Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 158


“20 million Belly. Can you afford to pay it back?”

Leiyin smiled and took out the whole 20 million Belly from the system and threw it on the ground angrily, “Take your money and hurry up. Get out of my way. “

Baby-5’s hands clasped together, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at him, “Leming….”

“Hemp, what is this attitude of yours?!” Looking at the ground, the fat man said with a huff.

“Take – your – money – and – hurry – up – get – out!” Leiyin glared at him.

The fat man looked into his eyes, and for some reason, he felt a feeling of fear from within. —It turned out that Leiyin used some Kenbunshoku Haki when he said that. The fat man was scared wretchedly. He picked up the money on the ground and then rattled away.

This was the power of Kenbunshoku Haki. —However, for ordinary people, it was more powerful.


When the fat man left, the crowd burst into laughter.

“Leming, it’s really you.”

“That fat man ran really badly.”

“If it weren’t for all that money, I think he’d hate to fly back.”

Baby-5’s pretty face flushed looking at Leiyin: ‘This man, he is protecting me….’

Leiyin has exactly 22 million Belly on him. After giving this money for Baby-5, he only had 2 million Belly left on him. However, Leiyin cared about not these things at all, but that the fat man actually said, “He wanted Baby-5 to be his concubine, ” which made Leiyin a little intolerant, so he unintentionally revealed some domineering aura.

“Hohoho… I see that you two love each other. Why not choose a day to get married?”

Since the moment Leiyin put 400 million Belly on the table of Doflamingo, Doflamingo felt that this guy was strong and had value for use. Therefore, he was already seen as a member of the Donquixote family, but he did not particularly understand Leiyin.

Of course, it’s a plan to make Leiyin part of the Donquixote family. The first was to buy his heart. —Baby-5 was 21 years old, young and beautiful, sexy and hot, almost no man would not be moved (many scums confessed their love to her and were purged by Doflamingo); the second was to let Leiyin make a home here and die for their lives; the third was if Leiyin had any kind of movement, Baby-5 could also play a role in monitoring.

This was how Doflamingo thought.

“You two are a good match, and your ages are just about the same, so I think it’s a good fit.” Pica, the elite officer of the Pica Army, also added.

“That’s right, marry Mr. Leiming, Baby-5!”

“Promise him!”

“Stay together, stay together…”

The Donquixote family was cheering one after the other with waves of uproar. For this, Baby-5 covered her face with both hands feeling already hot, extremely embarrassed to look at Leiyin. Leiyin had been dumbfounded in place, without comment.

“No! Baby-5 can’t follow him!”

While everyone’s emotions were running high, a discordant voice reached the crowd’s ears.

When everyone looked, it was Baby-5’s original partner, Buffalo.

The crowd looked at him in disbelief.

“Can you say a reason for not letting them be together?” Doflamingo said as he pushed his sunglasses.

“This guy is simply unknown. Why should he be promised to our family members who have been with us for years?” Buffalo said righteously.

“Hohoho… So it’s because of this, but I think Leiming’s outstanding performance is obvious to everyone. He created the Dragon’s Lair all by himself and earned a 400 million Belly bounty for our family. Isn’t that enough?”

“That… But that only proves his ability. It doesn’t show where he came from, in case he is ……”

“THAT’S ENOUGH, BUFFALO!” Doflamingo stopped him with a loud voice, “Buffalo, since we are already a family, it will only hurt our feelings if we continue to question!”

“But, young master….”

When Buffalo still wanted to say something, Doflamingo had already used dozens of thin threads twisted into a thick white whip-like rope and jerked Buffalo to the ground in one fell swoop, staggering him.

Buffalo’s nagging was already annoying, and Doflamingo’s meaning was clear: I’ve already decided to give Baby-5 to Leiming, and you’re still there babbling. Do you want to disobey me?

It turned out that Buffalo was also not sincere. He and baby-5 had been partners for a long time, and he had long liked Baby-5. That was why this time, he strongly objected.

Jerked by Doflamingo, Buffalo’s head turned into a propeller look, crying and flying away.

After a small episode, Doflamingo turned to the two, “I see that you two are very compatible. So why not prepare for marriage in the next few days.”


The two people’s mouths grew so long that a light bulb could have been shoved down.

Baby-5 hands tightly covered her cheeks. Her face was hot like fire, and her heart was already too happy to contain herself, “Yes… Okay!”

Seeing Baby-5 readily agreed, Doflamingo was also happy, and then he turned to Leiyin, “Hohoho… Leiming, what do you think?”

Leiyin pondered for a moment and gave an unexpected answer to people, “I’m sorry…. I’m not ready yet.”


“Hey, Leiming, you can figure out, your bride is Baby-5.”

“Aren’t you both interested in each other?”

“That’s right, did they act so close before? Were they just doing it for us?”

The members of the Donquixote family all chided each other.

Baby-5’s originally pleasant and happy heart felt like it was splashed with a basin of cold. Her hands gradually let go. She stared at Leiyin with a pair of beautiful eyes, a face of resentment, and then, without looking back, she ran away.

When Leiyin still wanted to say something, it was already too late to repent.


That night, Leiyin went to Baby-5 to say something, but, Baby-5 was gone behind closed doors. He knew he had broken her heart, so he returned to his residence in depression.


Coincidentally, this time, the growing power of the Vinsmoke family was almost dominating the entire North Blue. —Since the last time, the fourth son of the Vinsmoke family, Yonji was always nostalgic for the beautiful and sexy Baby-5 and wanted to turn her into his woman.

So Yonji explained his idea to Sanji.

Sanji thought for a moment and patted Yonji’s shoulder: “Since you like it, father recently went to propose marriage with the Donquixote family.”

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