My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 44


Chapter 44 – Finally, a quest!

The training camp was divided into five-story with various training settings inside.

Tang Yu was well aware that a hunter with rich combat skills and experience was stronger than those who only used brute strength.

Unfortunately, even after training hard under Roger’s guidance, now he’s only on level six of combat skill at his best.

Even he hadn’t learned the most basic combat skills yet.

He had the best equipment in the novice outfits. The sharpest basic sword after the revision could easily break the demonic beast’s defense. But even with such equipment, lack of combat skills was a large obstacle. And he would struggling with facing two or three demonic beast.

Whereas Roger could fight ten demonic beasts of the same level as him with ease.

But Roger had years of fighting experience which Tang Yu didn’t. If he could pick up all his skills only with a few days, he would be a living legend.

Tang Yu knew his boundaries.

Under normal circumstances, the improvement of combat experience could only be achieved through accumulating combat experience. So he built the training camp to speed up the progress.

He found that if he didn’t struggle now, he couldn’t survive.

Even if he’d cried trying.

Tang Yu walked into the training camp. The first and second floors were the widest. The training facilities were all basic. Just like gym devices from before the doomsday. Of course, they’re now elaborated and had more functions. The training effect was also better.

For example the most basic pull device, boxing tester, etc. Obviously they were around before the doomsday. But could those devices bear the hunters’ strength.

Obviously not.

Hunters also needed to exercise to control their power better. If training devices were available, the effect would undoubtedly be better.

Not to mention, exercise could also boost physical fitness. It’s like getting extra attribute points in addition to the upgraded attribute points. Over time, the gap between hunters on the same level would grow even wider.

Tang Yu wasn’t particularly interested in the two floors. After a little observation, he went straight up to the upper floor.

The third and fourth floor had special training equipment.

For example, the fast track was a ten-meter long. It’s not just the length that’s different from ordinary fast track. The entire runway was infinitely long. There would be unbearable presence behind the user such as the feeling of fear and death to force the user to run quickly, stimulating the user’s own potential to the fullest.

There was some options, the user could choose to be exhausted or scared to death.

In addition, there’s other training facilities such as reaction space, gravity chamber, shooting range, etc. all of them amazed Tang Yu.

But he had no intention to try any of these facilities. His sole purpose was the spiritual space at the upper fifth floor of the training camp.

He intended to open the first to fourth floor for public.

Had had thought about the specific details. The first two floors were free for the patrol team. As for the third and fourth, if they wanted to use it, they needed to spend their contribution points. This was the salary of the patrol team. In exchange for materials according to their contributions. It effectively avoided the expenditure of spirit stones.

Not only that, when the survivor population increased in the future, the training camp could be opened for free. For example, if a foreign survivor wanted to train and become stronger, they’d need to pay in spirit stone currency.

It’s not a long-term way to hunt for spirit stones from demonic beast. Even if the spirit stone mines had already been mined, if the shelter’s name spread out to the outside world, they could still get spirit stones from attracted foreign hunters who came to the shelter.

Those hunters would spend their spirit stones in the shelter. They would go out to hunt down demonic beasts in order to gain more spirit stones. They would spend their money on training camp in order to get stronger. This was a very good cycle. Tang Yu smiled imagining his warehouse full of spirit stones.

Relying on other people to get more resources!

He shook the unrealistic ideas from his mind and finally ascended to the fifth floor.

Compared to other floors with a dazzling array of training facilities, the fifth floor was fairly simple. There were only three rooms. Each rooms was empty, only runes painted on the walls inside.

This was the spiritual access room. Each room was limited to one person.

Tang Yu walked into one of the room and sat down, cross-legged. The runes on the walls gleamed gently. For a while, the whole room seemed to be shaken as his thought infinitely elongated and shook past heaven and earth. His whole consciousness was already in a gray space.

This was the spiritual space, a space between illusion and the reality.

There were some variety of training modes here. In the most basic training mode, the user could set their own selected enemies such as fighting demonic beast. The user could fight freely without the fear of death. In here, the user could improve their combat experience in short time.

