Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 206


When Leiyin saw the situation, he did not want to make any more arguments with the Empress, “Nothing, I did not say anything.”


The banquet hall was filled with laughter. The female warriors were persuaded to drink, and Leiyin drank five or six pounds of white wine and was slightly drunk. The Empress had been pretending to be high and cold to secretly watch him at the side. After three rounds of wine, Leiyin got sleepy and slept directly on the table. Most of the female warriors also did not overcome the wine and slept over.

At this time, the night was already worth deep, in addition to the rising and falling snores, there was no other noise.

The Empress did not drink much wine, and was still awake, while Leiyin was next to her, sleeping peacefully.

The Empress carefully surveyed the lying sleeping Leiyin, and could not tell what feeling was in her heart.

“Is this the man? It’s nothing like the ones I met in the Holy Land when I was a kid.”

Men in the Island of Woman Amazon lily was rarer than the Sea King (there would be none). In addition to those world nobles with twisted hearts that she had seen in the Holy Land as a child, the Empress had never seen another man, much less observed a man so closely.

She breathed heavily and cautiously put her hand on Leiyin’s face. Leiyin called out “Baby-5” in his sleep in a vague way, and the Empress was frightened and put her hand back.

The Empress looked at the sleeping Leiyin without blinking like a frightened bunny, as if she was exploring a cherished animal she had never seen before. She once again gathered her courage and put her hand to Leiyin’s forehead, gently touching his muscles, “Is this a man’s muscle? So… So sturdy…”

“B.. . baby… .5…” Leiyin vaguely called again in his sleep, and the Empress stood up at once in fright and ran out of the banquet hall.

“If they are found, it will be really troublesome… By the way, what the hell am I doing?” The Empress ran all the way to her chambers. Her face was already red to the roots of her ears, and she couldn’t even understand herself about what she had just done, only that it was subconscious. She just couldn’t control her hands…

The next day, the sky was just a little bit of fish belly white.

Leiyin stretched. He had drink nearly eight pounds of white wine in the evening, and he felt as if he had never drunk.

He looked around, the female warriors of Kuja Tribe were still lying on the ground, did not wake up.

Leiyin slightly tidied up and walked towards the main hall of the palace…

Kuja tribe Emperor’s chambers.

“Sister, what happened to you?”

Sandersonia, Marigold and some female guards were all gathered around the Empress’ dragon bed with anxious faces. They only saw that the Empress’ cheeks were flushed, the back of her slender hand was pressed against her head, and she was breathing heavily as if she was in pain.

“What’s going on here? Could it be that Lord Hancock drank too much wine yesterday and had a hangover?”

“Would a hangover be such a symptom?”

“Yesterday it was fine, how did it become this way overnight?”

“Lord Leiyin he…”


As soon as the female warrior mentioned the word “Leiyin”, the Empress let out a stifled grunt, and then covered her heart with her hand, in even more pain.

“Lord Hancock!”


At this time, a female warrior came to inform, “Lord Hancock, Admiral Leiyin has arrived at the main hall of the palace… Please…”


The Empress’ heart ached even more, and she covered it with her hand as hard as she could.

When Elder Nyon walked in and saw all this, she looked at the Empress on the dragon bed with an incredulous look and blurted out those two fatal words.







Every time Elder Nyon shouted the word “Leiyin”, the Empress let out a miserable cry, covering her chest in pain, and beans of sweat fell down.

“Grandma, please stop!”

“Lord Hancock is already in pain!”

The two imperial sisters eagerly stopped Elder Nyon.

The eyes of the old woman were wide and full of incredulity, “I really guessed it!”

“Elder Nyon, what exactly is this illness of Lord Hancock?”

Elder Nyon’s face was grave, “This disease is very terrible, the last emperor of the Kuja Tribe died from this disease…”

“Elder Nyon, please hurry up and save Lord Hancock!”

The old woman had a helpless face, “This disease, not to mention me, even the world’s best doctors can’t cure it. Because it is – lovesickness!”

“Love sickness?!”

At this point, the Empress sat up with difficulty. The fragrant sweat was thrown in a continuous drip, “Lei… That Leiyin guy is now… Where is it now?”

“Waiting for you in the palace’s main hall.”

“Let… Have him come here to meet this concubine!”

“Yes, Lord Hancock!”

In her heart, the old woman thought, “Boy, how many lifetimes of luck have you reaped, to have the world’s greatest beauty fall for you…”

When Leiyin arrived at the bedchamber, the Empress forced her body to endure the discomfort and sat on the Salome.

“Well? Have you considered the matter? Give a painful word.” As soon as they met, Leiyin opened the door and said.

“Where is the battlefield?” The Empress asked back.

“In the Marine G-5 Branch base, if you go, go directly there.”

“Then… What about you?” The Empress asked.

“I’ll go back to the Marine Headquarters to report your situation first, and then I’ll arrive.”

As soon as she heard the words that Leiyin also going to the G-5 Branch, the Empress for some reason, suddenly felt a lot lighter.

Leiyin asked, “How do you say, you agree to go?”


“Then, I thank you in advance for the marine. If the decision is made, you depart now, I first go back to the Marine Headquarters.”

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