My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 84


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 84 – Pretend to flow along with the water

When the tall man and chubby man arrived at the employment center, they saw many hunters coming in and out. As the only official building in the shelter, the employment center had expanded a lot. A simple workshop shed was built beside the villa, and the outer villa wall was demolished, giving it more space. But it was kind of look hideous. Tang Yu also noticed the ugly view when he passed through. Once he had spare money, he’d construct an office building in the future.

But the Hammer Brothers thought the other way around. They had ventured to other shelters, all of which were in a miserable condition. Although the Tree Shade shelters lacked people, they could see that the facilities here are well-built. Especially the towering city wall they had just seen.

“Big brother, their wall is even more magnificent that the stories we heard! This shelter’s strength must be quite powerful. Brother, you should be careful not to lose your temper.”

“I should be the one who said that!” The tall men snorted and slapped the chubby man’s head. His expression was sad.

After both of them entered the employment center, they noticed the office was divided into two parts. The first part was to assign and receive tasks, and the other part was to buy supplies and equipment. Obviously, the latter was newly developed.

The tall man walked over the counter, “How much two big hammers costs?” he gestured the size of the hammer.

“Big Iron Hammer?” Xiao Chen, the shopkeeper, continued. “We don’t have one. You can look at the list over there. We have standard long swords, standard combat knives, and standard combat suits.”

The two brothers looked at the list. Indeed, the equipment they wanted was not there. But they heard they could buy any weapons here? That’s very odd!

“But…” Xiao Chen went on to say, “because weapons like a hammer are relatively unpopular. You can order a custom made hammer in our shelter…”

“How much does it cost?!” the tall men slammed on the table, startling the shopkeeper. His brother immediately dragged him back.

Xiao Chen glanced at the tall man, and his face was now calm. “If you want to custom order an equipment, it won’t just cost you spirit stones. You also need to complete a certain employment task.”

“Ah, how troublesome! Is there really no other way?”

“You can also join the patrol team. You can use the contribution points from the patrol team’s daily reward to exchange for a customized weapon.”

The tall man turned around and left. The chunky man followed closely. They went to the other part of the office and observed the employment task. The tall man frowned, “We have to complete a difficult task in order to get the customized weapons. It’s not easy for us without your hammer. Our combat effectiveness is reduced.”

The chubby man was about to say something when loud noise suddenly came from the door.

A young man wearing a black combat suit uniform walked in. A few hunters followed him, judging from their postures, they must’ve waited for something.

The young man posted a notice on the wall, and he looked at the energetic hunters who followed him and cleared his throat, “Ahem. The patrol recruitment test registration is out. You can read about it in the notice. But remember, don’t get too excited.” The young man left as soon as he finished his sentence.

Others immediately rushed forward to read the notice.

“They finally open recruitment! I’ve been waiting for this day to come!”

“Finally, I have the chance to join the patrol team and kill the demonic beast! I will be a master!”

“We have to be evaluated to join? What’s that?! They didn’t have this last time!”

“Written and physical test? What the hell?!”

The scene in the office was chaotic. The two brothers exchanged a glance. Although they were a bit confused, the patrol jobs seemed to be quite promising? Was it possible that the patrols squeezed ordinary survivors out of their wealth? They had seen it in other shelters. The patrols teams who were supposed to protect the survivors were, instead, being squeezed out of their money. They couldn’t help but felt disgusted.

They initially thought this shelter was supposed to be a better shelter. But that didn’t seem like the case. They didn’t felt anything towards ordinary survivors. The two brothers thought a hunter’s strength should be used to deal with the demonic beast instead of oppressing the ordinary survivor. Killing the demonic beast was the true power of a real hunter. Both of them were somehow disappointed with the patrol team.

Suddenly, someone patted their shoulder. They turned around to see a big burly man with a towering figure dressed in a black suit with a claymore on his back was standing behind them. This tall man was really tall, and he even blocked the light. The tall man speculated his height combined with his brother wasn’t enough to compete with this giant man.

The burly man donned in the black suit smiled, “Are you going to sign up for the patrol recruitment test?”

The tall man was just about to speak his refusal when another hunter among the crowd immediately screamed, “Of course! Everyone who came to the employment office today wanted to join the patrols! The patrol team welfare benefit is high, and under the guidance of masters like Captain Roger, anyone who joined the patrol team could be a master too in just two weeks!” He spoke out his deepest fantasy.

The thin man was puzzled, “I thought people join the patrols only for the welfare? How could you become a master?”

“Well, the patrols welfare benefit is indeed very decent. We get a whole set of advanced equipment such as long swords, combat knife, and combat suits as soon as we joined the patrols. If you purchase the equipment separately, it would cost a huge amount of spirit stones! Probably more than we can earn in a lifetime. We can get a whole set just from joining the patrol team! Who wouldn’t want that?”

The tall man nodded in agreement. The chubby man couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva.

“The shelter gave the patrols such good equipment so that they can protect the shelter. The patrols used the equipment to slay demonic beasts and enhance their strength. But not only that! Look closer!”

“The members of the patrol teams had free access to the training camp’s advanced training facilities. They said those facilities improved their strength greatly.”

“Besides, the patrols regularly went out to hunt the demonic beast. Because you just arrived here, you must feel hunting demonic beast is too dangerous to be considered welfare, right? But with the patrol teams’ luxurious equipment and master Roger’s guidance, slaying demonic beast is a piece of cake!” the hunter said in confidence.

“I definitely could join the patrols and become a master. If you manage to pass the test, then we will be teammates!”

“But…” he glanced at the tall man, “your brother doesn’t seem very strong, he might need to try harder.”

The hunter saw Shay in a black suit, “That big brother looked very strong. Did you just arrive in the shelter?”

Shay nodded in agreement.

The man continued, “That’s right! You looked strong! After we join the patrol team, I can guide you!”

Shay listened to the hunter’s words and saw the hunters lining up for registration. He was stunned. He came here to see what’s going on here that it looked lively. He didn’t expect the situation would come to this.

Beside him, the Hammer Brothers were also stunned. They didn’t say that they wanted to sign up and join the patrol! Not at all! But it seemed this patrol team was really different from what they had expected.

Demonic beast hunting was the patrols’ regular activity, and every member aimed to improve their strength.

That aspect alone aroused their curiosity.

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