My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 88


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 88 – This is the question?

The Hammer Brothers followed the other applicants into the examination hall to find their seats. The tall man walked ahead while the chubby man followed him closely.

“Brother, I thought we only come here to buy weapons? Why we took the test?”

“I said this patrol seemed interesting, and we just want to take a look, understand?” the tall man didn’t even look back.

“But… yesterday you said there’s nothing special with this patrol team?” The tall men’s face stiffened. He turned around and glared at his brother. The chubby man realized what he said was wrong.

The two of them sat on their seats. Shortly after, the test paper was distributed. Like usual, the first thing they needed to do was fill in their name and student…exam number.

The tall man wrote his name in three words, Ma Jiafeng. His younger brother’s name is Ma Jiaze. No one knew their real name; they were known as the “Hammer Brothers,” the title that became their identity.

After filling in their names, the real test would start soon. Most of the applicants were adults; the rest of them were teenagers. They all started writing.


Outside the examination room.

Tang Yu held a copy of the test paper and looked at it with boredom. The test started with multiple-choice questions.

The first question was, [What is the name of the captain of the patrol team?] there were four names under the question.

What an easy one.

Roger showed his face every day. He’s practically the most famous official of the shelters; not a single survivor wouldn’t know his name. This filler question was to let the applicants felt familiar with the shelter. Was there any other officer who stood out more than Roger? Certainly not!


“This is indeed a filler question.”

After Zhao Ming read the questions, most of them were indeed common sense questions. It wasn’t difficult, so he was confident. Particularly, the first question was a filler question.

“Of course, everyone will choose A.” Zhao Ming elegantly wrote an A.

He felt like this question was too easy for his intelligence. Even if he was asked about Captain Roger’s height, strength, record, the longest sentence he ever spoke, etc. He believed he could answer them all correctly as he had prepared for the test. It seemed like his preparations were unnecessary. What a shame…


On the other side.

The Ma brothers were also answering the questions on the paper.

Ma Jiafeng, the eldest, was confident with his intelligence. He’s not a stupid person made out of muscle with no brain. But thinking of that, he suddenly worried about his stupid brother. Ma Jiafeng got rid of his thought and concentrated again. He answered the questions in random order.

“Well, these questions are relatively easy. Most of them are common sense questions.”

He saw a multiple-choice question.

[Is the demonic beast meat edible?] [A. Absolutely possible; B. Absolutely impossible; C. Mostly acceptable; D. Mostly impossible]

“That’s easy. If the meat is edible, we wouldn’t have a food shortage.” Ma Jiafeng decisively wrote D. He randomly saw a fill in the blank question.

[What are the two sources of spirit stones? Write the answer in the black space below.] [___________,___________]

Of course, it’s the condensation of spirit stones mine and the demonic beast. He quickly finished answering. It’s easy; he didn’t even have to think hard. Ma Jiafeng glanced over the paper and landed on the first question.

[What is the name of the captain of the patrol team?]

Another easy question, he thought.

But suddenly, he froze.

The captain of the patrols? Er…who was it again? He looked up and saw at the stern man with a serious expression in front of him. He must be the captain of the patrol team. The thing was, what was his name again? Ma Jiafeng squeezed his brain; suddenly, he found a hint. “Right, I heard someone mentioned about captain Luo! The captain must be Luo!”


*TL note: Roger’s Chinese name is Luo Zhe


He glanced at the four options only to get stunned again.

[A. Luo Zhe; B: Chen Haiping; C.Luo Zhan; D. Shay]

There are two options with the family name Luo! The older Ma fell into deep thought again. This time, he found no clues. He pondered for a moment and decided to analyze it from another side.

Luo Zhe, Luo Zhan. What’s the difference between those two names? The first one meant ‘wise,’ the second one meant ‘war.’

He analyzed the two results. According to research, if he found a question, he didn’t know the answer, he would choose C, and the correct rate was the highest.

Alright! He must be Luo Zhan! If he was just counting one factor, he wasn’t too sure. But both theories supported C, so he must be right! Ma Jiafeng was very satisfied with his theory. He should be right this time.

The next moment, his gaze fell on something. There was a commentary above the question.

“This is a special question; if you get it right, you will get a score. If you answer wrong, no penalty will be applied.”

His adrenaline rushed. He couldn’t help but want to answer this question first. He was a master with triple awakening strength with a vast and rich experience in survival in the wild and demonic beast. Unfortunately, his knowledge couldn’t answer these common-sense questions. He was left unsure. It’s very annoying. He saw the last question, an essay with a high score.

“I have to answer it right!” Ma Jiafeng cheered on himself. He carefully looked at the question.

[Question: Can a hunter defeat another hunter one level ahead of him/herself?] [Note: Both hunters had no ability and have equal combat experience and weapon]

The Hammer Brother oldest, Ma Jiafeng, didn’t even think about the note and was going to write down his answer when suddenly he saw the next sentence.

[Please state your reasons.]

He suddenly froze. If it were fiction, there’d be many protagonists that could defeat a person stronger than him. But reality’s harsh. Beating a stronger opponent than yours was like a fantasy. He used his own situation as an example. He didn’t believe that a hunter with double awakening strength could win over himself. In the same way, he couldn’t defeat a fourth awakening hunter under the same condition.

“What is the goal of this question?”

Ma Jiafeng instinctively felt the answer wasn’t that simple. This time, the question was not based on their experience. In the end, even hunters had too little understanding of the power they possessed.

Hunters were not a match for the demonic beast on their same level.

It’s common sense, but why was that? Was it because the hunter’s physical tenacity was inferior to the demonic beast, so they lose? Or was it because the hunter hadn’t fully developed his own power and potential?

This question was different than the previous common-sense question. It seemed like they’re testing something very meaningful. Then, aside from combat experience and weapon, what else affected both hunters’ strength?

The question made Ma Jiafeng squeezed his brain.

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