Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 138


The news from Lin Tian can be described as a big wave in the hearts of many Marine Vice Admiral. In fact, even Lin Tian was shocked when he discovered that those bullets were power rocks.

The rest of the Marine Rear Admirals looked at the faces of the Vice Admiral’s changes puzzledly. They couldn’t help but secretly thought about what this ‘power rock’ was.

As soon as the Vice Admirals heard this name, their complexion changed so much. These Marine Rear Admirals immediately kept this matter seriously in their hearts.

Actually, the Vice Admirals didn’t really react to the name of the weapon but the meaning behind it. In addition to the Marine, it is World Government that can get the power rock. The Marine wouldn’t use this thing against Goodritt; the only thing left to have this is the World Government.

And the meaning is self-evident. The World Government has always considered Goodritt a great threat, but the World Government has no such determination to make a move openly, so it can only be done in this way.

Lin Tian felt uncomfortable with this World Government’s approach. Not only Lin Tian but also the Vice Admirals present.

“It seems that it is impossible to seek help from Goodritt.” Tsuru said. “Now we can only follow the previous plan… Go back and prepare separately. Tomorrow night will be a big battle.”



Somewhere in the Marine base, Lin Tian and Ain were walking together. The Marine soldiers passing by would look at them with a smiling face.

Regarding Commodore Lin Tian and Ain, at a speed that shocked both of them, the matter instantly spread throughout the Marine base. The two of them could only laugh bitterly.

“I’m sorry, Lin Tian! My sisters are a bit too excited.” Ain whispered.


Lin Tian knocked Ain’s head.

Touching her knocked head, Ain looked at Lin Tian with a puzzled expression.

Lin Tian pretended to be serious and said: “I’m such a person who is easy to get angry. Just now, those punishment is a bit too much don’t you think?”

Thinking of the previous scene, Lin Tian huffed.

After the meeting, Lin Tian talked to Tsuru and the smelly old man and went directly to Ain. After all, he would leave tomorrow. There was not much time left for the two to get along. Even Garp also understood this. He didn’t say anything, just warned Lin Tian not to run out.

Since the matter between himself and Ain has spread throughout the Marine base, here comes the problem. Most girls like gossip. So, when Lin Tian found Ain, Ain was already caught by a large group of Marine female soldiers. She was surrounded and asked what happened. As soon as Lin Tian arrived, he was also caught by those Marine female soldiers. With that many people asking questions, they would take a long time to answer all the questions. In the end, Lin Tian really had no choice but to drag Ain and ran out. Until Lin Tian couldn’t see the silhouette of those people anymore, Lin Tian became relieved.

“Ain, I…”

“What’s wrong, Lin Tian?” After hearing Lin Tian’s shout, Ain lifted her head and looked at Lin Tian with joy.

“Ain, I…”

When Lin Tian saw Ain’s joyful cheeks, he suddenly realized that these words were tough to say. Suddenly, Lin Tian felt his hand being held back by a small hand in his palm. Lin Tian looked at Ain on the side in a puzzled manner.

Ain lowered her head as if paying attention to the ground that was all made of bluestone slabs. Then, she said softly: “Lin Tian, I can probably guess what you want to say. You want to say that you will leave tomorrow.”

“Well, how did you know?”

Although he wasn’t the one to say it, Lin Tian still didn’t know how to face Ain. So he could only look ahead.

Ain lifting her head said with a smile: “When I was in the cafeteria before, I heard those marines’ talks. Vice Admiral Garp will leave tomorrow, so you will also leave with Vice Admiral Garp.”


Lin Tian responded in a low voice again. He did not continue to speak because Lin Tian didn’t know what to say. The two of them held hands tightly and walked slowly.

“Don’t worry, Lin Tian! I’m not…”

It wasn’t that Ain didn’t want to finish, but Ain couldn’t say it. Suddenly, Lin Tian gave a strong hug and instantly confused Ain.

Holding tightly the soft, tender body in his arms, Lin Tian whispered in Ain’s ear: “I’m sorry, Ain.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s apology, Ain finally couldn’t hold on anymore. Her eyes were filled with tears instantly, and her hands clutched Lin Tian’s shoulders. Ain’s expression of nothingness came out on instinct. But in fact, Ain’s heart was very sad about the separation. After two years, they finally met again, but only for one night.

She kept cursing: “Bad Lin Tian, smelly Lin Tian, you actually left, leaving me alone…”

Lin Tian did not refute. He embraced Ain’s white cheeks with both his hands and kissed her affectionately.

