Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 165


In the early morning of the next day, the morning sun illuminates the earth, and the fog in the forest has not yet completely dissipated. The rays of the sun shine through the gaps between the leaves and spill into the forest.

A new day has arrived. The early bird has already flown on the branch and screamed. The dewdrops on the leaves dripped on the pool, making a plop, followed by small ripples.

A cry of exclamation sounded, and a flock of birds was instantly alarmed!

“What, smelly old man, you want me to stay here for a year?!”

“Yes, I thought about it all night yesterday, and I still think it’s good for you to stay here for a while.” Garp both hands crossed near chest, said firmly.

Yesterday Garp thought for a long time before making a provisional decision. There are several reasons. One is that Lin Tian, Luffy, and Ace get along very well. It is better to strike while the iron is hot and let the three of them get along with each other for a year. Increase the bond between the three.

Secondly, the matter of Heavenly Gold. Marine and World Government found something wrong. They are investigating the Marines that know the plan. Keeping Lin Tian here can also keep him away from this whirlpool.

Thirdly, Lin Tian has been in the Grand Line for two years and has gained a lot of fame. There is also the bounty of Underground World. Who knows how many people are staring at his head, and Garp can’t be by his side at any time. So let him stay here with peace of mind and let Lin Tian calm down.

In general, Lin Tian staying here has more advantages than disadvantages, which is why Garp decided to keep Lin Tian here…

The news was really shocking for Lin Tian. Of course, Lin Tian never thought that things would turn out to be like this. But, to be honest, Lin Tian did not reject Garp’s proposal very much.

‘But I have things to do, both Ain’s side and Hancock’s side, and those treasures of heavenly gold to deal with, these things have to be handled by himself.’

After thinking about it, Lin Tian chose to stay here for a year… Those things can be resolved later. He can also communicate through the Den Den Mushi.

One more thing, even if he doesn’t want to stay here, Garp wouldn’t agree. So, in this case, it’s better to agree.

Garp said: “Smelly brat, don’t think you’re here on vacation.”

“If it’s not a vacation, do I have anything to do here?” Lin Tian looked puzzled. Does he have any tasks here?

“Of course, brat. Staying here for a year, you have to give them two good role models, let them know that it is better to be a Marine, and to be a Marine is their dream.” Garp said with a serious face.

Turning his head over to Luffy and Ace, and said: “You know? You two, if next time I come, you two still keep saying that you want to be a pirate, I will not spare you two.”

After finishing speaking, Garp didn’t say much, turned around, and moved towards the mountain.

Lin Tian suddenly remembered something and said quickly: “Smelly old man, I didn’t bring anything over; still want me to stay here?”

Garp waved his hand without turning around and still walked down. “Don’t worry, when I get to the Marine base, I will send someone here. You can get it from Lady Boss Makino of a banquet bar in this village.”

Seeing Garp walking away, Lin Tian turned his head and looked at Dadan with a smile on his face, “I will live here in the future, please take care of me.”

“Stop!” Dadan quickly raised his hand to Lin Tian and said with that rough voice: “Garp said to keep you here, but we did not agree that you live with us. Go find another place to live.”

Yikes! Garp, the stinky old man, just said to stay here, and he didn’t explain the rest.

At this time, Luffy happily proposed: “Hey! Lin Tian, why don’t you come with Ace and me? I still want to hear you talk about Grand Line.”

Lin Tian agreed to Luffy’s proposal, but Lin Tian couldn’t answer for a while since Ace didn’t speak.

Ace thought for a while and nodded in agreement. Lin Tian’s enthusiasm and talkativeness last night left a good impression on Ace. “Yes, Lin Tian, you go to our place. These Mountain Bandits are so lazy, I’m afraid you won’t even have enough food.”

When I heard Ace’s words, Lin Tian smiled slightly, “Then I’ll bother you.”

“Ace, what did you smelly little demon say? How dare you say we are lazy?” Dadan’s gloomy voice rang.

Hearing this sound, the three of them trembled involuntarily. They quickly turned around and saw all the Mountain Bandits behind them looking at them with a dark face. Only then did Ace realize that he had said something wrong.

The three looked at each other, yelled.


Looking at the three running silhouettes in front, Dadan stretched out her hand and waved forward, and shouted: “You three smelly little demon, don’t run away!”

“Dadan, goodbye, we will come back in a few days.” Luffy ran and waved and said, almost hit a big tree, but Lin Tian shot in time and pulled Luffy over. Luffy said with a big smile: “That was close!”

Looking at the three people gradually entering the jungle and disappearing in front of her eyes, Dadan whispered: “I hope that one more brother can relieve the grief in your heart.”


In the dense jungle of Mt. Colubo, the three walked with extreme speed. Followed Ace and Luffy all the way, Lin Tian expected a pool full of crocodiles and a valley full of wolves.

However, there were no crocodiles in the crocodile pool anymore. —At that time, the crocodiles took the initiative to attack. Lin Tian didn’t care about them, he instantly inserted space blades into the pool, and the entire pool became instantly red.

