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S.U.M.U Chapter 36 Hideous Back


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Although Irene was explaining about her dog excitedly, her voice was so faint that Dio and Jessica couldn’t really hear what she was saying, which made things a bit awkward.

Jessica was about to say something to change the topic, but she decided not to since it could make things even more awkward.

Dio made a gesture as a sign they should take a seat to break the ice.

He didn’t understand about the rich people, that’s why he wasn’t interested in discussing their trouble or their everyday life.

“Forgive me for being rude, but can you show me Irene’s… I need to know how bad is it to determine what dish I must serve her.”

Dio said it very sincerely because he knew that the treatment effect of [Pearl Jam] was not omnipotent, quite a lot of diseases were not within its scope of treatment actually, due to its treatment method involving destroy and regenerate, that was why it was not suited to treat mental illness, especially for teen and below.

That was why Dio must be careful before agreeing to treat an illness, he must know what kind of illness he must treat beforehand.

Jessica hesitated, and turned her attention to Irene who looked uneasy and said, “Dio’s cooking is amazing you know, I’m sure he can heal the scald on your back easily, what do you think?”

And Irene’s favorability toward Dio played a big role in this, and Irene just nodded lightly.

So Jessica lifted the backside of Irene’s cloth in front of Dio…

Dio was shocked, Irene’s back was covered with scald everywhere, Dio even thought she plunged into boiling water.

It was hard to imagine how much pain she has endured at such a young age. And how much she tried to keep her distance from others.

“Does she have other injuries elsewhere?” Dio asked.

Jessica shook her head and said, “No, that’d be all, can you treat it?”

Irene was looking at Dio with hopeful expression written all over her face

“Is that all? No problem, consider it done!” after seeing the scald, Dio was convinced he could treat it without any problem.

“Really? Then I’m sorry to trouble you…” Jessica almost couldn’t believe what Dio just said.

“That’s my job, please wait a moment, and I will serve Miss Irene the perfect dish!” after bowing slightly, Dio immediately headed to the kitchen to cook.

The scald on Irene’s back was more severe than Dio thought, but it was definitely treatable using [Pearl Jam]. At most, it’ll require more ‘material’ than usual.

Dio then materialized three [Pearl Jam], designate Irene as the target, and specify the treatment as scald on her back.

Those three ‘small tomatoes’ instantly plunged into the ingredients Dio prepared to complete the magic.

Immediately afterward, Dio put the fish head he has processed in a pot and several slices of boiled ginger and then lotus root, red dates, and wolfberry, after cooking it for a while, he opened the lid and added frozen cordyceps, and added sesame oil, coriander, seasoned it with salt and the fish stew was ready to serve.

It took him about an hour to cook this meal, he was extra careful not to make a mistake to process the ingredient.

After plating it, Dio came out of the kitchen to serve the dish.

“Sorry for the wait, this is the fish stew I made specifically for Miss Irene when you finished eating this dish, all your troubles will disappear.” Dio said convincingly while opening the lid.

“Smells so good.”

As soon as Dio opened the lid, the fresh aroma penetrated their nostrils, Jessica and Irene already found themselves sniffing the appetizing aroma of the dish.

“You’re not eating with me, sis?” Irene was a bit puzzled.

Jessica secretly drooling over her sister’s dish and looked at Dio with kitten eyes.

“I advise Miss Irene to eat the dish all by herself to maximize the treatment effect. Of course, Miss Jessica is also welcomed to taste this dish, only but I’m afraid it won’t have any additional effect.”

Jessica, who was drooling finally snapped back to her senses. Without the treatment effect, this was nothing but a merely delicious dish, and she couldn’t bear the thought of eating the dish specifically cooked for her sister just to sate her palate.

“You should hurry up and eat while it was still hot.” Jessica said to ease her sister.

Irene no longer hesitated and quickly sipped the stew…

“Mmmm… Delicious, it doesn’t smell fishy at all!”

Even though there was a fish head inside the dish, it didn’t smell fishy, and the fish head was delicious and tender

When she saw the cordyceps, she was a little confused, thought it looked like a bug which was so disgusting when you found it in your food, but when she tasted it…

“This isn’t bitter at all, it tastes like fries!”

Irene ate the dish with a smile on her face until she finished the whole plate. She has never tasted a stew this delicious!

After Irene finished the stew, she was especially surprised.

“Phew! I might’ve eaten too much hehe.”

She was somewhat embarrassed, and then she looked up and found that her sister and the handsome chef was looking at her with anticipation.

“Did I eat too much …”

Irene was very embarrassed, then suddenly felt his back was itchy as if a thousand ants were crawling on her back.

“It’s so itchy… what’s this?”

She scratched her back, but the itch intensified instead of subsiding, she no longer cared that two people were watching her, she used both her hands and scratched her back as hard as she could.

At this time, she saw the handsome chef smiled and said, “The treatment process has begun. If you are not afraid, you can help her. During the treatment process, it would be in your best interest if I’m not here. If there’s anything you need help with, you can call me out loud.”

Jessica, who had experienced this treatment process before, obviously believed what Dio said and nodded immediately. After Dio left, she took off Irene’s clothes, closed her eyes and help Irene scratched her back.

A large amount of dead skin fell off layer by layer, a very abnormal scene indeed!

Irene has been crying because she was scared, but thanks to her sister Jessica, she could endure everything and remain stable.

After quite a while, the itch disappeared, and the first thing Jessica saw when she opened her eyes was Irene’s smooth, white back!

The scald disappeared without any trace like it was never there, to begin with!

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