Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 82



Roshio felt nothing but bone-chilling pain and lost his voice.

The blond man had a gloomy face that made people shudder, “Hey, did you just cheated on me?!”

Roshio was in pain and could barely speak, “Brothers, kill this guy for me!”

Roshio’s men raised their swords and guns and swarmed over him.

However, the crowd didn’t expect that the blond man’s body turned into spring and instantly beat up Roshio’s men.

Leiyin walked around the island and saw a sturdy coconut tree. There was also a house with clear windows, and every now and then, some meat and wine scents wafted in. Upon looking further inside, it was a villa-like hotel built on the sea, with a luxurious and rich atmosphere.

“I can’t imagine that such a worldly paradise still exists in such a pandemonium place.” Leiyin muttered a word to himself when suddenly an old man came out from inside.

The old man wobbled and walked like an unstable man, “Hey! Kid, it isn’t very easy for us if you come in casually like this. Our Tropical Hotel has been chartered by a group of a powerful and imposing master.”

When Leiyin heard that, he couldn’t help but feel a little funny, “Powerful? Unusual temperament?”

The shaking old man then said, “It would be bad if that grandmaster knew; please leave here immediately, okay?”


Before the old man could finish, a tall man’s voice came from the hotel entrance. When Leiyin looked, the tall man had a fashionably dressed and hot beauty in his arms.

“Ma… master Sarquiss, you’re back. He’s… he is…”

Upon seeing this man with a beautiful woman in his arms, the old man’s voice became sincere and fearful.

This man’s name was Sarquiss, with heavy dark circles under his eyes. With a glance, he entangled with this stunning beauty next to him. His nickname was [Big Knife], and he was the first mate of the Bellamy Pirates. His weapon was a Big Knife weighing 145 pounds, and he had a bounty of 23 million belly.

Sarquiss indecently touched the woman in his arms and said in a very arrogant tone, “Where the hell did this unknown brat come from?”

The old man was already scared to death, “Ma… Master…”

Sarquiss said with a tug expression, “Cut the crap! Quickly kick him out! Do you know how much money we paid to get here and rent this place?”

The beautiful woman in Sarquiss’ arms said, “There’s nothing wrong here! Get out of here, you little brat!”

The old man was about to shoo Leiyin away, but Leiyin spoke up, “What kind of attitude is that? Is your mouth soaked in the dung pit? Why is it so smelly? Did your parents not telling you what is manner?”

Sarquiss was shocked to hear Leiyin say this, “Damn, what the hell is wrong today? How can there be a person on the Mock Town who dare to talk to me that way? Okay, stinky little brat, I changed my mind. I’m going to let you die without a word.”

Sarquiss let go of the woman in his arms and whistled. Not long after, a fierce-looking big man came out of the hotel, “Master Sarquiss, what can I do for you?”

“Fetch my weapon; I want to split this little brat!”


Leiyin just quietly watched him pretend to be a bitch. In a short while, four strong and powerful men carried Sarquisss Big Knife out.

Sarquiss took the 145 pounds Big Knife with one hand and used it in his hand like he was flying, “Little brat, tell this master, how do you want to die?”

Leiyin lightly said, “Shouldn’t it be me who ask this question?”

“You’re still fucking stubborn!”

With that, Sarquiss waved his Big Knife and rushed over.

Leiyin stood still, not dodging or fleeing. His right hand had chakra attached to it and was hardened. He then swung his fist up, “ROKUSHIKI – TEKKAI KENPO!”

This fist smashed in the incoming Big Knife. The Big Knife rebounded back from the punch’s force and hit Sarquiss directly on the head, which killed Sarquiss on the spot. When the woman saw this, she looked like she had seen a ghost and hurried away.

Not only the woman but all the pirates and old men present to see were also shocked. Some of them were hiding in the villa one after another, while some pirates ran outside the gate as if to ask for reinforcements.

There was a bold pirate in the distance who shouted, “Kid, you wait. If our Captain comes back, he will break you into pieces!”

‘Captain? I really wanted to see what kind of little character he was.’ Leiyin secretly thought.

In a short time, their Captain, surrounded by pirates, rushed back.

Their Captain was the same blond man who just killed the 42 million belly, Roshio, the [Executioner] in the pub, his name was Bellamy.

Bellamy was initially from North Blue. He was the Captain of Bellamy Pirates, with a bounty of 55 million belly. He was a superhuman with Bane Bane no Mi Devil Fruit ability.

He called himself “The Big-Time Rookie.” Just like Donquixote Doflamingo, which he admired so much, he believed in the “New Age” and thought it would soon come after the “Age of Dreams.”

To wait for him to come back, Leiyin didn’t leave at all, and only after seeing it, he found out that it was that guy.

One of the pirates pointed at Leiyin and said, “Captain, this kid killed Master Sarquiss.”

At this news, Bellamy looked at Leiyin with a gloomy face, “Kid, you have many guts. After killing my people, you don’t run away quickly, but stay here.”

Leiyin was leaning over and smiling, “You overpraise.”

Bellamy said, “How dare you laugh. Wait a minute; you won’t be able to cry!”

As soon as the words fell, Bellamy’s two calves turned into a spring. The spring calves pressed violently to the ground, storing a large amount of bouncy energy into the feet, “Spring Snipe!”

The next moment, he came hurtling toward Leiyin…

Leiyin attached chakra to his hands and feet, hardened them, and then met the attack straight on, “LION COMBO!”


The two fists hit each other, shaking each other back several steps. This move was considered an even split.

‘The first wave of the attack [Lion Combo] was just a tentative attack. The next one wouldn’t be so easy for him.’ Leiyin thought to himself.

When Bellamy failed to make a move, he made another move. His entire two legs turned into springs, repeatedly stomping on the ground. He kept flashing and jumping in the surrounding buildings.


Bellamy kept flashing and suddenly attacked Leiyin.

Leiyin dodged away, and Bellamy stopped attacking. He then jumped for a while and struck again, and once Leiyin dodged away, he stopped attacking again.

It happened back and forth a dozen times, attacking and flashing, flashing and attacking. Leiyin was a little annoyed by this guy.

Leiyin’s expression of anger emerged on his face, “This guy really making me angry.”

In the next moment, Leiyin’s thoughts moved, and he pulled the inventory of his equipment.

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