Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 67


Admiral Sakazuki shouted on top of his head, and the next moment, he appeared in front of Kaido’s body.


He transformed his entire right arm into magma that was several times hotter than the flame and then spurted out in a loud shout.

The magma of more than a thousand degrees celsius rushed straight at Kaido’s face. The next moment, Kaido’s hand became pitch black and shiny.

Kaido’s right hand was entwined with Busoshoku Haki and slapped the jet of magma out. The slapped out magma hit a building, which was then destroyed by the horrible magma and collapsed.


The next moment when Kaido just resisted Sakazuki’s attack, a shining and blinding light was shot at Kaido from Admiral Borsalino.


The power of hundreds of times more powerful than just the cannonball exploded in Kaido’s hands. When the smoke gradually cleared, it was seen that Kaido’s left hand was equipped with Busoshoku Haki, blocking Borsalino’s blow.

After the roar, when Kaido was getting closer to the headquarters building, a golden light no less powerful than Borsalino [Yata no Kagami] appeared in front of the building.

As everyone’s eyes looked together, a golden Daibutsu came into view.

“It’s… it’s Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s ability!” The soldiers below shouted.

Sengoku the Buddha, the Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral, possessed the Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allowed him to transform into a Daibutsu (a giant golden Buddha) at will!

Sengoku palm rushing towards Kaido. The mouth of the Daibutsu bellowed, a golden shock wave suddenly launched out!


The shock wave exploded in front of Kaido’s chest. Kaido finally stopped his dreadful footsteps, his brow visibly furrowed, and a shallow layer of skin was blown off his chest.

Immediately afterward, Kuzan flew towards the top of Kaido’s head, and his mouth sputtered intense cold air.


At that moment, Kaido’s head gradually froze toward his feet, and Kaido turned into a living ice sculpture.

“Finally, did he stop the enemy?”

“This guy. He’s not generally difficult to deal with.”

Seeing that Kaido was under control, Sengoku breathed a sigh of relief and returned to his original form.

At this time, Gion led the trainees to the scene bravely. When Sengoku saw Gion, his face sank, “Why did you bring the trainees?”

Gion said, “We heard a loud noise and the enemy’s alarm.”

Sengoku replied, “They are still trainees who have not participated in actual combat. Furthermore, the enemy this time is the Four Emperors [Kaido of the Beasts]! You are taking too much of a risk!”

Hearing the name [Kaido of the Beasts], Gion was stunned, but then her pretty face became righteous, “Even if they are trainees, after all, they are still marine. If they can’t fight the pirates when they are in the marine, then what is the difference between them and salted fish?!”

“Yes, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, we also want to participate in the war!”

“We are not afraid!”

“Let’s bring the Four Emperor down!”

Upon hearing Gion’s generous statement just now, the trainees behind her also shouted in response.

Seeing this, Fleet Admiral Sengoku covered his forehead and said helplessly, “Okay, I understand, but look… Kaido has been stopped.”

Sengoku said as he pointed to the ice sculpture that had been frozen into by Kuzan.

However, it wasn’t even three seconds after Sengoku pointed at the ice sculpture; it burst apart.

“This ice that froze me is really cold.” Kaido shook the ice off his body and said.

Looking at the “awake” Kaido, Smoker was the first to bear the brunt. His body turned into smoke and impacted Kaido, “WHITE BLOW!”

Kaido was stunned and didn’t even dodge. He let Smoker attack him. Smoker attacked Kaido’s body, but it didn’t even have enough power to tickle him.

“What… Damn…”

The attack failed, and Smoker fell heavily to the ground with a resigned face.


Hina crossed her arms, shouted, and instantly a pitch-black cage appeared around Kaido’s body.

Is he restrained?

It couldn’t be that simple.

Kaido, on the other hand, grunted coldly. His limbs slammed into it, and the steel cage was shattered like glass.

Kaido, who was easily broke free of the cage, looked sideways at Hina. He then waved his big hand and slapped Hina’s body hard. Hina was slapped up a hundred meters in the air and fell down heavily.

Kaido was worthy of being one of the Four Emperors. Not only his body’s defense was strong enough to make people invulnerable, but he was also able to send out strange force very casually.

Hina wasn’t Kaido. She was an ordinary person, and if she fell from a hundred meters, she would have become a meat pie.

When Hina, who was shot up into the sky, was about to fall and die, a figure instantly disappeared in the same place.


A boy used the instantaneous body technique to teleport to Hina’s side when she was about to fall, catching her and landing her on the ground steadily. The boy was none other than Leiyin.

Hina, who was still in shock, blushed in Leiyin’s arms because Leiyin’s posture to catch Hina was a princess hug.

“Thank… you, Leiyin… Otherwise, I’m going to…” Before Hina could finish, Leiyin put her on the ground at once and rushed up towards Kaido.

“Hey, Leiyin! You!” Looking at Leiyin’s running figure, Hina shouted delicately.

“What an unintelligible guy.” Hina then murmured again in a small voice.

While Verdan saw the scene, her heart felt uncomfortable.

Before Leiyin rushed up, a huge body blocked Kaido’s body and fought with Kaido physically.

It was an Allosaurus.

To be precise, it was Drake.

Drake’s two Allosaurus claws and Kaido’s two large hands were wrestling with each other. The next moment, Kaido’s large hands grabbed Drake’s arms to seize the opportunity and threw Drake out.

Drake was thrown nearly a hundred meters away and fell heavily to the ground, returning to his original form.

“You annoying ants. One after another, let me kill all of you!”

At this time, Kaido was approaching the Marine Headquarters building.

Seeing this, Fleet Admiral Sengoku could not help but panic a little.

This building had many marine confidential documents; if Kaido destroyed it, some documents might be lost. It would not only make him look bad, but he might couldn’t explain to his superiors…

As the saying went, the armed forces should be shielded. In the beginning, Garp was ordered by Sengoku to assemble the elite forces to stop the attack effectively, so Garp hadn’t come to the scene.

Just now, the three Admiral had taken control of Kaido. Because Marineford had too much commotion, Garp rushed to the streets of Marineford to assemble forces to conduct the aftermath. However, even if they arrived now, it may be too late to stop Kaido.

Seeing the headquarters building was in danger, Sengoku once again ready to use his Devil Fruit ability.

At this time, Leiyin’s eyes, which were rushing ahead, turned into a distinctive form…

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