My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – Building Shelter

When Tang Yu first came out of the castle, only a puppet followed him, but when he returned, several survivors followed him.

The survivors were carrying food in big sacks. That was everything they could find from the cold storage and other rooms in the hotel. Coming from a shelter with thousands of survivors, this amount of food was barely enough to feed them all. Tang Yu knew most of the food was destroyed during the demonic beast wave.

Of course, Tang Yu accepted his food. He thought some survivor would be jealous of him when he claimed the food. After all, they were the ones who first found this food in the cold storage area. But it seemed like Tang Yu was just overthinking it.

The food was ownerless as if a person went out to the wilderness to pick up some wild fruits. Although there’s a saying that goes ‘first come, first served’ they didn’t seem to question his actions. In fact, if Tang Yu didn’t come to save them earlier, the survivors would’ve been lying dead by now. Even if he did stole the food, he doubted someone would speak up against him.

It’s not the time where morals were more important than survival. If those people still naively abide the morals to restrain strong person just like at the beginning of the doomsday, they wouldn’t have survived this long. What could restrain a strong person was either someone stronger or a strong person with no morals.

Even so, Tang Yu still shared the food with survivors as a reward for carrying the food sacks back to the castle. When they heard it, they were immediately felt energetic.

He couldn’t help it but feel this was how it felt like to be a leader.

No. 1 was strong, but it’s useless in the matter of collecting food. After all, the food was not placed in a box, it’s scattered everywhere. Even if No. 1 was strong, it would take a longer time to collect all the food. Meanwhile, the survivors worked together effectively using some tools to collect the food.

While he walked around and talk, Tang Yu learned something new about these people.

They have all suffered the same fate as him. They were survivors who survived after the shelter was attacked by the demonic beast wave. Among them, their leader was a middle-aged man named Chen Haiping. Tang Yu then asked to hear the destruction of the shelter from their side of the story.

He knew nothing but the fact that the shelter was destroyed by the wave, but Chen Haiping was a hunter. He might get some other information. For the future advancement of the territory, Tang Yu felt the urge to know everything.

Chen Haiping didn’t hold negative thoughts about him; thus, he explained everything he knows.

He smiled bitterly, “There was a shelter here, but a demonic beast wave destroyed it two days ago. I’m afraid we were the only survivor left.”

“Demonic wave? That’s terrible, but isn’t this shelter big? Can’t you all just retreated back?”

Chen Haiping’s expression grew even darker, “Retreat? Do you know how long the defense of the entire shelter lasts in the demon wave?”

“Three minutes.” He stretched out three fingers.

“Only three minutes! How could we possibly retreat? Most survivors didn’t even know what happened, they were all killed by the sudden demon wave.”

Tang Yu looked shocked.

He didn’t pretend to be shocked. He thought that the shelter was destroyed after a fierce battle, but it turned out he thought wrong.

“I was a leader of a small team in the shelter. When the attack happened, I was resting at my house. When I heard the alarm, I hurried to help support the defense line. But before I even arrived, I saw a wave of demonic beast flooding the entire shelter.”

Chen Haiping recalled and continued, “Even for a small shelter, the defense line of our shelter wasn’t that bad. Our strongest hunter already had his triple awakening. He was the only person in the entire shelter who was lucky enough to have awakened a special ability. Such strength can be regarded as a master in a larger shelter, he was famous even in the neighboring shelters.”

“There were machine guns installed on the defense line, accompanied by explosives and other weapons. Even with all the weapons installed, we still couldn’t withstand the demon wave. Our defense immediately shattered.” Chen Haiping paused for a moment, he let out heavy sigh. His face suddenly showed rare expression of pure anger.

“This was all the director’s fault! If he hadn’t abandoned us, we would’ve withstood the attack longer. Wang Tai escaped from the shelter without warning us.”

“Not only that, following his escape, but he had also taken away his most loyal man and carried away many of the guns and ammunition from the defense line. These guns and ammo were installed by Lindong military to provide support for our small shelter. But it’s all had taken away by Wang Tai. As a result, we couldn’t even stand a chance when the demonic wave attacked.”

“Even our strongest hunter died protecting us. I was lucky enough to avoid this mess. Apart from Wang Tai, who fled, we were the only one who survived the attack.”

Selfishness was indeed human nature, but it only showed during times like this.

Before he arrived in the shelter, Tang Yu was in a group of hundreds of survivors heading to this shelter. However, when they arrived, their number dwindled to only 100 survivors.

Many of the survivors died from the demonic beast attacks. But many more died either directly or indirectly at the hands of their fellow human survivors.

He didn’t say anything. Even when witnessing injustice, he chose to sit on the sidelines, which was the only reason he had survived this far.

He also couldn’t blame Wang Tai. Tang Yu couldn’t say Wang Tai’s decision to abandon the shelter was wrong given to the situation. But for those who were abandoned, resentment was inevitable.

As someone who was also abandoned, Tang Yu was somewhat angry, but not as angry as he would’ve thought.

Maybe it’s because he survived and linked with the system, or maybe anger was only for the weak. Instead of being angry, he wanted to control his own destiny.

When Chen Haiping had said everything he held back, he felt as if a heavy weight was lifted off from his chest. It didn’t matter anymore, what mattered now was what he should do to survive.

After moving the food once with Tang Yu, he started moving the food back and forth with the other survivor.

However, Chen Haiping felt something amiss after several trips.

At first, he thought Tang Yu and his companion were strong hunters from a nearby large shelter. He thought they were just passing by and were going to leave this area soon. But he realized something from chatting with Tang Yu, he didn’t plan to leave this area at all. This sparkly clean young man was planning to build a shelter right here.

Build a shelter?

At first, he thought Tang Yu was only joking. However, after finished transporting the food, he began hiring the survivor to carry up stone and wood. Chen Haiping didn’t hope they would do this, he also understood they were serious!

Just before, he had explained how the shelter was destroyed by a demon wave. But now, he felt everything he said was in vain!

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