Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 198


At this time, a white light flashed on a small island near Holy Land Mary Geoise and a beach around it.

Lin Tian appeared.

Marine Headquarters Marineford is located in the first half of the Grand Line, and Holy Land Mary Geoise is located in the middle of the Grand Line. Although the two places are not far apart, it’s still some distance.

It also takes a lot of time to pass through this sea. So in this sea, there is a small island with very luxurious stuff and a rest center.

Besides World Nobles, only senior World Government officials can enter and exit Holy Land Mary Geoise. These people have one thing in common: they have great power and not bad money.

Some people see the business opportunities, and a luxury holiday and rest center has been completed. Although few people can enter the consumption, they are all extremely wealthy people. They can be regarded as making money every day.

The boss behind it is Doflamingo. Although he was expelled from Holy Land Mary Geoise, his World Nobles identity is undeniable. Only by virtue of this identity can he dare to receive World Nobles’ money.


On the beach, Lin Tian flashed out of thin air, distinguished the direction, and threw the Chasing Wind to the sky. It immediately turned into a giant eagle and screamed to the sky. It flapped its huge wings, fanned countless smoke and dust. Lin Tian leaped gently and stood firmly on its back.

Pointing to the southeast direction of the island, the Chasing’s wings spread out, and a sonic boom sounded. It flew away at speed beyond the sound. The violent wind cut through Lin Tian like a knife but was blocked by the hard space shield.

Lin Tian had Stayed in the Marine for ten years. During the ten years, Lin Tian has been in the Grand Line by virtue of his extremely high status and for many years. Even Lin Tian himself did not know how many strong contacts he had accumulated.

Because of these, Lin Tian knew everything that happened that day, why Roberts died, how he died, and where he was assigned to World Nobles.

But Marineford is some distance away from here. If he dared to go straight there, Fleet Admiral Sengoku would understand your intentions and notify the World Nobles at that time.

Moreover, World Nobles also have some powerhouses, and many of their subordinates have powerhouses too. The secretly strongest espionage department cp0 is very strong, and Lin Tian must also treat them with caution.

Therefore, where he had a brief encounter with Akainu and Kizaru, each with injuries, in fact, was to delay time.

To let people he knew to investigate where those World Nobles are and to use his spatial ability to move such a long distance. Of course, some medium is needed, but this short instant movement cost Lin Tian tens of millions of Berry.

At the same time, Lin Tian paid some favors, but these are worth it. These World Nobles are not in Holy Land Mary Geoise, so today, they can die.


A small island on the southeast corner!

A huge resort and entertainment center is located on the edge of the beach, a continuous complex of buildings that occupies the entire beach and is extremely luxurious.

Inside and outside the center, hundreds of World Nobles’ guards hide on various main roads, observing all around closely.

Compared with the tense atmosphere outside, the inside is rotten, drunk, and gold fans.

In this large courtyard, the luxurious, golden light, glittering gold, various colors, brilliant and colorful beautiful gems are reduced to the most common architectural decorations.

And in one of the huge luxurious courtyards, there is a man-made beach and a man-made sea area in the middle. However, tens of meters away is a huge beach.

The beach is not ordinary sand, and it is all golden sand made of crushed gold. In the golden sand, under the impact of sea water, a few precious gems are exposed from time to time.

Five World Nobles are staying here.

Around the courtyard, countless guards are guarding this place. On the side are a group of slaves, not only human slaves but also slaves of other races. These are five World Nobles’ respective slaves.

One of the five World Nobles was in the man-made sea, pulling several female slaves, preparing to have them swim in the water with him. Three of five are playing cards in the shade of the trees on the side, others are blocking the money, and they are betting on their respective slaves. The last one is sitting in the side cane chair, eyes closed, while his hands are holding two slaves crawling on the ground like dogs.

The speed of the Chasing Wind surpasses the speed of sound, and whether the entire island is too big, Lin Tian has already arrived here in more than ten seconds.

In midair, Lin Tian stepped on the broad back of the Chasing Wind, stood upright, looked at the group of buildings below, closed his eyes, and felt it carefully.

His eyes opened, a brutal smile appeared on his face, his fingers pointed in one direction, and his tone revealed a strong murderous aura.

“Chasing Wind, let them know that we are here. Let them come out to meet you.”

With such a huge body, the guards below didn’t notice it, and it frightened many people. Before they could move, the half-meter-long mouth of the chasing wind was opened.


It chirped in the direction Lin Tian pointed. Immediately, a substantial sound wave visible to the naked eye, in a cylindrical shape, expanded in circles toward the surrounding void.


A series of explosions sounded in the upper right corner of the building complex. Dozens of explosions produced smoke columns rising into the sky, and it was tens of meters high. That luxurious building collapsed in half in an instant and turned into a ruin.


