Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 119



Garp stretched slowly, looked at the red sky outside the window, and then got up from the bed. He muttered to himself: “I’ve been out for so long… I don’t know when Lin Tian, that stinky brat’s gonna come back. Now there are many powerhouses in Korod City. He won’t be strong enough to survive by himself.” 

The tone of voice reveals deep concern and worry, but when he thought of the stinky brat is actually playing around, Garp became very angry.

“I care about this stinky brat. So why did he dare to deceive me? If he ever comes back, I won’t spare that stinky brat.”

He picked up a box of donuts on the bedside table, took a piece out of it, put it in his mouth. He took a bite as if this donut was Lin Tian. 


The lock collided with the lock cylinder and made a crisp rubbing sound. Garp opened the door of the room and strode out. 

“Vice Admiral Garp!”

“Vice Admiral Garp!”

“Vice Admiral Garp!…”

It was sunset, and most Marines have regained their spirits after an afternoon rest. It was already night, and it was time to eat. Everyone was up at this time. 

So when Garp came out, there were Marine soldiers talking to each other casually in the corridor. Seeing Vice Admiral Garp come out, all Marines saluted and greeted. 

Garp quickly responded one after another. Seeing Vice Admiral Garp coming out, one of the Marines quickly bowed his head and withdrew back while everyone was not paying attention,

“Major Roberts, where are you going? Don’t tell me you’re terrified of the old man; and doesn’t even say hello.” a voice came from behind. 

The rest of the Marine, hearing this, quickly moved aside to highlight Roberts, who was hiding behind. 

‘These bastards! I’m usually good to you, and sold me out at a critical moment.’

Watching these Marine behaviors, Roberts scolded them in his heart. 

Gritting his teeth, Roberts turned around. His face was instantly full of smiles, said with a smile: “How come? You’re not terrifying at all. I was just thinking about things, so I didn’t see you.” 

Hearing this very low-level lie of Major Roberts, it was hard not to twitch one’s mouth, especially for Garp.

If you didn’t see me, then that’s fine. But didn’t you hear that many people call me just now?’ 

Roberts seemed to ignore the expressions on everyone’s faces, his faces still full of smiles.

It was not that Roberts doesn’t know the low level of this lie, that Roberts knows the thoughts in Vice-Admiral Garp’s mind clearly. Vice-Admiral Garp just wanted to ask Lin Tian if he is back.

Who said that the relationship between himself and him is the best among all the navies, so Roberts did not give Lin Tian a scapegoat. I’m afraid this time it will be unsalvageable.

As Roberts expected, Garp waved his hand and said solemnly, “Don’t give me a hippie smile.”

“Yes!” Roberts immediately put away the smile in his hand, straightened his body, and his face was serious. 

“I ask you; has Lin Tian, that stinky brat, come back?”

“Reporting to Vice-Admiral Garp! The subordinate didn’t know. He didn’t even know if Lin Tian left or not at the time.”

Roberts didn’t make a mistake in saying this. Vice-Admiral Garp found out earlier too. Roberts thought Lin Tian would stay. But

now, looking at the situation, Lin Tian seemed to have sneaked out again. Now, Roberts only hoped that Garp would not hit him with that Iron Fist.

When the rest of the Marine saw this scene, they weren’t surprised. Instead, they were suddenly enlightened. No wonder Vice Admiral Garp would stop Major Roberts. 

This kind of thing was not surprising to everyone. Commodore Lin Tian often disappears. No one would know where he went or what he did.

At this time, Commodore Ander walked over and saw everyone gathered in the corridor, with a trace of puzzlement on his face.

Going through the crowd, he came to the side of Vice-Admiral Garp and said softly: “Vice Admiral Garp, Rear Admiral Jonathan just came to inform. The dinner is ready, and he wants us to go to the cafeteria where he has been waiting.”

En!” Garp nodded, “In this way, let’s go to the cafeteria first.” 

After finished speaking, he walked straight to the top of the stairs. As for Lin Tian, with that stinky brat’s mind, even if he encounters a stronger expert, he can resist one or two. 

