My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 7


Chapter 7 – Midnight Crisis

It was quiet during the night.

In a relatively intact villa, several survivors gathered together circling a candle.

“You said those two man are gonna build a shelter here?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, building a shelter isn’t easy. Not to mention, there are only two of them. Even if they’re strong, it has nothing to do with building a shelter.”

“Forget about them, let’s focus on our own survival. What should we do? It’s clearly unsafe here. Why don’t we go to Lindong Shelter? It’s a large military shelter. As long as we survived the journey, we won’t have to worry about demonic beast attacking us.”

Some people had voiced their thoughts, but others weren’t enthusiastic about the prospects.

“Yes, Lindong Shelter is a good choice, but how do we get there? On a straight line, it’s 60 kilometers away from here. If we could easily get there, we wouldn’t have stayed in this small shelter.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone else sunk back in depressed.

They were hiding in the underground cold storage where they thought it would be safe. But they were almost killed by a demonic beast if it weren’t for those two person.

Someone suddenly said, “We can follow them if they are going to Lindong Shelter.”

“But they are planning to build a shelter here. Why would they want to go to Lindong? Even if they did, they might not bring us along with them. I think it’s best for us to take refuge in the nearby small shelter.”

“But why don’t we just stay here? Those two said as long as we stay within the villa, we are save.”

However, some people doubted it.

In their minds, there were only two persons on Tang Yu’s side. If they ever encountered danger, would those two be able to rescue them? Even if they tried to, they might not make it in time. The reason why they weren’t optimistic about the construction of the shelter was because they didn’t have enough manpower. No matter how strong they were, it’s impossible to guarantee everyone’s safety.

In fact, at the bottom of their heart, they acknowledged that the other party had no obligation to protect them. However, they did wanted someone to cover them when danger approached.

This was also human nature.

Finally, Chen Haiping ended the discussion by saying, “Instead of thinking about these things, we better practice marksmanship or swordplay. Even if you’re not a hunter, you still had a chance to defend yourself.”

The flame from the candle danced on the table.

As Chen Haiping wiped his weapon and was about to say something else, suddenly, his face changed.

“Watch out!”

Chen Haiping immediately took his machete and watched the villa’s balcony window carefully.

Two faint green light showed up in the dark night.

“It’s a demonic beast!” Someone yelled in panic.

“They said this area was cleared from the demonic beast?!” Someone asked in confusion.

“I knew they were out of manpower. How could they possibly guard every area from the demonic beast with just the two of them? There’s no real safe place here!”

Chen Haiping said nothing but waved his hand to sign others to retreat. He knew the thin layer of walls wouldn’t stop the demonic beast from attacking them.

Suddenly an explosion was heard. Boom!

The whole villa rumbled, the candle rolled and fell to the floor.

Some people didn’t know what to do, and others screamed in panic. Only Chen Haiping, who had been staring at the demonic beast, vaguely saw a figure descend from the sky and slammed the demonic beast to the ground.

Chen Haiping finally saw that it was that mysterious armored man who saved them earlier that afternoon. He crushed the demonic beast to death with just one kick.

Others held their breath, terrified. They didn’t see what happened, but they saw the demonic beast was trampled to death just like a bug.

Several people had various expressions on their faces. They just said how they didn’t trust Tang Yu and said bad things about him just now, thinking that he might only need their force to labor, without caring for their safety.

But now…

The demonic beast was immediately killed by the armored man. They couldn’t see his face, but his back figure permanently stained in their memory.

No. 2 was responsible for guarding the territory did not leave immediately. Instead, it pulled out the spear and pierced the nearby tall grass.

The spear sounded like thunder!

How violent the strike was!

Before the survivors could react, they saw a small demonic beast impaled on the tip of the spear, just like a barbeque.

There was a demonic beast hidden on the grass!

Many survivors shuddered in fears, they didn’t know what the kind of the demonic beast it was, all they knew was the world had become a dangerous place.

But Chen Haiping knew what it was, and he couldn’t take his eyes off on the beast!

It was a sting bug!

Also known as the assassin in the night!

The reason why Chen Haiping recognized the beast was because the strongest hunter in the previous shelter died from its poison. If it weren’t for the sting bug’s attack, the hunter wouldn’t have died in the first place. And if he’s still alive, the shelter’s defense line wouldn’t falter that bad.

But the stink bug had no resistance, just like kebab meat on No. 2’s spear.

Chen Haiping was out of breath, and his eyes were wide open. The shock he had experienced today was maybe more than everything he had endured since the doomsday started.

No. 2 dragged the sting bug away into the night, leaving the survivors speechless for a while.

Only a few minutes later, the survivors were relieved from the shock.

“We…have been saved?”

“Yeah.” Some people looked at the direction where No. 2 had disappeared and feeling guilty. “Perhaps we shouldn’t have doubted them, remember what they said. They would protect us and provide us with food as long as we stay and work for them. So maybe we should do that.”

“Yeah, in the doomsday, it’s the same, no matter where we go. At least we had enough food to eat by staying here.”

Two red dots slowly disappeared on the territory map. On the side, several yellow dots representing neutral units flashed several times and finally turned into green dots representing they belonged on the same side now.

The green dots did not mean these people had trusted him unconditionally. It’s not easy to gain trust between survivors during the doomsday, but this change had already shown some degree of recognition. And that’s good enough for him.

Tang Yu walked to the open space behind the castle, near his feet, woods, and stones piled up. These were the materials that the survivors had gathered earlier this afternoon.

“I can finally build the first order of territorial building.”

Lord’s Castle was not a real territory building, but a territorial core linked to the territory’s level. This was his only second day since he linked with the system, and he already had enough resources to build the first building. Tang Yu felt his progress was too slow, he felt gratitude to those survivors. Without them, he would have sacrificed his time for hunting demonic beast with the two puppets and gathering resources instead. Who knew how long it’s gonna take?

He opened the system panel and selected the pub.


“Ding dong! The construction of the pub had consumed 200 units of spirit stone and 100 units of wood.”

In front of him, the wood lying on the ground suddenly flew out as if some invisible force was pulling them, setting up the frame of the pub building.

Afterward, the spirit stone in his pocket disappeared as it turned into small lights and merged with the building frame. Just like how the main town hall was built, the pub changed shapes into a medieval styled pub.

Tang Yu couldn’t wait to enter the pub.

It wasn’t large, it only had one floor with maybe 50 or 60 square meters wide. There was a counter and several tables and chairs inside. Tang Yu even saw the shelves behind the counter filled with bottles of wine.

Just like a real ordinary tavern, it’s nothing luxurious like the Lord’s Castle, but it didn’t matter. The real function of the tavern was to recruit adventurers.

This was what Tang Yu really needed at the moment. As long as he paid well, he could sign a contract with an adventurer and obtain their allegiance.

Whether it’s to expand the territory or construct other buildings, he had to gather sufficient manpower to start it. Among them, trustworthy personnel was most important.

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