My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 46


Chapter 46 – A Few Minutes

The patrols had some expectations and doubts regarding the training facilities on the third and fourth floor.

Leader Tang’s ability was indeed powerful. He could make a powerful arrow tower and cannons, as well as those elaborate equipmenst on the first and second floors. Some people had speculated Leader Tang’s ability was related to the earth. But now they’re convinced that his ability covered far more than that. It’s more appropriate to say he had creation ability.

Ability to create buildings, equipment, items.

People with ability had all kind of strange abilities. Theoretically speaking, it’s not even surprising if someone had the ability to control time and space, or to shape destiny. Most people would regard these abilities as mere legends before they witnessed it with their own eyes. Creation ability, that must be what Leader Tang’s ability was.

These abilities could go far beyond imagination, but they weren’t without limits.

People noticed that Leader Tang needed to collect materials before constructing a building.

Secondly, even if his ability was indeed creation, it must have some kind of rules. Defensive buildings such as arrow tower and cannon were already existed. They believed that Leaded Tang first conceived these buildings with an object reference and strengthen them with his ability. As a result, a powerful arrow tower and cannon was built.

The defensive building and the training equipment on the first two floors was all traceable. Some of them were available before the doomsday.

Because of the limits, they felt it must be just a normal equipment.

Therefore, they doubted when Captain Roger said that the training facilities on the upper floor could help them improve their strength quickly.

At this stage, they must improve their combat experience and skill, also absorbing spirit power in order to improve their strength. However, no matter which way, it couldn’t be done just by using training equipment.

Unless it involved fighting a demonic beast.

For example, they felt a lot of improvements on their strength after experiencing a real fight. Aside from that, what other training facilities could achieve this?

The facilities on the third floor weren’t as numerous as the first two floors. After a quick observation, the patrols were even more puzzled. Question rose in their mind. What’s this? How to use this? What’s the benefit of using this?

Unlike the first and second floor, none of them understood the equipment!

Roger had never used the equipment, but as the Lord’s follower, his authority in the territory was only below Tang Yu. He knew the use of these training camp equipments.

He came to the treadmill, briefly introduced its function and asked, “Who wants to try first?”

Peng Bo was looking puzzled at the ten-meters long treadmill. He looked at the others and was relieved that they all shared the same look.

Although he didn’t understand the function, he was relieved as long as other people also didn’t understand. That meant he’s not stupid and it’s normal. But what’s the use of this treadmill anyway?

He wanted to give it a try, only to saw that Lu Xiaopeng once again stood up first. He walked straight to the threadmill.

Peng Bo observed closely, trying to see what had changed.

When the treadmill started moving, weird patterns painted on its floor lit up but that’s all. Lu Xiaopeng seemed blurred but Peng Bo noticed a major change. Lu Xiaopeng’s face grew paler.

At first, there was an inexplicable change. It seemed like he was just shocked, the sweat on his forehead slipped as his expression became more and more frightened. The next moment, Peng Bo saw Lu Xiaopeng leaned forward, he was running forward like a crazy man with his arms swinging by his body.

He just ran faster and faster. What’s going on with such a messed up look?

He couldn’t understand it, nor did anyone else.

As time went by, Lu Xiaopeng’s face became even paler and his running speed became even faster. Finally, a notice rang and the treadmill stopped. The next moment, Peng Bo saw Lu Xiaopeng’s entire body softened before he fell to the ground.

“How long was it? It seems too short.”

He came to greet Lu Xiaopeng, poking his body for a while.

Peng Bo shook his head and headed to the treadmill. A few minutes later, he also came out pale. His whole body was lying on the ground. The vast on his waist fell on his stomach. He looked even worse than Lu Xiaopeng.

The remaining patrols who hadn’t experienced it were becoming even more confused. They felt like they were particularly stupid today. They didn’t understand the combat skills, equipment, and the training camp.

Roger stepped forward and operated a blank panel next to the treadmill. Others were a human shaped light and shadow on the panel. The figure was on the treadmill as the data kept floating in.

“This is…”

Except for Peng Bo and Lu Xiaopeng who was already looked like a jelly on the floor, everyone else gathered around the panel and watched the panel carefully.

“This is just the running process of those two. These data seemed to be their speed. How can they improve so much?”

“Could it be they didn’t run at full speed in the beginning?”

“Bullshit!” Lu Xiaopeng struggled. “Look.. at.. me. Do I look like I wasn’t running at full speed?”

The patrols exchanged glances. Those two were indeed runninf like crazy from the very beginning. It could be seen from their appearances and movements. It’s reasonable to say their speed had increased after running at full speed. The slower the better.

Moreover, what most incomprehensible was why Lu Xiaopeng’s expression was initially frightened?

But it’s not a problem even if they didn’t understand. They had seen the potential of the treadmill to inspire people to run faster and faster.

“I want to try.”

“Me too!”

One after another went in without noticing the pity in the eyes of Lu Xiaopeng and Peng Bo on the ground. A few minutes later, the first one came out and lying on the ground in a wretched manner.

In this case, the result didn’t seem to depend on personal strength. The patrols who had ran were worried while watching their remaining teammates.

“Three minutes…”

“Three and a half minutes…”

“Four minutes. That’s awesome!”

“It’s just two minutes. Your old bones can’t stand it?”

Tang Yu witnessed such a bizarre scene as he descended from the stairs. He didn’t want to disturb the patrols and went straight out of the training camp.


In broad daylight, a group of people were sweating. Their eyes flashed as they were counting time. Was that…a good thing?


After leaving the training camp, Tang Yu didn’t return to the castle. Instead, he walked out from the city gate.

Although his spirits were weary, he wasn’t sleepy.

Time passed for a half day. But for Tang Yu, it felt like eternity.

He had died by corrosive venom, the other time he was impaled by sharp spider legs, and he also died being mutilated into two-parts on his waist. After died again and over again, Tang Yu felt that his experience could be compiled together into a death encyclopedia.

He also didn’t know how many times he had already died in the spiritual space. At the beginning, he was afraid and had no guts to enter. Later on, when his sense still recalled at the moment of death in the last second, his mind had chosen to enter again.

This was not awakening certain attributes. Although he could still feel the pain of the injury and death was intense, he could feel his own progress and it was addictive.

It’s like cultivating spirit power.

It’s some kind of entertainment.

Both painful and exciting.

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