to deal with.”

The majestic middle-aged man walked to the window and did not speak.

The rain was falling.


Jingcheng City Council.

Today many giants gathered together.

Two days ago, the expedition team returned without success, but a shelter that was so inconspicuous that no one even knew about it had entered the sight of the giants.

Tree Shade Shelter.

With unimaginable rune equipment manufacturing technology, and even being able to engrave spells on the scrolls, the hunters who walked out of the Tree Shade, each one’s strength was astonishing.

“If the rune technology mastered by Tree Shade is in our hands, the overall strength of the shelter can increase by at least 50%! I propose that Tree Shade hand over the rune technology.”

The Li clan leader opened his mouth and incidentally said that he had sent someone to ‘Kindly invite Tree Shade to join the expedition team, but Tree Shade did meet common understanding and directly kicked them out’.

“Since Tree Shade is unkind, there is no psychological burden for us to force them to hand over the rune technology. That great technology, if we can get our hands on it and carry it forward, it will be considered a benefit to humanity.”

“Director Li has a point.”

“It’s not that we are greedy for rune technology, but it’s for mankind’s survival.”

“Hey, let me do the bad things.”

Some giants echoed, all playing their own calculations.

As they spoke, their eyes looked towards the number one giant.

The middle-aged man sitting in the main seat, tapping his fingers on the table, did not approve or reject. He just said that he would discuss it again and dismissed the meeting.


Late at night.

“The Li family doesn’t know what kind of devious ideas they are playing.”

“Master, then we….”

“Send someone to the Tree Shade Shelter first, check it out, and then wait for an opportunity to make a move.”


“Chief, what happened today?”

“Tree Shade is not just a shelter, it has already formed a mutual interest relationship with shelters such as Lindong and Hengcheng… In this way, I will send someone to Tree Shade secretly tomorrow. I need first-hand information about Tree Shade, then we can also consider inviting Tree Shade to join the expedition team.”


“Boss, if we can get the rune technology, then we will be rich.”

Huh, I don’t know what kind of medicine that guy Li Zongwei sells in the gourd. Rune technology is very important. We can’t follow the rhythm of the Li family like this…” The dark figure paused, “Send someone to Tree Shade, it is best to secretly contact their top management.”

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