Stand User in Marvel Universe

S.U.M.U Chapter 3 Stand User in Marvel Universe


Novice pack contains two items, a skill book to learn hamon energy and an egg with an unknown stand within. 

Dio clicked on the ripple energy. Resulting in a lot of knowledge instantly transmitted to his mind. Then he opened his eyes, brimming with amazement! 

What is hamon? 

Although JoJo’s real popularity is due to Stand, anyone who has seen all series has to admit that old man Araki is a genius. The core combat elements in the first two seasons of JoJo’s are the so-called hamon energy! 

Even though what makes JoJo’s popular is Stand, by no means hamon is less appealing. One of the well-known sentences from the second season is ‘Ore no saigo no hamon daze! Uketottekure!’

Pretty sure those who watched this scene was moved. 

Adding the concept of ‘hamon’ into the game he made was intentional. One is to make it as similar to the original series as possible to attract more players. 

The second is to replace the blue bars, MP, energy bars, and other similar functions in other games. After all, this mobile game contains the feature Stand. If would be weird if magic is involved in using the Stand. 

So the idea is to introduce the hamon energy, which is barely used in the third season as the ‘power’ to control the stand, use a finishing move, etc. After all, this is just a ripoff game from JoJo’s series. 

However, Dio didn’t expect that the hamon energy he got from the novice pack can be strengthened with several methods. He just found out after clicking the hamon energy in the novice pack earlier! 

In other words, not only the Marvel universe is real here, there’s a possibility that JoJo’s universe is real as well! 

Based on the knowledge he gained after clicking the hamon energy, Dio knows hamon is energy that identical to the sun, which the human body can produce through controlled breathing, having the effect of creating ripples of energy propagating from the bloodstream to the rest of the body and other objects in contact with it. Hamon manifests itself as electricity-like sparks, and it can be seen by ordinary humans.

For example, if he uses hamon on a stone then throw the rock into the water, the rock will cause a series of ripples in the water. 

So the main point to use hamon energy is by controlling your breathing! 

Hamon can strengthen the body, and since it’s a similar kind of energy to the sun, it’s pretty useful. 

After understanding the theory behind hamon, he wants to try firsthand, so he adjusts his breathing and hamon energy condense from the blood inside his body, and envelope his hand, then he punched the table in front of him. 

A table made from wood in front of him has instantly ripped apart! 

Dio didn’t expect hamon to be this powerful, causing him to gasps, and the hamon energy in his hand quickly dissipated, and then he couldn’t help but feel a little tired and check the interface. He saw that the energy bar representing the value of the hamon energy was reduced by one-third! 

Since he learned about hamon just now, the initial value is 100 points, which means that the hamon he used on his punch just now used 30 points of energy. 

The power is very destructive. The average person won’t stand a chance against him, but he only has three opportunities at max for now. He’s aware that he can’t get stronger in one night. He believes can become stronger as time passes. Without hamon energy, he is just an average guy, and nowadays all women care is looks, they don’t even bat an eye at a strong man! 

Since hamon had such destructive power, even though inexperienced, maybe he can easily kill someone because it seems like hamon can be used as a projectile as well! That’s what he thought 

But he decided to keep a low profile for now… 

Then Dio calmed down his nerve and readjusted his breathing to practice hamon again, but then Dio found through the game interface that his energy value is recovering, and quite fast too. In a matter of seconds, his energy bar is fully recharged.

“This just describes how important to control his breathing. If I mess up, not only I can’t use hamon, I also won’t be able to recharge my energy bar!” Dio couldn’t help but smile a bit. For an ordinary person who is an average person before teleported into another world, suddenly was shocked by the fact that controlling his breathing could affect the outcome of a fight. Becoming strong sure is not that easy. 

However, he’s not discouraged by this fact, he made up his mind to master the breathing technique and engrave it into his mind, if he can’t even do this, who knows maybe Thanos will suddenly come and he’s already dead without even realizing it. 

Dio, who has made up his mind, consistently practice the breathing technique while paying close attention to the white egg. 

Although he realized that the Stand he got from the white egg won’t be a top-tier Stand, he can’t help but look forward to it! 


The Stand is a powerful figure generated by life force in the body. Based on the game he developed, to use Stand, he needs hamon energy! 

If hamon energy is Dio’s foundation, then Stand symbolizes Dio’s strength! 

And one more thing to note is that this undeveloped scam game has five slots for Stand! 

In JoJo’s original series, under normal circumstances, a stand user can only have one stand, but because this is using the system from the game he developed, he can use up to 5! 

However, because his hamon energy level is still 1, he can only use one Stand for the time being. 

He closed both his eyes with his hands due to the excitement as the white egg hatched… 

Star Platinum, The World, Crazy Diamond, Killer Queen, Gold Experience, King Crimson… too many powerful stands leave him drooling, and if he could get one among them, he’s basically good to go.

But reminded by his previous life’s luck, suddenly he’s getting cold feet! 

With a soft white light, a creature resembling a small tomato emerged in front of him and was staring at him! 

“Congratulations to the player to get Stand – Pearl Jam!” 

Dio was speechless, then lit a cigarette silently, looked up at the ceiling, exhales smoke, it’s just a mystery how life is so harsh!

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