My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 419


Longpan Pass, Longpan Fortress.

It was the most important fortress in the west of the Northern Court defensive perimeter.

But there was nobody there.

The convoy speeded through the wilderness.

After crossing the satellite city, the roads were sparsely populated and not as neat inside the perimeter. Just like the wilderness of Tiannan Province, the streets were cracked and overgrown with weeds, and they were attacked by demonic beasts from time to time.

The towering steel fortresses between the mountains in the distance can be seen far away.

In the floating chariots and a member of the guards who acted as the driver, Yao Jun, was also sitting in the vehicle.

The floating chariots flew ten meters above the ground and were extremely fast, it could even ignore the terrain. Yao Jun looked at the scenery below him and was surprised.

“…The Northern Court defensive perimeter should be able to push back the demonic tide, but that doesn’t seems to be the case now.”

“That’s right.” Yao Jun smiled bitterly after he came back to his senses. “The defensive perimeter is large, which provides us humans with a fairly wide area where we can be safe, but because of this, Northern Court faces more enemies than imagined.”

“Five-level demonic wave… At the border of the defensive perimeter, there were victims of these assaults almost every day, and disaster-level demonic beasts often appear.

But this is not the culprit that caused the defense line to be breached. The key lies in the alien race. Around the North Court, there are five different alien races active, all of which are ordinary. They can manipulate the demonic tide. Anyone who is strong can easily tear the defense line through the gap. …”

From Yao Jun’s mouth, Tang Yu gradually understood.

At the beginning of the end of the world, the Northern Court Legion responded very quickly to rescue the survivors and suppress the demonic tide.

It only took more than a month to establish the prototype of the defensive perimeter with the downtown as the core and the eight major satellite cities as the border.

After another two months, Northern Court built many fortresses and outposts outside the satellite city… just like a sieve, the future demonic wave will continue to weaken, even if there were a few omissions entering the hinterland of the circle, Their number supposed to be low enough for Northern Court’s army to wipe them.

The characteristics of demonic beasts, when they were not controlled were akin to a ferocious beast who only relied on their instinct.

At that time, the Northern Court defensive circle was already fully integrated.

With strong technological strength and a complete defense system, even the five-level demon tide plus the disaster-level demonic beast would never be able to enter the defensive perimeter.

So the expansion of the Northern Court began.

However, at this time, the appearance of Alien transcendent gave the Northern Court a massive blow.

Not only was the shelter under construction destroyed, but the fortresses on the border of the defensive perimeter were also destroyed. They were once beaten out of the satellite city. Later, as Master Meng reached awakening, he could deal with the same and different races.

“If it weren’t for those alien races that only relies on their instinct, the Northern Court defensive perimeter might not be able to survive the present.” Yao Jun shook his head.

“This time is different. Once the Longpan Fortress is destroyed, the demonic wave can drive straight in, directly threatening the Zhenhe Satellite City behind, and the western line of defense will also crumble.”

The front lines are in peril.

As the city lord, Meng Jingran has already flown there.

Tang Yu thought about it and decided to take Yilian and Nancy to the Longpan fortress to support… Although there was the competition between Northern Court and Tree Shade, this opportunity might help Tree Shade to make a friendly relationship with Northern Court.

The Northern Court is strong, and it has become the thorn in the eyes of the aliens.

And now, Tree Shade also bears its fangs towards these aliens.

Two floating chariots galloped.

At this time, accompanied by a howling sound, several fighter planes flew overhead.

Tang Yu was not surprised. Northern Court was one of the few areas where fighter planes were still used as a combat method, but the dispatch of these troops also meant that… the Longpan Fortress was in a very dangerous position.

The floating chariot was in full flight, and it only takes 20 to 30 minutes from the Zulong foundation to the Dragon Plate Fortress.

Yao Jun showed his pass.

Several people ascended the tens of meters high Longpan Fortress.

There were towering and steep mountain walls on both sides, and the Longpan Fortress stood in the middle of the peaks, guarding this important passage.

Right in front of the fortress, there was no end to the demonic wave, swarming and charging towards them.

There were also countless flying demonic beasts and thousands of flying bullets shot towards them.

Anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, artillery…the roar was endless.

The entire fortress was like a meat grinder, spitting out flames, and the demonic beasts that charged them head-on were torn to shreds.

The most noticeable thing was a huge muzzle at the top of the fortress.

The muzzle was more than ten meters in diameter, and countless particles of source force were visible to the naked eye converging towards the muzzle. The surrounding space was distorted, and thunder arcs flicked.

Even the flying demonic beast did not dare to approach destruction.

“That is?”

“It’s a some kind of energy-concentrating cannon.” Yao Jun told him honestly. “It is precisely because of the existence of this weapon that we’ve survive for so long, but…”

He voiced his worry.

Ordinary-shaped energy guns actually have the power to damage transcendents, but these types of cannons have short-range and long energy recharge times.

Although it also has the shortcoming of a long time to gather energy, it could charge the energy in advance to ensure that the cannon can be fired at the critical moment.


It was a very expensive weapon to use.

The consumption of source crystal every second reached nearly millions of source crystals.

With every shot, there are millions of source crystals that disappear in smoke.

Northern Court did not dare to stop the process of energy storage, nor did they dare to shoot out this cannon-even if this cannon could destroy hundreds of thousands of demonized beasts, because if it was shot, it would lose its deterrence and would not be able to shot another round for a period of cool down, and the alien transcendent that saw that this cannon had been fire could attack then head on without worry.

Tang Yu came to the headquarters of Longpan Fortress.

Meng Jingran, who arrived a few minutes earlier, was discussing countermeasures with the fort garrison general.

“…The enemy’s transcendent make this war difficult. The most difficult problem at the moment is the two “honeycombs” a few kilometers away. “

Garrison general Dai Mubai opened a few blurry photos.

That was the situation a few kilometers away from the fortress. Below the Longpan Fortress, there was still a demonic wave, and above the demonic wave, there were two huge monsters tens of meters above the ground, all red and inverted pyramid-shaped.

Although the photo was blurred, you could still see dense holes all over it.

It’s like a hive.

“The Hive is a living thing, and it should also be a type of demonic beast, possessing the ability to continuously produce demonized beasts.” Dai Mubai explained.

“Is there no limit?” Tang Yu asked.

“Maybe, but we don’t know. The number of occurrences of “The Hive” is very small, and many of their abilities are still unknown.” He paused, “I just asked for the support of the fighter planes troops to destroy the “Hive”, but it failed.”

Dai Mubai looked at the war-torn city wall with a trembling tone in his voice.

He turned his head, looked at Tang Yu, and suddenly bowed deeply, “Originally I had no hope, but you are a transcendent, Master Meng is also here, if the two of you work together, then it is possible to destroy the hive…”

Only in the case of Meng Jingran, rushing out of the city would inevitably encounter an ambush from the alien race and even risk his death.

Only when the two of them work together can success be possible.

But it was still dangerous.

Tang Yu frowned and spoke for a while, “Excuse me for not being able to agree to your request.”

Dai Mubai looked disappointed and did not ask again.

Then he heard Tang Yu continue to say, “Instead of letting Alien transdcendents ambush us, it’s better to…take the initiative and crush them head on!”

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