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S.U.M.U Chapter 40 Lisa Lisa’s Guidance Card


“Damn! Damn! Damn!”

Dio was so happy when he saw the extraordinary light, only to be slapped so hard by reality!

Gold Experience was the Stand belonged to the main protagonist from the fifth part of JoJo series. It had the ability to manipulate life. Although it was more of a supporting type Stand, its ability to grant life to objects is simply overpowered!

If Dio actually got Gold Experience, he will be practically invincible, killing him would be a close to impossible task. Unless he was instantly killed because his head or heart was shot or if he lost his hands, he could heal any injuries using Gold Experiences’ ability.

Not to mention its awakened form, Gold Experience Requiem, was definitely a Stand worth to be called an ace in the hole!

That was exactly why he was so disappointed, because he actually managed to get it, but… it was a Rental Stand.

‘Rental Stand Card: Gold Experience’

‘Time remaining: 30 minutes’


After seeing the information that it was reusable, Dio finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, it is not a one-time Rental Card, otherwise…”

Back when he was designing this game, he knew that rental cards were divided into two types. The first was a one-time rental card, which will expire right after it was used.

The second was a reusable rental card. It will expire after the card’s duration was used up. The remaining time won’t reduce as long as the rental card wasn’t used. But activation below one minute will be considered a one minute use.

In other words, this Gold Experience rental card could only be used 30 times at most, even if Dio only used it for a short while.

Thirty minutes may not sound that long, but depending on the timing it was used, it could turn the tables in a battle!

After thinking about it, Dio finally calmed down and thought that the last ten consecutive draws might not be that bad.

Dio then took a look at what he just got.

There were two upper-level hamon beads, 7 intermediate-level hamon beads, and 13 lower-level hamon beads.

He consumed all of those, adding his maximum hamon energy to 24900!

And he has gotten several hundreds of hamon energy through training alone. At this rate, he’ll soon reach level 20 with the prerequisites of having a 150.000 hamon energy which will unlock the third slot for Stand. Well, it was just a matter of time and money.

Moving on to other items …

Higashikata Josuke’s wig and the portrait of Rohan Kishibe were already in his inventory, ready to use anytime.

Hamon Running and Hamon Silver. He clicked both of them to learn it, and some complicated knowledge about those techniques suddenly entered his head.

Hamon Run is the enhanced version of normal run using hamon on both feet. It was nothing special. As for the Hamon Silver, it was a practical technique to imbue a weapon with hamon!

“I wonder if I can imbue a bullet with hamon? I should try it if I have some time.”

And the last item which really confused him.

Lisa Lisa’s Guidance Card:

Introduction: Lisa Lisa was a very talented hamon user, proficient in all kinds of hamon combat techniques, and was also a good mentor.

The player will receive special training from Lisa Lisa after using this item, unknown effect.

Remaining use times: 3/3

“Emmmmmm …”

Dio was guessing this item was created by his former colleague Xiao Li.

After thinking for a while, Dio finally remembered who this Lisa Lisa was.

Lisa Lisa or Elizabeth Joestar learned hamon from her mentor Straizo. Although she was already in her 50s, she still looked like in her 20s and was the one teaching Joseph Joestar Hamon in the original series.

Seeing this game actually followed the exact relationship like the original series, Dio became more interested.

He got quite a lot of items from the golden pool. Overall, Dio was somewhat satisfied, so he used Lisa Lisa’s special guidance due to his curiosity …

When Dio opened his eyes again, he found that he was no longer in his room in New York City, but on an unknown island, wearing a strange ‘mask’ on his face.

But somehow he was having difficulty … in breathing!

He was having difficulty to breathe normally, let alone maintain his breathing technique!

Dio subconsciously wanted to take off the strange mask on his face. It was because none other than this thing that he was having trouble breathing.

But right before he took off the mask, he heard a voice, “You must never take off that mask for the next month, if you take it off, you fail this training. “

Dio noticed that voice belonged to a beautiful woman with long red hair standing not far in front of him.

As soon as he heard the word “failure,” Dio looked up and looked at his surroundings. At this time, he was in a separated space within the game. Now he was undergoing special training, and he already knew that the beauty in front of him was none other than Lisa Lisa.

The thought of a 50 years old woman who was already married and had a child, cause Dio to lose all interest.

Then he listened to Lisa Lisa’s extremely cold explanation:

“Adjust your breathing, as long as the rhythm of your breathing is not disrupted, you’ll have no problem breathing. But once the breathing rhythm is disrupted, you will suffer from hypoxia and struggle to breathe.”

Despite being informed firsthand, just how the hell someone could maintain their composure in the state of hypoxia?

No way, Dio had to forcibly calm himself down and convinced himself that this was a different space, he shouldn’t be able to die here.

After regaining his composure, Dio’s hard work was starting to pay off, he could use his usual breathing technique, he no longer felt any pain, and the oxygen circulated normally across his body.

“Fine, come with me. Before receiving my lesson, you need to pass the last test.”

After speaking, Lisa Lisa left Dio. He tried to catch up to her from behind. From what she has just said, he will stay here for almost a month. He didn’t know how the flow of time worked here compared to outside, but no matter what, he could not waste this opportunity.

It’s all about getting stronger!

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