My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 85


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 85 – Breath of Life

“The patrols test is set for tomorrow. As for today, I’m going to the rest.” Tang Yu counted the unsolved things with his finger.

Being a Lord is great. But he had become too busy. The territory development program gradually finished one by one with the system’s sound keep ringing.

Later, he signed documents for nearly half an hour. The documents included acquisition and expenditure of materials, survivor statistics, personnel changes, new patrols recruitment, etc. He had to know everything as the leader of the shelter.

“About this…” Tang Yu glanced at Chen Haiping and Roger, letting them handled specific matters. He’s busy with another issue.

“After the patrol recruits new people, the firearms and weapons in the shelter might be not enough for them all. The workshop can only produce bullets. Fortunately, I have downloaded a lot of gun blueprints in Lindong and placed them in this Flash Disk. After the Research Institute rendered the blueprints, the workshop will be able to produce it.”

“Moreover, the Research Institute should be able to get the production formula of this Awakening Elixir. But it might cost a lot of spirit stones, so I’ll save it for later.”

One more thing, this territory had too few ways to obtain information from the outside, compared to Lindong Shelter. If he hadn’t left for Lindong, he wouldn’t know the changes that happened all over the country.

Indeed, he had the system and the territory. He had the infinite potential for development. But he couldn’t underestimate human wisdom, especially in a disaster. Either they would be swallowed by the disaster, or rise from it. 

Tang Yu contemplated, “I have to establish an intelligence agency. The focus for information gathering will not be in the territory but Lindong. This agent will obtain information from Lindong and then transmit it back to the territory. That would use as my stable channel of information about the outside world.”

This plan was entirely possible. He had a candidate in his mind. Tang Yu took No.1 out of the resort area. He drew a simple map as he walked. It didn’t look pretty, but aesthetics wasn’t the point. Tang Yu wanted to know how much his territory had expanded than before. He could see it from the territory map or the crystal ball, but he wanted to see it with his own eyes.

He was going to build arrow towers along the periphery. He came to the building state in person instead of using the remote control function. Tang Yu had experimented with remotely construct a system building. It consumed more energy.

The last time he built the city wall, it almost emptied his energy. Now that he had more in-depth control of the territory and consumed less energy during construction, it’s possible to build everything remotely. But Tang Yu felt he shouldn’t be too lazy. So he came to the actual building site instead.

After selecting the place, he reached out his finger. Earth and stones emerged from the void, condensed, and formed a 10-meters high arrow tower. He built a total of 6 arrow towers, all of which arranged in a semicircle around the resort villa.

“This way, the resort villa area won’t be bothered by the demonic beast. The construction around the periphery can be carried out safely.”

It’s not possible to build a city wall as they didn’t have enough stone. So he could only build defensive buildings for now. As for the demonic wave…the city wall would be enough to stop them.

After finished building the defensive buildings, all that’s left was the energy patio.

“Although it can be placed anywhere and will supply power in every part of the territory, this building is too expensive. I have to place it in a safe place.”


In the castle, Elaine’s room.

Winnie was changing her clothes. When she was summoned, she still looked like a mess, so she didn’t want to ruin the Lord’s mood. She hurriedly changed her dress, hoping to meet the Lord again. But all the clothes were too tight for her, and it was too uncomfortable.

“Try this one.” Elaine took out a dress that looked big in the closet and handed it to Winnie.

The supposedly loose dress looked too tight on her. Especially around her chest, it seemed like the buttons were about to pop. Elaine looked envious, but Winnie felt distressed instead.

She asked, “It’s still too tight?”

Winnie tugged at her dress, and she shook her head, “The dress is alright. It’s just…the thing that holds the chest, I don’t know, it feels too tight.” She was distressed, the bra was the largest available size in Elaine’s closet, but it still couldn’t fit Winnie. It would be very uncomfortable to wear it for a long time.

“Don’t wear it if it’s not comfortable. This is your first time wearing this anyway.”

“Hmm…” Elaine pondered. “We can ask the Lord if there’s any size suitable for you. If there wasn’t suitable size, the Lord could custom made one for you.”

“No, please. I don’t want to burden the Lord.” Winnie shook her head. She should’ve worked for the Lord, not the other way around. Not to mention asking him about such a trivial matter! But she thought the dress looked beautiful.

She suddenly gazed on the distance, “Elaine, isn’t that the Lord?” 

Elaine’s room was on the fifth floor of the castle. It overlooked the garden below. After the upgrade, the castle garden became larger. Various flowers grew within the garden—splash of colors swaying gently under the breeze.

They saw Tang Yu walked on the garden path, looking at his left and right as if looking for something.

“Is the Lord enjoyed watching flowers?” Winnie stood by the window, looking at the garden below.

“I don’t know.” Elaine was also curious and came to the window, “But it’s easy to get along with the Lord. He’s not arrogant like most aristocrats. The Lord will help you with your clothing problem.”

Between their chat, they saw Tang Yu stopped and extended his right hand. The ground in front of him, suddenly bent. A huge oval stone rose from the earth along the border of the bent. It rose one after another, surrounding the whole pit.

Immediately, mysterious runes on the stones glowed and slowly extended to the bottom of the pit. As if a visible airflow circling, blue spring water emerged from the bottom of the pit and quickly increased. The water rose slowly until it reached a certain height before stopping. Suddenly from the patio, an invisible wave spread to the western perimeter.

Tang Yu’s hair was slightly blown up. Flower buds beautifully bloomed together at this moment. As if hugging the world with their tiny arms. The barnyard grass grew, the shoots sprouted harmoniously, nothing like wild weeds sprouting. Flowers and trees in the garden flourished as if it was being flowed with the breath of life.

Bright colorful flowers and buds, tender tree branches swayed gently in the breeze.

A figure stood amidst the sea of flowers.

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