No sound exists anymore!

The bodyguards below have been shocked. Someone attacked the World Nobles. This kind of thing that has not happened for hundreds of years has happened before their eyes.

“Quickly, everyone rushed over to protect World Nobles!”

The captain of the escort who reacted and watched the explosion turned into a panic and quickly went high.

‘If something happened to World Nobles, we would all be dead.’

At the same time, they did not forget to press the sirens they carried with them. In an instant, all the sirens all over the resort sounded.

Actually, there is no need to ring the alarm, and all the surrounding guards have already moved towards them.

‘If there is such a big movement, you should find another job if you haven’t noticed it.’

As for Lin Tian in midair, no one is in charge of him.

‘Now the most important thing is to protect the World Nobles. If the World Nobles are dead, they will be finished.’


With a swing of the Chasing’s w, and if, he instantly came to the sky above the building group that was attacked just now. As soon as he approached, he heard the sound of gunshots, followed by countless yellow bullets.


One after another bullet, hitting the chasing body as if hitting steel. The bullets made of steel cracked and fell towards the ground without even hitting a single feather of Chasing Wind.

Although these bullets are like tickles and do not hurt a bit, the Chasing Wind is extremely psychic. If you get hit like this, you immediately get angry.


With a long scream to the sky, his wings faced the area below, countless light blue air blades over ten centimeters in size, overwhelming the sky, and he headed towards the guards below.

Puff… Puff…

blood splashes, where the air blade passed, even the big tree surrounded by several people was cut off, let alone people.

Countless severed limbs flew into the sky, blood spattered, and the ground was stained red with blood. The bright red blood flowed across the ground. The emerald green grass turned into a slaughterhouse. There were corpses everywhere, and hundreds of elites were instantly wiped out.

Looking at the horrible situation below, there was no change in expression. These people are tigers; death cannot wipe out the crimes. After turning his eyes, he moved towards the courtyard.


In the courtyard, the luxurious and chic building was already in bad condition, with broken marks everywhere. The walls were also covered with cracks, and there were large pits on the ground, all traces of the explosion.

Except for the pits, there are fallen figures everywhere on the ground, and most of them are slaves. There are also a few members of the guard, who passed out in a coma, rolled their eyes, and had blood in their ears, which shows that the Chasing Wind’s sonic wave is extremely powerful.

And those World Noble, because of the bubble hood on their heads, coincidentally escaped the sonic attack, but it doesn’t mean that they were not injured.

The World Noble in the sea was hit head-on by the explosion and flew to the shore. He rolled several times on the ground, with scars all over his body. Now he has passed out.

Those playing cards on the side were almost killed by the big tree on the side, but one of them pressed his thigh and let out a scream.

There was only one World Noble sitting on the wicker chair; nothing happened to him at all, but seeing the tragic image in front of him, he was extremely angry and clenched the iron chain in his hand tightly.

But the iron chain made of steel changed. Numerous spikes emerged from above, and the female slave who was tied up died instantly. Her head was chopped off by the spikes, which was extremely miserable.

“This is what happened. Someone dared to attack the World Nobles. We are gods. Don’t let me catch who it is. Otherwise, I must let him not have the will to live and be unable to ask for death.”

“Really? You don’t need to look for it. I’ve already come.”

A sound rang from high above. World Noble quickly looked up and saw a giant eagle appeared in the sky. Standing on top of it is one silhouette.

Seeing the attacker had come to the door by himself, the World Noble didn’t think much about it. The curved iron chain in his hand connected and turned into a lance. He threw it hard, and it cut through the air, obviously thinking it would kill the giant eagle in the sky with one blow.

“Didn’t expect you actually brought yourself to the door. Die, rubbish”

Looking at the oncoming lance, Lin Tian stopped the Chasing who was about to shoot. Lin Tian’s body flashed, appeared in front of the lance, and grabbed the attacking lance.

The World Noble looked cautious; that lance still shot out with all his strength but easily caught. This is an expert that he can’t beat.

Lin Tian squeezed the weird lance in his hand. His mouth exposed a smile and whispered: “Interesting ability. It seems that the World Nobles are not all weird and trash.”

Grabbing the abandoned iron lance, Lin Tian showed a ferocious smile on his face. He moved towards the World Noble who was screaming and pressed his legs by the tree below and threw it away.

puci …

The sharp spear passed directly through the bubble cover on the head of the World Noble and then penetrated the head. The sharp tip of the spear revealed a strand of gray-white substance.

After a heavy fall, Lin Tian’s right foot directly steps on the head of World Nobles, whose head is pierced by a lance, and his right hand holds that sharp iron spear.

“Unfortunately, none of you will be able to leave today. It’d be nice to be buried here. Today, I want to slaughter the gods!”

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