At this sudden kiss, Ain just struggled a little and was immediately indulged in the deep love. For the two people kissing, everything no longer needs to be expressed in words.

In the sky, the beautiful white moon was also ashamed to hide behind the clouds by this scene.


In the early morning of the next day, the sky was still slightly bright, and a red sun was slowly rising at the junction of the sea and the sky.

All Marine generals gathered by the port to see off Garp, Lin Tian, and the others who were about to leave.

“Little Tsuru, I’m leaving. Don’t miss me.” Garp bit a donut in his hand while saying pretty emotional stuff.

Ignoring Garp, Tsuru said to Lin Tian: “Son, you still have to pay attention to your body. Although you don’t feel anything wrong now, you still have to pay attention. If there’s a fight, it’s best not to participate. Just leave it to your teacher. And don’t let him sleep at all.”

“Well, don’t worry, Grandma. I will pay attention, Grandma. You should also pay attention to your body.” Lin Tian said with a smile.

“Smelly brat!” Tsuru patted Lin Tian casually and said with a smile: “Your grandma Tsuru has lived long. How can you teach this matter?”

Seeing this scene, Garp deeply sighed. Several decades isn’t enough to describe her age.

Gently backing away and avoiding Tsuru’s hand, Lin Tian smiled slightly. Turning his head to the sleepy Vice Admiral Kuzan next to him. “Vice Admiral Kuzan, you owed me a meal last time. I almost didn’t remember. You didn’t pay me back yesterday. You have to pay it back next time.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Kuzan immediately looked bitter, “Hey, Lin Tian. You can ask me to invite you to dinner anytime, but can you find a cheaper place? I don’t have that much salary.”


Hearing this, the people present couldn’t help but laughed. However, Vice-Admiral Momonga also looked bitter.

There is actually a story in this. Once, Vice Admiral Momonga also owed Lin Tian a meal. Unexpectedly, Lin Tian specially invited the chef from the Holy Land Mary Geoise, for that meal. The meal was worth Vice-Admiral Momonga’s salary for two months. For this reason, Vice-Admiral Momonga had to borrow money from other Vice-Admiral. At that time, this incident caused a lot of jokes in Marine. For few days, Vice Admiral Momonga almost dared not go out.

Lin Tian waved his hand and said: “It doesn’t matter. When you become an Admiral, that salary should be enough.”

Kuzan rubbed his head, “It seems I really can’t run. I need to drink less.”

After talking to Kuzan, Lin Tian took a few steps and came to Ain, who was gently wiping away a few tears from her eyes. He said softly. “I gotta go!”

“En!” Ain held back the tears in her eyes and responded in a low voice.

The two of them had finished speaking last night. They were on the top floor yesterday, under the moonlight, and stayed all night. But when it was time to separate, they seemed to still have a lot to talk about.

“Goodbye!” Lin Tian waved his hands and said goodbye to the crowd on the shore.

The Battleship slowly drove out of the Marine base.


When everyone was left with only one shadow, Lin Tian stopped waving his hands and turned around, but the scene scared Lin Tian.

“Ah… it hurts!” Roberts patted Lin Tian’s hand- but then closed his eyes and sucked in a cold breath.

“Haha… Roberts, what did you do that got you beaten like this by a female soldier?”

Lin Tian looked at Roberts’s purple eyes and couldn’t help but hold his belly said with a big smile.

“Aiya…” Seeing Lin Tian laughed, Roberts waved his hand quickly: “What a brother you are. Instead of comforting me, you’re laughing at me.”

“Okay, I won’t laugh anymore.” Lin Tian said, covering his mouth, “pu pu, hahaha! …Roberts, I really can’t help it. You’re just fine the way you are. How come you confessed to a random female soldier?”

Roberts said angrily, “Isn’t it because of you?”


“Everyone didn’t know that you met that girl a long time ago and just thought you used a Haki confession to capture girls.”

“So, did you really go to a female soldier to confess?”


“Hahaha…” Lin Tian laughed with a stomachache. “You’re really like a bull. You dare to try this. How many people have the same purple eyes as you today…? But, Roberts, did you succeed?”

Roberts pointed to his eyes helplessly, “You call this successful?”

Lin Tian stood up, patted the dust on his buttocks, walked towards the cabin, and shook his hand toward Roberts. “I stayed on the top building all night yesterday and didn’t sleep. I want to go to bed first. You can help me take a look today.”

Roberts knew exactly what Lin Tian was doing with a pretty girl in his arms last night. Roberts knew it perfectly because the room where Roberts slept just happened to be able to see there.

Watching Lin Tian’s leaving back, Roberts jumped out the one word. “Beast!!”

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