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S.U.M.U Chapter 39 Failure and Success


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After returning to the restaurant, Dio quickly locked himself in his room and converted the gold he just bought.

He would’ve used his remaining $100,000 if he wasn’t thinking about bailing Will!

And he was telling the truth, these thirty ‘cheap’ gold bars that he didn’t even know where it was from could completely disappear from this world without a trace, even Tony Stark will never find it.

It goes without saying that Dio needed to keep the fact that he could convert the gold into the system a secret. Otherwise, the price of gold will rise exponentially.

After Dio converted the gold, he quickly did several ‘ritual’ to boost his luck.

Dio even took a quick bath, and changed his clothes, as if he was about to meet a future father-in-law. After he was mentally prepared, he decisively took out his mobile phone and clicked on the last video that brought him the luck, the video of a ghost dog who visited its former families.

After seeing the woman in the video crying, Dio took a deep breath and clicked on the ten multi draws of the golden pool!

In the past few days he drew from free friendship pool every day, he got nothing but trashes, he did not even get a single lower-level hamon bead, let alone Stand, or hamon combat skill.

“It’s time to reap my luck after these days of unlucky streak!” Dio murmured to himself …

However, no one could predict luck. And considering his bad luck, Dio just braced himself for the worst.

Lower-level hamon beads, lower-level hamon beads, lower-level hamon beads …

It took him ten gold bars only to get five lower-level hamon beads, three intermediate-level hamon beads, and one upper-level hamon bead plus one hamon combat technique!

“Alright, although I didn’t get any Stand, increasing hamon energy is indispensable for future battles. Not bad for the start!”

Despite what Dio said, he was actually beyond disappointed, and instead of quickly consuming the hamon beads he got, he read the description of the hamon combat technique he just got.

Hamon combat technique: Lie detection, the user can judge whether one was lying or not by licking their sweat.

“Uhhhh …”

Dio was familiar with this ‘special skill,’ it was in part five of JoJo series, the scene when Bucciarati licked Giorno.

“Which bastard includes this in the game and turn it into hamon combat technique?

JoJo mobile game that he developed was the joint effort of many people. Dio didn’t even know what his coworker has added to it since he just died all of a sudden, the game itself was a semi-finished product at the time. So it was reasonable if it had some bugs or other unnecessary features.

“It’s just … how was it considered hamon combat skill? It was neither combat skill nor related to hamon!” Dio thought

Just the thought of him sticking out his tongue and lick someone’s sweat just to confirm whether someone was lying or not sent a chill down his spine!

Dio would never use this skill even if his life was on the line!

Nonetheless, he still clicked the skill and learn it …

“Feels weird!”

After learning Bucciarati’s ‘famous skill,’ Dio once again realized how much he underestimated the golden finger’s ability to modify his body.

He didn’t know how this ‘lie detection’ worked. He thought it maybe is related to someone’s psychological state or other something like that.

The secret behind how this ‘lie detection,’ which was turned into hamon combat techniques, worked was actually Dio’s tongue. It was now modified to be able to analyze the composition of one’s sweat, and based on the composition, he could tell if someone was lying

Somehow the explanation was really complicated to the point that Dio decided to believe it regardless of how it worked.

After pitying himself, Dio retook his phone. Since the first video didn’t bless him with any luck, now he clicked the video of Napoleon, a historical figure who loved to sail. After taking a deep breath, he clicked on the ten consecutive draws of the golden pool once again!

But the first item he got almost made him gave up everything, including his life!

It was Higashikata Josuke’s wig.

Intermediate-level hamon beads, lower-level hamon beads …..

After several seconds, Dio silently stopped the video and lit a cigarette.

It was as if he already lost his will to live.

Even the first ten draws were still a tad better than the one just now!

He only got one intermediate-level hamon bead, one upper-level hamon bead, and 6 lower-level hamon bead!

Not to mention he got Higashikata Josuke’s wig and a photo of Rohan Kishibe …

“Just what the hell is this!”

He still decided to read the description of these two items despite knowing it probably wasn’t important at all …

Higashikata Josuke’s wig: change the user’s hairstyle into Higashikata Josuke’s hairstyle.

“Just who on earth wanted to have the same hairstyle as that guy?”

Rohan Kishibe’s photo: a portrait of a hardworking man, has a certain value as collectibles.

“Value? Just who the hell wanted to buy this!”

Dio was almost out of patience.

Although he already did several ‘ritual,’ his bad luck was beyond saving, and he was having a hard time to accept reality at the moment.

He only had 1 more chance to draw from the golden pool. His hand was trembling while holding a cigaratte…

Should he do it now? Or…

Should he take his time and finish his cigarette?

Dio was in a dilemma, but in the end, he put off his cigarette. His luck was already rotten, to begin with, so it won’t matter anyway if he drew it now or later.

Despite believing that his luck was already beyond saving, Dio still continued his futile struggle by switching to another video.

The next video was about someone performing dangerous tricks. The audiences were anxious about whether they’ll make it or not.

Suddenly the host of the show exclaimed, “ladies and gentlemen, can he make it?”

After hearing the host, he clicked once again on the ten consecutive draws from the golden pool

Upper-level hamon beads …

Dio was almost at his limit!

Maybe it was because the last two multi-draw went down in smoke. Dio couldn’t bring himself to dream too high right now, getting hamon beads was good enough for him right now, he didn’t dare to ask for anything better.

Intermediate-level hamon beads, intermediate-level corrugated beads, intermediate-level corrugated beads …..

“Three consecutive intermediate-level hamon beads, alright.”

Hamon combat technique: Hamon Run …

The enhanced version of Hamon Run, this multi-draw wasn’t that bad, Dio thought.

Hamon combat technique: Silver Hamon Sprint …

“That video actually brings me some luck!”

Lisa Lisa’s Guidance Card…

“What is this? I didn’t really remember, but it doesn’t look like garbage.”

Then there were two lower-level hamon beads. Dio was satisfied enough with what he just got, not too shabby.

But the last item he got really shocked him, there was a dazzling light, which was the sign of getting a Stand! !! !!

Stand: Gold Experience … Rental card…


After seeing the words ‘Rental Card’ at the back, Dior couldn’t help curse his luck!

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