Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 72


The beer was brought up one by one.

Jiang Nan picked up a bottle and smiled evilly!

“You don’t believe me, right?”

“I’ll give you a spin today!”

Xia Yao hurriedly raised the napkin in front of her, and her face was full of disgust.

“Hey, hey, hey! The dishes on the table haven’t even been touched!”

“Stop spraying! How are we going to eat?”

Wu Liang, “Brother Nan! Forget it! Otherwise, I’ll have to change my clothes later…”

Jiang Nan glared at him!


How could he tolerate this?

He roared, “I’ll call you daddy if I do not finish it in three seconds!”

He raised his head and drank the beer in one go as he spoke!

The beer in the bottle was emptied in three seconds, leaving only some foam…

Xia Yao and Zhong Yingxue were stunned!

Tang Qianya covered her mouth in surprise!

Wu Liang was also stunned. How could Jiang Nan, with a small body, drink so much?

Only Yu Xiaoqing was excited and kept clapping for Jiang Nan!

Her live broadcast room was flooded with comments.

“F*ck! He broke my record…”

“Invincible little vortex!”

“A devilish smile? I thought Nan Shen was going to perform a small human-shaped fountain!”

“Expert! This is an expert!”

Xia Yao coughed lightly and felt a sense of guilt.

This… this seems a bit strong!

Her big eyes look strangely.

“We are girls! Since you can drink so much when we drink a cup, you drink a bottle!”

“The capable should do more work!”

Jiang Nan smiled brightly and agreed without hesitation, “Okay!”

Xia Yao, “????”

He agreed to such an unreasonable request?

Was he so confident in his own strength?

If she could not defeat Jiang Nan today, she would be letting herself down!

Thus, the great battle began!

The girls drank a cup, and Jiang Nan drank a bottle…

Wu Liang was also embarrassed to drink one cup after another, so he followed Jiang Nan to drink a bottle!

An hour later…

Jiang Nan’s expression did not change; he was still filling his stomach with the hairy belly in the hot pot.

Tang Qianya had already laid down on the table and started to sleep…

Zhong Yingxue’s pretty face flushed red, and her big eyes became hazy. She looked at Jiang Nan and smiled foolishly!

After Xia Yao finished drinking a cup, she pointed at Jiang Nan and said, “Eh? Why are there two of you?”

“You cheated!”

Jiang Nan, “…”

On the other side, Wu Liang, who had finished drinking a bottle, rolled his eyes and lay straight on the ground!

Some indescribable things that were enough to be mosaics crazily gushed out of Wu Liang’s mouth!

It flowed down the corners of his mouth!

Jiang Nan covered his face…


You are the real human body fountain.

You collapsed just after 21 bottles?

The battle was still going on!

The waiters of the hotpot restaurant were already frightened!

It even caused onlookers to watch!

Jiang Nan had already drunk 66 bottles!

Was he still a f*cking human?

You were not a floor drain, were you?

What was even more terrifying was that Yu Qingqing, who was sitting opposite Jiang Nan, also drank 66 cups!

With such a petite figure, such a cute girl was also so good at drinking?

Was this a table of immortals?

And this time, Jiang Nan asked for ten bottles of Niulanshan Erguotou and ten bottles of Red Star Erguotou!!

Then he said to the waiter, “Should I say it or not; your hot pot dipping sauce is a bit salty!”

As he spoke, he unscrewed a bottle of Niulanshan Erguotou.

He picked up a straw and inserted it into it…

It was like drinking milk tea.

One mouthful of fat beef, one mouthful of Erguotou!

Waiter, “…”

That was a f*cking baijiu(white liquor)!

Why are you drinking it like some iced cold drink?

When other people drank baijiu (white liquor), they would have a ferocious look on their faces!

And yet you f*cking drink it with a straw?

Xia Yao looked like she had seen a ghost!

Hey, hey, hey!

This was already beyond the scope of human beings, right?

If this goes on, I will definitely lose…

She couldn’t help but say with a sad face, “I admit defeat!”

“But we still have Xiao Yu! The important task of defeating Xiao Nan will be handed over to you!”

Yu Qingqing had a solemn expression!

“I will try my best!”

Little did they know that as a foodie, Yu Qingqing was gifted!

Her ability was nothing but eating!

She could convert everything she ate into energy and store it in her body!

After drinking for so many years, she had never been afraid of anyone!

But this was the first time she had met someone like Jiang Nan…

She now meets an opponent!

The netizens in the broadcast room were already panicking.

“Drinking liquor through a straw? Bottle after bottle?”

“Jiang Nan is not human! He is a god!”

“They already drunk 107 bottles! They didn’t even go to the toilet once! Iron Kidney! Iron Kidney King! Where did they store it?”

“Am I the only one who noticed the strong man lying on the ground spraying like a fountain…”

“I’m afraid our Xiao Yu is cheating!”

“So this is how she drinks…”

Little did she know that Jiang Nan was not afraid at all.

He even wanted to laugh!

Want to knock me down?

No way!

Because he didn’t drink at all!

Space Wormhole opened one in his mouth and the other in front of the hotpot restaurant.

Let alone drinking beer…

Jiang Nan could drink a reservoir!

At the same time, in a small alley outside the hotpot restaurant.

Baldy Qiang led seven to eight of his lackeys to patrol his territory.

He couldn’t stay in the night market anymore and finally changed his territory.

He was just passing by the hotpot restaurant!

A stream of yellow with white foam flowed out, covering him and his little brother.


“What the hell is this!”

Baldy Qiang and his brothers quickly dodged!

Then they look up!

In the private room on the second floor of the hotpot restaurant, yellow water with foam gushed down and poured onto the ground…

Baldy Qiang and his several brothers were all frightened!

“F*ck, which bastard drank too much! He didn’t even go to the toilet and just did it through the window?”

“F*ck, he dares to do it in front of big brother! Let’s cut off his d*ck!”

“How many bottles did he drink for the color to become like this?”

The lackeys were filled with resentment and anger!

They watched as the yellow water suddenly turned white and then turned back into yellow!


What kind of operation was this!

It can even automatically adjust the color?

One of the lackeys licked his lips and said in confusion, “Big brother! This smell doesn’t seem right…”

The moment he said this, everyone looked at him in shock!

You actually smelled it and ever tried what it tasted like?

What? What kind of taste should it be usually?

Did you drink before?

All the lackey was stunned.

But Baldy Qiang was so angry. He was just walking on the street, yet he was actually humiliated by someone?

At this time, he was furious.

“Sh*t! F*ck him!”

As he spoke, he led his group into the hotpot restaurant and aggressively found the private room on the second floor!


The yellow-haired little brother kicked open the door of the private room!

He opened his mouth and cursed, “Speak! Who is that bastard actually dared to humiliate my big brother?”

The entire private room fell silent.

Jiang Nan looked back and frowned slightly!

His hand was still holding the straw in the Erguotou bottle!

This little brother had a smug look on his face!

Yes! The whole audience was silent; this was what they wanted!

He couldn’t help but look back at Baldy Qiang.

What he meant was, Look! Big brother! Am I loyal enough?

But where was big brother?

This Yellow hair brother was stunned!

As a result, when he looked down. He saw that Baldy Qiang was kneeling on the ground with sweat all over his face, and his expression was so unsightly that he was about to cry!

As for the brothers who followed Baldy Qiang over, all of them were kneeling on the ground!

Yellow hair, “???”

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