Ace pointed at the top with his finger, said with a smile on his face proudly: “How about it, Lin Tian? We did it with our own hands, using a lot of effort.”

Following Ace’s fingers, Lin Tian looked up. Several thick trunks crossed out on a big tree, and a house appeared vaguely through the dense leaves.

“Well, building a house in this kind of place, it’s very good.”

Luffy, who has climbed the tree, waved and shouted: “Ace, Lin Tian, come up quickly.”

“I see you, Luffy.” Ace smiled slightly and said: “Let’s go. Go up and take a look, Lin Tian.”

Lightly nodded, Lin Tian followed Ace and climbed these tens of meters high trees very easily.

It was an ordinary simple house. There were no other rooms. There was only one room with some common daily necessities on the side. There were three beds on the ground.

In front of the house is the helm of a boat. Standing here, you can also see the scenery of the surrounding mountain and the blue ocean further away. In general, it is not bad.

Looking at the three beds on the ground, Lin Tian’s face showed a trace of puzzlement, “How come there are three seats here suddenly, is there one more person?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s question, Luffy and Ace didn’t answer immediately but watched silently and didn’t speak. As a result, the air became a little low.

“Sorry, did I mention something awful?” Lin Tian said.

Ace waved his hand gently, pointed to a standing film hanging on the side, and said, “Originally, we had three people, but he died a year ago.”

At a glance, this is a group photo of three people. Apart from Luffy and Ace, the other person was Sabo.

Lin Tian came to understand at this time and said apologetically: “Sorry, I don’t know about this.”

Seeing that the atmosphere of the house became a little dull, Lin Tian shifted the question and said: “The smelly old man left me here temporarily. I didn’t bring anything over, is there any big city here? I want to buy something.”

“Yes, but some…” Ace seemed to have some worries, hesitating to say something.

Luffy interjected beside him, his tone a little uncomfortable: “The city is surrounded by a thick city wall. There is only one door to enter, and there are guards. We are not allowed to enter. Even if you want to eat ramen, you can’t eat it.”

“Well, there are a few nobles who live there, and many stores only allow nobles to enter, and the rest are not qualified to enter.”

Lin Tian was a little shocked. There still exists such a city, even if he has stayed in Grand Line for so long, he has been to many places, but he has never seen it.

“These are not problems for me,” Lin Tian smiled.

“What? You will be stopped, though, regardless.”

“I am different from you. People here are not qualified to stop me.”


Led by the two, everyone came to a waste dump, which is the Gray Terminal.

 [TL note: The Gray Terminal is a massive junkyard located on Dawn Island by Mt. Colubo near Foosha Village just outside the great gate of Goa.]

There is a stinking smell in the air, and there are abandoned garbage mountains everywhere. Many people are still searching for things in the garbage mountains. There are even houses nearby, and some people live here.

Along the way, many hooligans saw Luffy and Ace with a trace of fear and alertness on their faces. Obviously, Luffy and Ace have gained a lot of reputation here.

And beside this garbage dump, there is a high wall of more than ten meters made of blue bricks. The only door is facing this garbage dump, and many garbage trucks are driving out of it.

Before entering the city gate, Ace said with a bit of worry: “Hey, Lin Tian, are you sure that it is really possible? Or we should find another way to get in?”

Lin Tian turned back and said with a confident expression: “Don’t worry, it will definitely be possible. I am a Marine. I will take you to eat good things then. I will treat you.”

“Okay! Let’s hurry up. I want to have that delicious barbecue soon, many barbecues!” Luffy said, drooling.

In this regard, Ace had no choice but to pat his forehead. Luffy had no resistance to barbecue.


As soon as they got to the doot, the soldier who guarded the door stopped the three, “Hey, what do you three want to do? You can’t enter here.”

Luffy and Ace were not sure about the top of the terminal, and they often get involved in making trouble. These two little demons are so strong that they were difficult to catch.

‘Although I don’t know the other kid, it’s already not a good thing to be with these two kids,’ The soldier thought secretly.

Lin Tian didn’t say much, but with an Observation Haki, he held up a certificate, shaking in front of the soldier.

Seeing the sign of the seagull carrying the sky beam on the certificate, a trace of shock appeared on the soldier’s face. This is a Marine certificate, and this little demon is actually a Marine.

After taking a look, it said Lin Tian’s military rank, Marine Commodore. And the affiliated unit Marine Headquarters Commodore. The soldier was shocked.

Hurrying to put the gun away, he gave a standard military salute, “Master Commodore, I don’t know who you are. Please forgive me.”

Lin Tian returned a military salute at will, “I am performing the task privately this time, so don’t tell others, just keep it to yourself.”


The Marine certificate is made of a special paper. No one can imitate it except Marine, which is why the soldier has no doubt.


“How about it? Let me say it’s useful!” In the city wall, Lin Tian said with shaking the Marine certificate in his hand.

Luffy ignored that much, smelled in the air, ran out, and shouted loudly at the same time, “Oh, delicious barbecue is waiting for me, I am coming!”

Lin Tian and Ace mutually smiled and quickly followed along.

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