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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 39



The sharks almost didn’t have time to react and were knocked unconscious. After all, large Tiger Head Sharks were just an animal. Although they were fierce and brutal, they had never seen anything like it.

The shark was insignificant in front of the Water Dragon Bullet Technique used by Leiyin.

After Leiyin’s efforts, there were less than ten sharks left. Now, Leiyin was gathering blue cyclones in his hands, preparing for the final blow to the sharks, “BIG BALL RASENGAN!”

Leiyin first used [Flying Thunder God Slash] to instantly move into the shark group. Then, the blue chakra cyclone blatantly fell.

With a loud roar, the [Big Ball Rasengan] smashed the surface of the sea into a whirlpool with a diameter of more than ten meters.

At this time, the soldiers who had been hiding in the ship’s cabin ran up to the bow of the ship in unison. When they looked again, all the sharks were almost unconscious or blown to pieces by the explosion.

Amid the marine soldiers’ incomparable amazement, Leiyin returned to the ship with a [Geppo].

“He was alone, and he can annihilate the entire shark group…”

“This guy, is he really just a Petty Officer?”

“This battle scene is like a dream world.”

Who the hell was this kid?!

T Bone initially thought that, at most, Leiyin could stop the sharks and repel them. He never thought Leiyin could do that.

It seemed that Vice Admiral Garp could see him for what he was worth, and not without reason.

Ever since Leiyin defeated the sharks, the marine’s eyes on him changed from disdain to awe.


After two days at sea, the ships saw an island.

“Let’s take a break here,” Leiyin said lightly, and the soldiers immediately dropped anchor and obeyed his orders.

Ever since Leiyin showed his great strength to the marine soldiers, his authority on the ship had even surpassed that of Lieutenant T Bone.

Money? Rights? Rank?

In this world, these were secondary. As long as there was strength, the above three were all at hand.

Therefore, even though Leiyin was a Petty Officer, everyone knew very well that this kid had an unlimited future. Moreover, if Leiyin hadn’t been there two days before, they would have been a meal for the sharks.

The soldiers on the ship were all impressed by him.

When he heard Leiyin say that he wanted to rest and recuperate on the island, T Bone didn’t argue and said, “Mr. Leiyin, the powers on the Grand Line are complicated, and there are only twenty of us.”

T Bone was right. The world was so big, who knew what kind of devils lived on the island?

However, they had to go to the island to buy some food and fresh water resources to prevent running out of food. Besides, they weren’t supposed to be on any big mission, just sending someone to the Marine Headquarters.

T Bone and Leiyin weren’t afraid, but it was better to be careful for the safety of these ordinary marine soldiers.

Leiyin said, “Well, Mr. T Bone, you’re right. Let’s all change into civilian clothes.”

These marines dispersed in order not to attract attention. Each went to purchase food and fresh water, while Leiyin, alone, was also going to buy some food for the journey back. Everyone agreed to meet up at the ship after two hours of shopping.

After boarding the island, they realized that it was a relatively busy small town. The streets were bustling with people and traffic.

As Leiyin was walking down the street, he saw a deli and was about to step in when a small man stopped him.

The small man looked at Leiyin, rubbed his hands, and said, “Sir, I see that you have an imposing and elegant appearance. Are you interested in joining our auction?”

Hearing this guy’s words, Leiyin was puzzled, “Why did you call me to the auction?”

The little man thought for a moment, “Haha, seeing as you are also a straightforward person, to tell you the truth, I see that the sword behind you is not bad. If it were at our auction, it should be able to fetch a good price.”

Indeed, the Kusanagi Sword on Leiyin’s back looked exquisite from a distance. Upon closer inspection, the scabbard still emitted a faint blue scent, making it an excellent sword at a glance.

In this world, swordsmen attach great importance to their swords’ quality; otherwise, there wouldn’t be Twelve Supreme Grade Swords, Twenty-One Great Grade Sword, and Fifty Skillful Grade Swords.

A good sword could definitely be bought at a fair price.

“Are you saying that you want to auction this sword of mine?”

“That’s right. We take a five percent brokerage fee on the money we get from the auction.”

Leiyin thought about it for a bit and was roughly able to figure it out. So, Leiyin decided to go with him to the auction site.

In the One Piece World, auctions could be divided into two categories. The legal ones, recognized by the government, such as the Human Auctioning House in the Sabaody Archipelago’s Grove 1; and the illegal ones, with private groups, just like the one Leiyin was about to go to.

After turning a few doors, the little man and Leiyin entered the auction hall. As he looked around, only a few dozens of people were seated. The hall was dimly lit, making it obvious that it was an underground trading venue.

In the auditorium’s front row sat a fat man with a pearly white body and a fleshy face. Next to him sat a fashionable and beautiful young woman with a feminine look, and the fat man’s hand groped the woman’s leg.

Leiyin sat in the last row. The little man approached him and asked, “Sir, is your sword still up for auction?

“Wait, I’ll take a look first.” Leiyin faintly said.

The little man thought for a moment and said, “Well then, Sir, the auction will begin immediately. If you have any items you like, you can bid with everyone else.”

“I know.”

After saying that, a moderator with a mohawked head and sunglasses walked up to the auction stage, “Sorry to keep you waiting, but I’m sure today’s items will not disappoint you.”

“Next, I’ll show you the first item.”

The staff lifted the red cloth off the cage. There was a young girl inside. Her eyes were desperate as if she was unwilling to accept the miserable life ahead.

“She is a professional model from the North Blue. With a delicate face and long, dark hair, she could be the object of the bosses’ daily entertainment. Her reserve price is…. 1 million belly!”

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