Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 140


This sudden sound shocked the Revolutionary Army on the ship. They quickly picked up the weapon at their hands and scanned around to find out who made the sound.

The three major Revolutionary Army cadres discussed earlier were even more shocked. Who would even come to them? These three people are extreme experts, and none of them found out that he was coming. How strong would this person be?

However, their mental qualities were much stronger than those of ordinary Revolutionary Army personnel. They didn’t have panic expressions, but their whole bodies became vigilant and always watched all around.

As Dragon with the strongest battle strength, his sensitivity observation was also the best. He found something wrong with the situation in an instant. When he looked up, a small silhouette was standing on the observation platform on the main mast.

Ivankov and Kuma also hurriedly lifted their heads and looked up and saw the silhouette clearly. A trace of surprise and sighed in relief flashed in their hearts.

‘This Commodore Lin Tian; shouldn’t he be with Vice Admiral Garp? How did he appear here?’

Although they didn’t understand why Marine Commodore appeared here and helped them in the bar yesterday, the Marine Commodore was not their enemy.

Seeing their actions of looking up, the rest of the Revolutionary Army quickly raised their heads too and saw Lin Tian, who was smiling at the people below.

Crack, check…

Immediately the sound of raising guns rang out.

Seeing the hundreds of black muzzles below, Lin Tian quickly raised his hands and said nervously: “There’s no malice. I just want to talk to you about something.” His tone was relaxed and casual.

The Revolutionary Army below had never seen Lin Tian. But just because of his tone, why would they believe that Lin Tian is not hostile? And didn’t he also say that he is a Marine?

‘We are the Revolutionary Army. We are opposed to the World Government. Of course, the Marine is the enemy.’

They didn’t believe that the enemy will come to them to discuss important matters.

“Put your guns down. That thing is a little use to him. You are not his opponent.” Dragon said.

Everyone was dissatisfied with this in their hearts. But the leader has spoken, and everyone has to obey the order.

Lin Tian smiled slightly.

In the stunned eyes of everyone, he jumped down directly from above, stopped his body in midair, and then walked down from it like that, as if there are invisible escalators in the sky.

This move was deliberately done by Lin Tian to deter everyone and to make it more convenient to discuss cooperation later.

Unfortunately, this move only stunned the ordinary Revolutionary Army members. As for Dragon and the others, there were no changes on their faces. No one knew what they were thinking.

“Why is the Commodore Lin Tian, as the Marine’s strongest genius, doesn’t protect the ‘Heavenly Gold’ and instead come to us? Would you like to talk about cooperation with us?” Dragon directly asked Lin Tian.

Woah,┬áthis tall man. Are you a giant? That’s too tall to naturally grow up like this.” Lin Tian looked up at Kuma, which was nearly six meters tall. Lin Tian’s height was almost reaching his knees. The gap was too big.

“Hey, brat, are you listening to us?” Ivankov exploded with the unusually large Dark Violet and shouted.

Lin Tian turned his head and looked at Dragon, then muttered something to him: “You just asked me two questions, which one should I say first? Well, I’ll answer it in order.”

Seeing that this little demon was ignoring him, Ivankov was immediately upset.

Is his sense of existence so low? Is this afro-head hair still too small?’

“I had already left the base, but now I’m here in secret. Of course, the ‘Heavenly Gold’ doesn’t need me to protect it. And yes, I’m looking for you to cooperate on matters related to Heavenly Gold.”

Dragon said puzzledly: “Heavenly gold, the Marine, and the group who are going to snatch the heavenly gold… I can’t think of any other reason to cooperate.”

Lin Tian said with a smile: “Of course, there is. For example, how to snatch the heavenly gold; we can cooperate in that. You have the strength, and I have the Marine’s most perfect plan.”


Hearing Lin Tian’s goal, Ivankov immediately exclaimed. His face was shocked. Even Kuma’s face showed a hint of shock, though it disappeared from his face in an instant.

