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S.U.M.U Chapter 37 Cheap Gold


When Jessica rubbed Irene’s back and forth for quite a while, Irene finally noticed something was off!

“My back …”

Irene stroke her back gently.

“Why is it so smooth ..”

“At first, I didn’t believe there was such a thing like magical cuisine, but after tasting it myself I changed my mind, It’s like I return to my 18-year self overnight, and that’s why I bring you here, from now on you don’t have to cover your back anymore, you can go to the beach, the beach, go sunbathing, swim, surf … or even have a relationship with a handsome guy. Hehe, rest assured, I won’t tell mom and dad when that time comes. “

Irene’s face turned red all of a sudden. She used to have this complex due to the scalds on her back. She never thought that she would be able to walk on the street in beautiful and a bit revealing clothes one day. She never thought the day she could wear those clothes will ever come. Wearing a bikini, sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea, she couldn’t bring herself to befriend the opposite sex, even though most of her friends have already lost their first kiss.

She suddenly thought of Dio’s charming figure. Especially now that her back was fully healed, she saw Dio as her prince in shining armor…

Irene breathed heavily all of a sudden when she thought of Dio.

“Seems like our little princess here is already at that age.” Jessica couldn’t help but wrap her hands around her sister from behind and purposely teased her sister’s body which was not fully developed yet.


Irene broke free out of her sister’s hug and slightly pouted to Jessica while looking quite angry.

“Well, put on your clothes for now. That guy should be coming soon.”

Jessica said while throwing a cheeky smile to her sister, she realized her sister was no longer a kid, although she still took a bath with Irene not too long ago …

Irene quickly covered her face in embarrassment because she forgot she wasn’t wearing her dress right now. She then hurriedly put on her clothes and fix herself up.

After receiving permission from Jessica, Dio walked toward them casually, polite but not humble, confident but not arrogant, leaving the two sisters in awe and their heartbeats getting faster as Dio got closer.

“I take it, Miss Irene’s trouble has resolved, right?”

Glancing at the mess on the ground, Dio smiled faintly, and couldn’t help but think about how much money he could get this time.

Irene nodded shyly, “It was a very delicious and amazing cuisine … Thank you for the meal.”

“You’re welcome. I’m sure this was a message from God. He can’t bear to see his angel suffer.”

Very handsome, capable, and a smooth talker, right at this moment, in the eyes of Jessica and Irene was the embodiment of a perfect man!

In particular, Little Irene, who lacked the experience with men, has been especially fascinated by Dio.

What they don’t know was Dio’s flattery was not for the sake of these girls, but to get more money. A few words of flattery was nothing if it meant getting more money.

These were the daily routines in Dio’s current life!

“Is Irene’s treatment over?”

“Please rest assured. Under normal circumstances, the healing effect of one cooking can only remove one scar, but to treat Miss Irene’s serious situation, I had to use a lot of precious medicinal materials to enhance the effect, and there will never be any recurrence and sequelae. I personally guarantee it. “

Dio was assuring his customers, but it was definitely not just an empty promise, at the same time, he was also being very subtle about saying, ‘Where the hell is my compensation after I did so much for your sister?”

Jessica smiled slightly, she didn’t care about money at all. The most important thing was to be able to cure her sister’s scald entirely without any side effects.

“Then I’m relieved, will I be as lucky as being able to taste your amazing cuisine again like my sister?”

Dio froze for a moment, then immediately responded, “Of course, sorry for my rudeness. What effect does Miss Jessica want for today?”

“I want my skin to be firmer, smoother, and whiter, okay?” Jessica looked at Dio expectantly.

“If you want to have the same effect for your whole body, then you need at least two treatments.” Dio said while thinking for a moment, he was ecstatic since this meant he’ll get more money.

“I am looking forward to it.”

After a quite thrilling treatment, Dio smiled and saw Jessica and her sister off with a $200,000 check in his pocket.

How could Dio stop doing this unscrupulous business if he got this much money?

“If this keeps up, people will think that I am involved in some kind of money laundering.” Dio shook his head helplessly and happily.

Such a small run-down restaurant made a profit of $200,000 for one day. If IRS knew about this, the FBI would not waste any time to send someone to investigate.

“Forget it, I don’t want to do this anymore, all of this won’t matter after I become strong enough anyway. After all kinds of crises arise, who would have time to worry about a small restaurant like this.”

Looking at the phone, it’s almost time for dinner. Meanwhile, the surrounding restaurants were just about to get busy. Dio was the only one closing his restaurant and quickly headed to the bank like a madman!

Anyway, even if he waited in the restaurant, most people will be frightened by the “rules” and prices in the restaurant.

He was rushing to his secondhand Ford, ignoring everyone’s gaze and headed straight to the bank.

After successfully exchanged $200,000, his next destination was the jewelry once again.

After considering he was strong enough to protect himself, he suddenly became interested in the “cheap” gold mentioned earlier by the manager of that jeweler.

Whether it was stolen or not had nothing to do with him.

When he arrived in front of the jeweler, Dior did not enter instantly. Instead, he took out the business card that the manager gave him back then, and took out his mobile phone, dialed the number written in the business card.

“Hello, who is it?”

“I want to buy some” cheap “gold, I’m right outside your workplace now.”

“Ah, you got the wrong number.”

“Are you sure? You sure didn’t behave that way when you gave me this business card.”

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