Ander hurriedly followed. But he was stopped by Roberts, scanned his eyes quickly, and asked in a low voice: “Roberts, what happened just now? Why is everyone gathering here, and where’s Lin Tian?”

“Because that brat sneaked out again! …I didn’t know what he was going to do, and I almost helped him scam again.”

Saying this, Roberts’s face showed an angry look. Who knows how many times that Lin Tian’s stinky brat was pitted.

Hearing this, Ender showed an understanding look, and a hint of worry flashed in his eyes. Like Garp, Roberts also understood what to do. 

It seemed that Lin Tian still hasn’t let go of the’ Heavenly Gold’ matter and ran away. He must have joined this matter again. 


Everyone, led by the base Marine soldier, came to the canteen. 

The Marines, after sleeping for a while, got hungry for a long time. When they saw the cafeteria, they rushed in. 

Just when Garp was about to step into the canteen, the Marine officer who led the way prevented Garp from moving and spoke, “Vice Admiral Garp. Rear Admiral Jonathan explained that you, Commodore Ander, and Commodore Lin Tian to have dinner in another room. Jonathan Rear Admiral is already waiting there.”

Now, Garp was puzzled. Did Jonathan have anything to discuss, but didn’t he say that he would not participate in this heavenly gold incident, and what else would he have to discuss?

“En! Lead the way.” Garp nodded. 

Garp and the two came to a door. Originally, Garp thought it was somewhere far. Upon entering the door, he didn’t expect it was just an open-air balcony. Why did Garp and Ander come to the balcony for dinner? Here, Garp and Ander were puzzled. What exactly this Jonathan wants to say?

This is one of the high places of the entire Marine base. From here, you can see the appearance of the entire Marine base. 

Seeing the people arrived, Jonathan quickly walked up and asked with a smile: “Vice Admiral Garp, how is your rest?” 

“Not bad. Much more comfortable than sleeping on the shaking battleship.” Garp replied. 

At this time, Jonathan glanced, only to find that Vice-Admiral Garp and Commodore Ander were the only people here. Jonathan’s face was puzzled. 

Ander observed the change of expression on Jonathan’s face and explained in due time: “Commodore Lin Tian, he left the Marine base just now because of something. He should be in the city of Korod and on the way back now.”

Jonathan nodded, and his puzzlement disappeared from his face.

Garp asked: “I don’t know why Rear Admiral Jonathan asked us to come here.” 

“That’s it.” Jonathan explained: “I originally prepared meals for the two of you, but I just received the notice from Vice Admiral Tsuru*, the head of the headquarter staff, saying that they are coming with Marine reinforcements.”

 [*TL note: Anime“Great Staff Officer” Tsuru is a veteran Marine Vice Admiral and an old associate of former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and fellow Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp.]

“Tsuru-chan?” A hint of surprise flashed across Garp’s face when he heard Jonathan say that Tsuru is coming. As far as Garp knows, isn’t Tsuru hunting down pirates in New World recently? Why did she suddenly come to the first half of the Grand Line and also participated in this “Heavenly Gold” incident.

Could it be that Sengoku** specially transferred her to the general staff of this incident, but this time is not right, how could Tsuru-chan come over in such a short time.

[**TL note: Anime post-timeskipSengoku the Buddha is a former fleet admiral of the Marines, succeeding Kong and preceding Sakazuki. Sometime during the timeskip, he became an Inspector General.]

Just as Garp was thinking, Jonathan continued.

“So, I also informed them of Vice Admiral Garp’s news. Finally, Vice Admiral Tsuru asked us to wait and said that this time she would bring the latest information and Marine’s latest plan.”

Hearing this, even Ander knows that the incident was not simple. It seemed that the Marine Headquarters would not let go of this good opportunity. This ’heavenly gold’ incident was a great opportunity for Marine.

With many years of working with Sengoku, Garp had long expected that Sengoku, known as The Resourceful General, must have a detailed battle plan.

Just, didn’t Crane know that he wouldn’t be involved in this kind of thing? It wouldn’t matter whether he is here or not.

She told Garp to stay here, but what exactly does Tsuru-chan want to do with Garp?

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