After listening to Lin Tian’s answer, Dragon felt it was difficult for him to guess what was thinking in the heart of this smiling young man. It was the first time that they were found to ask them to snatch something by Marine’s escort. Dragon felt shocked by this young man.

“Lin Tian, baby, you sure have some problem inside your head. I am a very powerful doctor. Would you like me to check it out for you?” He said, reaching out to touch Lin Tian’s forehead to see if there is really any problem.

Lin Tian stepped back gently, avoiding Ivankov’s hand. Finally, he helplessly said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I am very sober. I came to you for this purpose.”

“Marine! Do you know who we are?”

“en!” Lin Tian was born to answer that. “Revolutionary Army. A group of people who have been mutilated by the old order of this world and people with great dreams, to overthrow the World Government, change the world and erase the rules that do not need people. An organization that gathers together to build a harmonious, free, equal, and dream-filled world. Currently, you are a group of people who oppose the world, a group of people who fight for their dreams, a group of awakened people, a group of people who support the development of the world…”

Hearing these words, it’s hard not to be afraid of the calmness in Lin Tian’s face. Dragon was shocked, let alone the other two. Because what Lin Tian said was a theory Dragon had been pursuing for many years. Dragon always thought that only him in this world really understood this and even thought that the rest of the Revolutionary Army would not fully understand this.

But today, he didn’t expect that this only thirteen-year-old Marine understands this better than him, and what he said is completer and more detailed than his theory. Some of them were not even thought of by himself.

How is this possible?’

As Lin Tian, who has lived under the red flag for more than ten years, saying these words is a trivial matter. It wasn’t that he meant to scared Dragon too much. Lin Tian just able to say these awesome words.

Because of living under the red flag since childhood, Lin Tian has an indescribable affection for the Revolutionary Army from the bottom of his heart. This was why Lin Tian asked them to cooperate instead of looking for someone else.

In fact, Lin Tian’s ideal partner, Goodritt, is influential enough, and there is this home-court advantage. So it can be said that he is the best partner.

The Revolutionary Army members who have been observing from the side were shocked to see their leader and the two top cadres. They were curious about what they were talking about with a Marine little kid.

“Dragon, what should I do?”

Ivankov was shocked by Lin Tian’s words a long time ago, so he could only move a few steps to Dragon’s body and asked in a low voice.

“Who the hell are you? How can you know so much?” Dragon stared at Lin Tian closely and asked in a deep voice.

“Me?” Lin Tian pointed to himself, then he held his chin and thought for a while and said with a smile: “…I am a Marine Commodore who insists on justice. I can’t bear to see those things fall into the hands of Pirates or the World Noble. They are placed where they are useful.”

Dragon pondered for a long time and finally said: “… Let’s talk about how to cooperate and how to distribute the wealth after we succeed.”

“Dragon, do we really want to cooperate with him? You can think again…” Ivankov reminded in a low voice. Feeling that the little kid is related to the Marine, he had no sense of calmness in his heart.

Dragon directly waved his hand to interrupt Ivankov’s words. Although this Marine seemed to be just a little kid, from the conversation just now, Dragon wouldn’t dare to underestimate Lin Tian. He had already placed him in the equivalent trading position. It was hard to meet a like-minded person who truly understands his confidant. It was inevitable that Lin Tian would have a good impression in his heart.

Furthermore, since Lin Tian dared to work with them alone, it indirectly proves that he had enough overwhelming chips in his hands. Dragon had a hunch that if they followed their previous plan, they would most likely fail.

The combination of these reasons makes Dragon determined to cooperate with Lin Tian.

“So, I’m happy to work with you.” Lin Tian extended his hand and smiled.

Dragon also grasped Lin Tian’s hand with a smile on his face. It was the first smile on Dragon’s face in a long time.

“I have never cooperated like this for so many years.”

“And I’m afraid it will not be the last time.”

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