My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 90


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 90 – Figure out the pattern

After the end of the three ordinary person’s tests, it’s the hunters’ turn. Most of the candidates were hunters. However, none of them wanted to be the first. Suddenly, the scene became quiet. Only the three people’s pant was heard.

On the upper floor of the hotel room, Tang Yu leaned against the window and silently observed the situation below. He was speechless. They said hunters weren’t particularly strong, in order to deal with a demonic beast on the same level as them, they had to team up with two or three more hunters, or they must set a trap in advance; otherwise, they could be killed. But hey! They were given weapons, and their opponent was an armless puppet. Why none of them dared to be the first? What did these people want? Tang Yu was going to record the name of those people in a small book when he suddenly heard something.

“I’ll do it!” A female hunter volunteered.

Tang Yu’s eyes brightened. The girl was young, her hair fashioned in a high ponytail, giving her a strong fresh look. She walked forward. Her appearance was ordinary but full of confidence. Tang Yu felt her hunter aura. Female hunters were rare, not that they were hard to awaken, but most didn’t live long enough, unlike the male hunters. Making their numbers few.

Most of them lived under a relatively safe environment like Lindong shelter, or the future territory. Under such circumstances, female hunters were more precious. Especially young and pretty hunters, they would certainly stand out.

Lan Qingya stepped forward and stood still. Her weapon of choice was a slender and flexible dagger. As soon as the test started, the three puppets rushed to her with their short legs. Lan Qingya, who was a double awakening hunter, responded quickly and dodged. Easily avoided the first puppet’s attack. The other two puppets soon attacked, rushing from the other directions, their fists headed towards Lan Qingnya. It would be dangerous if she were hit.

This situation is somewhat similar to the first fight; the only difference was three humans against one puppet. But now, three puppets charged at one person. It seemed like Lan Qingnya only continued to dodge and unable to fight back.

“I think she’s cornered.”

“Yeah, she might be evasive, but she couldn’t attack at all. She will get tired, but the puppets won’t. I don’t know how long she could continue dodging if she falters, then everything will be over.”

“She looked confident back then, and I didn’t expect she would be cornered like this.”

The spectators sighed. There was no quantity limit in this patrol recruitment test. So they didn’t feel the need for competition. They hoped someone could pass this test to boost their confidence. But now it seemed like…

“This girl is good, but I don’t think she should continue dodging like this. She better takes care of one of the puppets first.” The observer anxiously watched Lan Qingya in the combat arena.


Tang Yu leaned against the window. He found something interesting, “She couldn’t fight back, so she just learns their attack pattern.” After all, it’s just the most basic and cheapest puppet models. Even if it’s relatively strong and quick, its intelligence was limited and possessed a certain behavior pattern.

The high-level puppets like No.1 and No.2 could toss Roger a few streets away. Their combat experiences grew and had no behavior patterns. Tang Yu closed his eyes and connected with one of the three puppets. Through the puppet’s vision, he could observe the situation clearly.

The girl evaded the puppets attack; there was no slightest hesitation on her face. Her every move was carefully planned. If she wanted, she could fight back. But she didn’t want to counter-attack for now because she hadn’t thoroughly analyzed the puppet’s attack pattern. She was looking for an opportunity. Once she’s sure, she would launch an attack.

After evaded again, Lan Qingya retreated. Suddenly, a puppet charged with its right arm like the previous time, preparing for a heavy punch. This time, she didn’t avoid the coming punch. The young boy among the crowd couldn’t help but screamed and covered his eye with his hands. Didn’t dare to look at the scene again.

Just when the puppet swung out its punch, Lan Qingnya’s eyes narrowed. Her body shifted to her right, her ponytails flicked to her left, leaving the punch blow at the wind. At this time, she held the puppet’s arm and took advantage of it to climb on the puppet’s head. She smoothly climbed on the puppet. The two other puppets stopped moving. The puppet she rode reach out to grab Lan Qingya only to get sliced by her dagger.

One puppet down!

The rest was simple. After she figured out the puppet’s attack pattern, Lan Qingya quickly used the same method to solve the other two puppets. She jumped from the fallen puppet. Her ponytail flicked in the air, her chest shook…there was no boing motion; her chest was flat. Tang Yu finally understood why this girl was evasive. If it were Elaine…well, he didn’t know about Elaine, but Winnie definitely could do it. No wonder she signed up to be a dignified priest of the Medical Team.

After Lan Qingya’s test finished, the next hunter stepped forward.

A strong hunter stepped forward, “I won’t lose to a girl!” he took his weapon and fought against the puppet.

After Lan Qingya’s test, the other hunters quickly figured out the attack pattern of the puppets. One by one came forward. Some of them failed, some succeeded.

A young hunter confidently walked towards the weapons rack with a smile. He had observed his fellow candidate’s strength and capability. The puppet was indeed strong, and its movement was relatively good. However, they’re too stiff and lack of intelligence. Now that he had figured out the puppet’s attack pattern, there wouldn’t be a problem. “After I passed this test and joined the patrol teams, I’m going to unveil their secrets.” He chose a combat knife, carefully inspected it, and quickly walked into the combat arena.

Above, Tang Yu’s eyes widened. He stared at the young hunter bellows. The young man’s dot was a bright reddish color, the darker dots among the entire yellow-green candidates.

How dare he applied in the patrol team recruitment test? Tang Yu slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

Roses are reds…

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