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S.U.M.U Chapter 2 Dio


The phone is still connected, Will had a unique accent like most black people but since He Yongzhi almost never heard of this accent he ended up listening untill the end. 

And he’s having this weird feeling because his name now is the same as the villain character in a ripoff game he’s about to develop. 


No, it’s me, Dio! 

Perhaps this is fate… 

When Diois thinking about the original JoJo series, he suddenly realized that there’s something familiar within his sight. 

A familiar interface appeared in front of him, a sense of deja vu tingles his mind… 

“This is the exact interface from that game! How the hell is this here?” 

Dio knew from the novel and anime about this kind of story; usually, the protagonist is granted some kind of special power. He never thought he would get one too, and seeing this interface excites him! 

“Hey, are you listening? You’re there, right?” 

“Ah? Ah! Sorry, what did you say again?” Dio is so surprised that he forgets he’s on the phone with Will. 

“I said that you should take proper rest. I will fetch you tomorrow and check out the cemetery. I didn’t expect THAT playboy Tony Stark would be so generous.” 

“OK, I’ll do just that, see you tomorrow.” 

“Got it, take care, Bro!” 

Dio hung up the phone quickly, but then he remembered the name Will mentioned… 

Tony Stark!?

Could it be… 

Dio finally realizes how serious this situation is, he’s not in the world he belonged to! 

He sets aside his intention to inspect the special power and immediately takes out his mobile phone and searches online. 

After a few minutes, he was utterly speechless. Stark Industries… Many well-known names actually exist, not as an actor but as the real deal. 

Whether he can, believe it or not, turns out, he crosses into the Marvel universe. 

Fortunately, it’s still 2010 here, so the fight off against Thanos is still far off, but the thing is Dio doesn’t even remember the exact time about the big fight or any important event occurring in the movie, he merely knows the heroes and the fact that they fought villains to save the planet.

And if someone carelessly alters the timeline in this universe, it could lead to a time paradox.

Suddenly realizing his situation freaks him out, and he felt the urge to return to his previous life. At least it’s peaceful in his last life. But here alien attacks are already like some daily occurrence, even this city which is far from New York is pretty much a dangerous area! 

But if he doesn’t do anything, Thanos will be able to gather all six infinity stones, and with a snap of a finger, half of the universe is gone. 

The chance is still 50%, but he believes he’s amongst the ones with bad luck!

Every time he and his team completed a game, he tested the game out to find bugs gacha rate, etc. 

And based on his experience, he never got lucky in gacha game, not even once! Meanwhile, his friends got a lot of useful SSRs.

He can’t get one even when gacha rate is increased by 10 times!  

So relying on luck is not an option for him! 

And now that he’s in someone else’s body, he would like to compare which one is luckier, his old self or his current self! 

Thinking about it makes him forget about the urge to return to his previous life. 

Now that he gets a special power, he’ll utilize it no matter ho weak it’s gonna be, he’s determined to survive! 

Even if he can’t change anything, at least he tried his best, that’s what he thought! 

Now that he has calmed down and accept the reality, he wants to learn more about this special power, this is his best chance at surviving, so he better learns things as fast as possible! 

Even though back when he developed that ripoff game, it’s not yet completed, but the basic command, feature, and interface are already implemented, so he got the gist of it. 


He tried to interact with the system by calling it because from the novel he read, that’s how the protagonist interacts with the superpower which related to a system like this but turns out no answer, he thought maybe it’s because the game is not completed just yet, that’s why there’s no respond. 

But when he thought about it, if suddenly there’s a voice whispering into his ear, he wouldn’t be so pleased either. 

And this interface is created by him, so at least he knows the basic, he got a faint idea how he’ll. 

So the first thing Dio did is open the gift package for the novice player, which has a white egg, and this will be his first stand. 


He frowned.

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