In addition, there’re survival mode, battle space, tower of trials, virtual secret realms, etc. However, many of these modes were grayed out. Obviously they’re not available yet in the training camp’s most basic level.

Tang Yu chose personal training and picked up a few demonic beasts to practice with. He hadn’t tried it yet but with his effort, he could deal with some demonic beasts.

When suddenly…

“Ding dong! The identity of the Lord has been detected. Proceed to enter Exclusive Mode of the Lord?”

Mode of what?

Tang Yu was stunned. He had never heard of this mode of spiritual space and it was not written in the manual. And if he heard correctly, the voice appeared in his mind and not by the training camp. The sound must’ve come from the system.

He tried to ask the system.

“The Exclusive Mode of the Lord is a mode that only the Lord can enter. It is a special training environment for the Lord. In Exclusive Mode of the Lord, you can get rewards for completing quests.”

Tang Yu ignored all the sentence and focused on the two words.

Quest rewards.

Suddenly, he felt teary.

What’s the standard configuration of a system? Obviously, quest and rewards! But this system’s broken. There’s no starting money, no starter package, no newbie benefits. Even he had to pay all the cost of building the city. If he wasn’t lucky enough to stumble upon spirit stones in the beginning, he would be dead by now. Six-feet underground.

For a time, he felt the quest rewards and other things were impossible to get. He didn’t expect it to appear again. Even if the rewards was limited only to the training camp, he didn’t care as long as he could get rewards!

“Ding dong! Do you want to enter The Exclusive Mode of the Lord?”


“Ding dong! Initiating the Exclusive Mode of the Lord, scene one, generating quests…”

[Quest 1: Survive for 30 minutes. Reward: Skill – Break through the Sky] [Quest 2: Kill 10 demonic beasts that exceed own levels by two. Reward: Skill – Instant Acceleration] [Hint: Before entering the scene, you can choose equipment of your choice. The selected equipment must be the basic equipment.]

There were two missions in the scene. Beheading ten beast that exceed two levels of him. He was a triple awakening, which means he needs to kill fifth awakening demonic beast. Tang Yu thought it was rather impossible to be done.

But the other task, survive for 30 minutes seems…rather easy?

Tang Yu was excited for the rewarded skills that could be learned directly. From just a single glance, these two skills were much more advanced than a basic skill like chopping.

An idea had emerged.

At the next moment, Tang Yu found himself in a large forest. Before he could observed his surroundings, a sudden pain stuck his nerves, he immediately lost his consciousness. The next moment, he appeared again in the gray space.

“Am I dead?”

Tang Yu gasped for breaths. Large sweats on his forehead kept dripping, his heart beats fast, his pupils were dilated but he hadn’t lost his mind yet.

This was a spiritual space. Except that he would not really die, every other sense was real.

At the moment of death, he didn’t understand what just happened. But the feeling of death was very real. He still felt the excruciating pain in his heart, leaving his muscles shaking.

After all, Tang Yu’s just an ordinary person. Although his post-doomsday life was difficult, he was never in a real danger, nor was he the kind of masochist person who took injuries as a daily routine. Even if he was prepared and ready to die in the spiritual space. But the sudden feeling of fear and despair stayed deep in his heart.

After spending half an hour in the gray space, Tang Yu tried to enter the first scene again several times but he hesitated to enter again without the courage he needed.

Time passed quietly, but everything seemed eternal in the gray space.

Tang Yu slowly opened his closed eyes and gritted his teeth…

“It’s time to fight!”

He entered the first scene again to survive. Tang Yu no longer cared about observing the surrounding environment. First, he ran off from the starting point. He noticed a huge dark shadows between huge trees as he looked up.

A gigantic black spider with the size of a car coldly stared at him. Its mouths were dripping with liquids.

Suddenly, Tang Yu’s whole body stiffened.

Even if he’s fully equipped now and his long sword could break through its defense. The question was, was his equipment good enough against such a big spider?

No wonder the quest was to survive 30 minutes!

Tang Yu wanted to ask badly, Brother Spider, could we talk this through?

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